Knives on a budget [General]

2011 Oct 2
Background: I myself have a Wusthof Trident Grand Prix chef knife that I love. I bought it over 17 years ago when I was a poor university student. (at a whopping cost of $115!! That would have bought me a lot of beer in those days!) I have babied it ever since. Fast forward to today.

I'm moving in with my fella. He has cheap, generic knives that he throws around in the sink and puts in the dishwasher. I let him use my knife once, and that was all I needed to see - he's absolutely forbidden to use it again.

I thought it would be wise to purchase him a half decent (or at the very least passable) chef knife (or two) that he can beat up all he wants. Something that's going to make him not covet my trusty blade.

I know this is probably a tough order to fill, but if anyone can help me it would be my fellow Ottawa Foodies. Any suggestions?

2011 Oct 18
Here is one I found on Amazon that is like the PC version I bought.

Zy, this one has tiny small guage plastic rods, and the advantage over slots is that you can put any sized knifes in the holder in any direction. The rods just move out of the way. I'd be afraid that plastic straws might get shredded from inserting and reinserting knives.

These blocks can be expensive, and I have seen them for over $100, but you can find deals if you're patient.

2011 Nov 1
For knives, I use my Wusthof ones I got through Le Cordon Bleu (they give you a set when you take the full course). I also have a Mac chef knife and paring knife that are very good. For absolute value Capital Cutlery (East or West) sells some of their used knives - usually about $2. They have a commercial sharpening operation and when the knives get thin (good for deboning) they sell them. They don't have all types but it's worth a check.