Best fried chicken in Ottawa [General]

2011 Oct 21
Where does one get great fried chicken in Ottawa.

Key points, must have serious flavor. There used to be a Jamacian restaurant on Merivale just before kirkwood that did amazing fried chicken. It had a fiery kick to it, they moved to Montreal rd and then closed up shop.

I was at the Matar meat market for their kafta and kabobs when I saw their pressure fryer. I also saw the chicken come out and was very tempted until they told me there was no spices on it.

So folks, does Ottawa have such a thing?

Places I've been for fried chicken without any real flavor

-Jean Albert's

2011 Oct 28
Here is a pic of the second best fried chicken I've ever had from Stroud's in Kansas City. And it's pan fried, not deep fried. We lined up for over an hour to taste it.

Best fried chicken I ever had was at Middleton Place in Charleston South Carolina,
but that was back when Edna Lewis was the chef.

2013 Mar 16
There is a world of difference between KFC in the U.S. and in Canada. The chicken in the US is plump and juicy. In Canada I find the pieces small and always dry.