Weird spellings bad for business? [Food/Vendor]

2011 Jun 20
I'm wondering out loud (in text) what would make a business owner choose a name that nobody knows how to spell. In the age of Google, searchability is paramount! Are they consciously trying to avoid being found or does it just not cross their minds as a concern?

I'm looking at you, Kichesippi Beer Company, Tennessy Willems, Ekko de Brasil , Jak's Kitchen, freshii, Xronos Fish and Chips. Even those that involve a clever play on words like Art Is In Bakery, Sweet Art , b/Side are exposing themselves to potential confusion.

2011 Jun 30
Good posts, FreshFoodie and Francis. I, too, like some of the American spellings. I believe 'thru' might have been initiated when used on large surfaces like painted on pavement (drive-thru, thruway, etc). A space-saver of sorts. They also use 'Xing' for 'crossing'.

As for the letter z...zed's dead baby, zed's dead.