Detroit BBQ [General]

2011 Dec 29
Thanks to Lady Ilsebet, I tried Detroit BBQ today for the first time and it was amazing. Went to Slow's on Michigan Ave. Best BBQ I've had anywhere, bar none. We had brisket, St. Louis side ribs, catfish and all were outstanding. 5 different house made sauces offered: Apple, sweet, spicy, north carolina, and mustard. The range of sides including a creamy mac and cheese made of medium sized shells with a nice chewy crust. Good, not too sweet cornbread, seasoned green beans, baked beans, coleslaw and a few others. The mac and cheese was wonderful, but my personal favorite were the house made waffle fries with melted Hoffman cheddar. I can vouch for the fact that the waffle fries were good even when snatched cold from a doggie bag hours later. If you are anywhere near Windsor/Detroit, give Slow's a try. They also are opening a takeout only location on Cass Ave. downtown. Thanks again Lady Ilsebet for the suggestion.

2011 Dec 30
Glad you enjoyed it, blubarry! I seriously miss the place. Next time I make it down to Windsor, I'm so heading across the border, just for Slow's. If you get to go again, you MUST TRY the brisket enchilada. Local authentic tortillas, the texas brisket, a great enchilada sauce. YUM YUM YUM.

And I think if you get to try SmoQue Shack, you'll see why they had a lot to try to live up to in my book...

2011 Dec 30
I love smoque shack too, just as I love bbq in texas, the carolinas, georgia etc., but Slow's has them all beat in my book. And tonight we went stateside again for authentic mexican at Los Galanes. Spicy garlic octopus (see picture) and a great mole chicken, with live entertainment too. And another Mexican place has opened on the windsor side, authentic but kind of upscale/hipster vibe and I love the name: It's in Walkerville, and it's called "WalkerMole" :)