The Joy of Sharing Food Marred by the Me/Myself/I Times [General]

2011 Dec 3
After reading a recent Thai restaurant review in here, I was thinking how the "Me" generation/society (or the focus on individualism) has kinda distorted the idea that food is best shared.
When I say best shared, I mean it at many levels; biological, social, altruistic, family bonding etc.
Even though the Thai food is served family style the people in the review ordered their 'own' dishes."My green curry and his jungle curry."
That's like saying we ordered turkey dinner. I ordered sweet potatoes and hubby ordered carrots and we shared an order of turkey.
Maybe the latest Bits and Bites TV commercial has got me a little upset. It's the one where the guy at a party takes a large bag of Bits and Bites (or the product being promoted) and slides it into an empty NoName potato chip bag so he can walk about the party and not have to worry about sharing the bits and bites.
I guess the ad people 'know' that hoarding food for oneself has a stronger message than one sharing it amongst his party friends.
What do OF's think ? Personal Pan Pizza ? Or extra large pizza for sharing ?

2011 Dec 4
My partner and I always eat "family style" when we are at Asian restaurants, because the service style encourages that. Although it's more difficult at fine dining restaurants, we also share there, usually by switching plates halfway through or asking for entrees to be divided. I have never had a negative reaction to these requests, and in fact some restaurants have brought stacks of plates and extra cutlery to facilitate sharing when we have asked. Both of us enjoy food and if we are going to taste something new and hopefully amazing, it seems rather selfish not to allow each other (or the kids or companions who are with us)to experience it as well. I guess if it's a restaurant where we are very familiar with the menu we are more likely to "go it alone" but there are still tastes shared back and forth. And I have had friends who say they think it's "too much work" to share, and "let's just enjoy each other's company". The Shore club has become our "go to" restaurant for celebrations, and they do an excellent job of encouraging family style dining, both with their menu options (a whole fried chicken, enormous porterhouse steak, multiple sides) and with their service.

2011 Dec 4
I have a friend that when she goes to an Italian restaurant will order a dish from each section. Then her and companion split the 5 courses. I think that sounds great but haven't convinced my husband yet.
we do order family style at coconut lagoon. It made the dinner into an experience, as the waiter discussed dishes with us, offering suggestions and quantities. He was always spot on, no leftovers.
Other than that we will have tasting bites of each others food.

2011 Dec 5
I too have a love of sharing food.

My hubby and I just returned from two months in Italy and we switched plates halfway through for every meal/pizza that we ordered. Actually by the end we were just ordering one salad and one pizza or pasta to share since none of our pants were buttoning up anymore :)

What I have been encountering more and more that makes it almost impossible to share is the situation with peoples food allergies/likes/dislikes/preferences.

I go out to eat often with three other girls. One doesn't eat meat, the other can't eat any fish or seafood. Another doesn't eat any dairy. And they all don't like a slew of things (onions, goat cheese, peppers, mushrooms etc..)

In the end, it's just easier to get our own plates because that leaves very few dishes that can be shared.

This more than anything I find, is what is changing the possibility of food sharing.

Times are changing!

2011 Dec 6
I love sharing too and thankfully I have friends that like to share too.

One friend in Kingston comes to Ottawa once a year and we usually end up dining out at an Asian or Indian restaurant. I find these types of cuisines lend themselves well to family-style dining. On a recent trip to Café Shafali we each ordered a different dish. When the food was ready the waiter, who had sat us at a table for two, pushed another table against ours and placed the food, rice, naans, etc on the empty table and gave us each an empty plate. It was a great way to sample new foods.

One of my former coworkers loved to share too. She lived in Carp and didn't come into town too often so when she worked with me (in a downtown office) we used to go out for lunch on Fridays always picking a new spot. We used to ask for an extra plate which we would use as a staging area (for lack of a better term) so she would put half her meal on the plate, I would put half my meal on the plate then combine the two remaining plates on one. (Hopefully this makes sense?-;) On one occasion we spent our lunch hour shopping for food in the Byward Market picking up stuff to share - my friend bought a couple of fatayers she liked and I had never had them before, I bought prosciutto and my friend had never had it before, etc. We divided everything up when we got back to the office and ate at our desks. It was a great way to try some new foods and we had alot of compliments over how yummy our lunches looked-;)