Greek Epicurian Trip [Cooking]

2011 Dec 16
Dear Friends,
Prepare Tantalizing Meals, Discover New Tastes, Wines, and Ingredients---all in the cradle of Minoan Civilization, Crete!!

Our good friend Agnes Weninger is organizing an 8 day Epicurean (Food, Wine & Cultural) Tour of Crete.

Agnes is from Ottawa and ran her first BB at Chafee’s Lock. She later spent 15 years as a restaurateur in Budapest. She relocated to Crete 5 years ago and is involved in food, wine, culture, and more. See her Agnes is the ultimate hostess and well honed in the Epicurean ism Crete has to offer. She speaks Greek, knows the culture, and has put together a great tour to discover the Gourmet offerings of Crete. Agnes is working with Chef Nikki Rose, who is an expert on the Mediterranean Diet originating from Crete. Chef Rose will work with you to whip up great meals using the ingredients from local landscapes and markets.

Agnes and her team are creating “get to know Crete cooking using local ingredients, while sampling specialties that you can enjoy, eat, and learn to replicate at home” And you will do all this midst tasting the new quality wines of Crete, with daily trips to specialty food producers that will leave you wanting more, and more.

This is a trip for people who want to discover what new places have to offer, who appreciate charms of the old world and roots of civilization. It is for those are curious about the roots of the Cretan kitchen, with great wines, and tastes that are really part of the Mediterranean diet—olive oils, rich wines, cheeses from the local factories, specialty ingredients from surrounding landscapes and village markets, and more! It is for those who want to try their hand in preparing exciting new dishes, expand their palate and celebrate the rich flavours of Crete.

The trip will last 8 days with schedule and everything covered. You just have to get there. Air Transat from Montreal gives very good prices. We are looking for a maximum of 14 people. Transat only starts to fly to Athens in April.... hence you won’t find it yet on their site. We remember seeing the regular economy flights at around $65O CAD, but you have to check. Transat flies into the main Athens terminal—the same one that the flight to Heraklion will leave from. A return flight from Athens-Heraklion-Athens will be about 1OO EURO (including all taxes and airport fees, etc.) People can check and for daily flights into Heraklion. There are at least 8 flights per day. But Transat should be putting up their schedule for next summer pretty soon.... because people begin booking already.

June 13-21, 2012
If you cannot make this unforgettable trip for some reason, we would appreciate it if you could pass this on to friends who might be interested in participating.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Have a Good Trip!
Ann & Ari