Lamb chili [Recipes]

2011 Dec 1
I have some ground lamb that I would like to use for a chili. I looked quickly online for recipes and there doesn't seem to be very many.

Anyone have any they would like to share? I found one, but it has way too many ingredients, but I still may end up using parts of it.


2011 Dec 1
Just make your regular chili recipe, plus I'd add a bit of extra cumin - or if you want a bit of a greek flare go for some cinnamon.

2011 Dec 10
i agree with sourdough
use your average chili recipe
the extra cumin will cover the gamey flavour

cinnamon is used in mexican dishes also esp down near Oaxaca my fave area

you could also use a mole sauce but that's a whole nother kettle of fish