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2011 Nov 24
The first Ottawa Farmers' Market inside the Aberdeen Pavilion came and went last Sunday, and it was a success!

Time to help us out:
If you went, what did you like about the inside location?
What didn't you like?
How can we improve the inside market?
How often will you be going to the inside market...1, 2, 3, or all 4 Sundays?

Thanks! Your views will be noted and if doable, enacted.

2011 Nov 24
we went and really liked it. what i'd like to see:
- better arrangements of the stalls: all cooked food vendors in same area, all produce vendors in same area
- more seating
- a coffee vendor that serves beans AND coffee, when i have a great snack, i'd like to have a real coffee. i realize you serve coffee as does the breakfast place. it just isn't the same though.

i liked all the space to walk in, good mix of vendors (hope to see more artists/crafts closer to christmas). a lot of new faces and products which was great.

2011 Nov 24
thanks for the feedback HFF.

The vendors have always been separated on purpose. It's so smaller vendors don't get lost in the larger vendors areas. A fair playing field so to speak.
Most vendors request this.
Seating, working on it.
Coffee, we serve Happy Goat, who is also a vendor. Perhaps we should sell his beans also? Good point!

2011 Nov 24
Definitely link your coffee back to Happy Goat. I stopped at Happy Goat's table, expecting to buy a cup of coffee, but they only had beans. I tried their sample and loved it. If I had known their coffee was being brewed at your stall (or somewhere in the building), I would have gone right over to buy a full cup.

For the cooked food vendors, I like to see what everyone is offering before I decide - but I don't want to walk the entire building, just to see it all. I can see spreading out the vendors for other areas, but it was annoying not having a dedicated food court area.

2011 Nov 27
I will go this Sunday.

anyone know if Hallsal's honey is there? am trying to get a hold of them...

2011 Nov 27
I saw 2 honey vendors there. The website has a complete list of vendors.

2011 Nov 27
A link to the website in this thread might be helpful :-)

I need to find some local honey

2011 Nov 27
the actual market: www.ottawafarmersmarket.ca/

my favourite honey vendor:
Ottawa Valley Honey
Mike Kositsin
Honey (liquid, creamed, comb), beeswax body cream, Natural beeswax bricks, honey brown sugar body scrub, propolis tincture, pollen, heavenly chocolate, honey lollipops, honey simply syrup, spiced honey meat rub, Dijon mustard honey marinade honey butter (on order)

Mike brings a section of beehive to show everyone.

2011 Nov 27
This is a timely discussion! An impromptu visit to The Piggy Market with my daughter yesterday caused me to discover the excellent and local Halsall's Honey. More info in that link... :-)

(Prettytastyreviews, I put Halsall's contact info in the vendor listing for you.)

2011 Nov 28
I did make it in time to go to the market today and did find the Halsall's booth!
I had a small issue with a jar of creamed honey and was told to bring the jar back :)

I have some of the regular Halsall's honey here too and it is quite good.

But I also like Heavenly Honey- I used to run into the man who keeps the bees on a church property a few times a year- he would pop up at different hospital craft shows and a few other events and sell his honey.
He (Bill?) also has some honey flavored with liquors that was very good!
Kardish might sell them or used to.

2011 Nov 28
Yours is the second recommendation for Heavenly Honey that I've heard in recent days. I will have to try that because I'm always on the lookout for something better. (The Foodie's Curse.)

I didn't find Ottawa Valley Honey to be at all to my taste due to its very mild flavour. Since they seem to be the largest (or at least most prominent) local honey vendor, I was concerned that great local honey might not exist! I had tried a few others and they were just okay, which is why I was so thrilled to discover Halsall's.

2011 Nov 28
Fresh Foodie I am also a fan of Heavenly Honey - nice sweet flavour without being overpowering. They make regular honey, creamed honey, and cinnamon honey - all of which are very good. I discovered them at the Great Glebe Garage sale of all places and the couple that own the business are delightful - hope you get to meet them one day. I know their honey is available on a regular basis from the Trillium Bakery in Old Ottawa South since I shop there regularly. (And I dare you to go in there and not buy anything-;) If you'd like to know where else to find them you can find more info on their website: www.heavenlyhoney.ca/

2011 Nov 29
That must be the guy I met at the Sandy Hill show. He was talking to me about picking up a bunch of vanilla beans and wanted to do a trade. I told him that we had more honey than we knew what to do with already (true). Maybe I should have done the trade anyway.

BTW, he said that he couldn't make the cinnamon honey fast enough.

2011 Dec 2
Not local- but Chocodirect.com has a bunch of European honey for sale that I have never seen locally.
They are not really a "store" but they distribute to smaller stores (I see their chocolates,products at Swiss Pastries,Cedars grocery, Farm Boy even - same labels as what I get sent to my house ,not the same items though or else I'd get them at the store here).

I have not tried any of the European honey they sell, but it does look interesting and I do plan to try some sometime.
My only "issue" w Chocodirect is it is too easy to overspend- but the good thing is they always add some extras to your order (I spent $50 and they sent me 6 full size chocolate bars...the ones on their clearance page now, and 2 small bags Haribo gummy "fries").
It is also nice that shipping is $5, so I use them for food gifts often.

Their honey is under Lune De Miel brand.
Not too sure what to try w my next order.


It's too bad their website does not really have a any info on the different kinds of honey...guess I'll have to read up or something.

2011 Dec 2
Prettytasty - once again you manage to plug CocoDirect in a place it doesn't belong. I appreciate that you enjoy purchasing goods from that place, I just don't think it belongs on a discussion for the Ottawa Farmer's Market, which promotes local goods.

2011 Dec 2
Spudguy - I was glad to see your sign for Happy Goat being brewed at your stall this past Sunday. I noticed that Bearbrook farms has also posted a very large sign indicating they are brewing Van Houtte coffee. If it is the start of a sign war, I hope you get a bigger Happy Goat sign. I'd love to know which vendors are directly supporting each other while I shop there.

Bombay Gardens Indian Cuisine - We had their regular Naan and the Tandoori Chick Naan. Sadly both were terrible. We could even finish the regular Naan. It was cold, tough and hard to chew.

2011 Dec 2
I plan on going to the Market this weekend. Any not to be missed stalls/vendors? Other than Spud guy and Happy Goat Coffee ;)

2011 Dec 2
Apparently Burnt Butter will be doing a cooking demonstration at noon on Sunday. I am also planning on going this weekend and would also love to hear recommendations.

2011 Dec 2
some ideas:

fresh garlic
honey - try them all and pick the one you like best, its all local and delicious
happy goat coffee - have a sample when you buy your beans, then go buy a brewed cup from spud guy's potato stall
donuts - suzy q - i know i am on the fence over these lately, but still worth trying one
apples, apple cider donuts (pack of 6, $4), apple syrup (great on oatmeal) - hall's apples.
veggies - i buy what looks best, look at all the stalls
hot sauce - chamomile des'jardins
bread - art-is-in
pot pies - savoury bakery. they have 2 sizes and many flavours.

2011 Dec 2
We tried a sample of the blueberry buttermilk pie at Frank's Catering and Baked Goods stall and were blown away. We bought a maple walnut butter tart and split it on the drive home and almost turned around to go buy more. Delish! Highly recommended. We will definitely be visiting their store in the near future!

2011 Dec 2
Thanks guys! I will start fasting tonight-;)

I'm glad to hear garlic is still available since I am down to my last three bulbs. Clearly the dozen bulbs I bought over Labour Day weekend was not enough-;)

So I will head off to the market with lots of money and a few empty grocery bags.

2011 Dec 5
Bombay Garden I am not surprized.
They do not make the food on site and it is made at their restaurant ahead of time.
Not sure if their breads are kept warm or what- have not tried their food this year.

Quite a few of the vendors happen to have kind of "soggy" fried items because they are not made on site....and they sit there all day...unheated.

2011 Dec 5
I made it to the market yesterday and it was nice to see the stalls set up in the Aberdeen Pavillion. (And I'll bet the vendors liked it too staying in a warm building instead of outside in the freezing cold-;) I liked the layout and the variety of vendors since there seemed to be an equal number of food vendors and crafts for sale. The stalls selling prepared meals were all in the same area on the north side of the building. One door was left open for the vendors to access their cooking facilities. The wood fired pizza place had their pizza making facilities set up just outside the door as well as the Hot Potato Company. I sampled soooo much food I did not have enough room left in my tummy to buy lunch. I managed to score an almond brioche and a sourdough bread from Art-Is-In, a maple bacon donut from Suzy Q, veggies and some garlic. My last stop was at Pascales Ice Cream to pick up some salted caramel ice cream. I was served by a very friendly employee who informed me they did not have any of the salted caramel that day then *insisted* on letting me sample each one of the flavours they had left - and there were lots! I settled for some chocolate sea salt ice cream which is just as awesome as the salted caramel. There is one market day left ln December 18th and I look forward to returning.