Korean BBQ Buffet [Food/Vendor]

2011 May 13
Anyone know a good Korean BBQ buffet place in Ottawa? I know there is Korea Garden on Rideau St that offers $15 buffets on Saturday lunch. I'm also not sure if there is one on Somerset/Chinatown where Seoul House used to be? Can anyone confirm?

2011 May 17
Funny, I thought I posted a follow-up message. I took a Korean cooking class in the winter and since then, I have been +++ interested in going out for Korean food more often than I would normally go. I suppose I was responding to the AYCE style offered in restaurants more than the "Buffet" per say. One thing about AYCE is it allows you to "table cook" as part of a one price meal. Koreana offers this - it might be somewhat new at Koreana as I've been there a few times a whiel ago and they didn't offer this option at that time.

In terms of a "review" of AYCE at Koreana, I was commenting on what you give up when it's all you can eat (AYCE) - perhaps a bit of extra special care to ensure the food you specially order is prepared fresh and hot.

But when you are a small group and want to try an assortment of items on the menu without breaking the bank, the buffet or AYCE style (at Koreana) gives you this freedom. Hope this makes sense. All you can eat is offered at Koreana but you order off a menu not go up to a buffet. In addition to table cooking, Koreana also offers selected items off their full menu under the AYCE option (this includes Korean pancake - Pajean, Bibimbap, Goyza, Soups that you cook at your table, etc.)

Try it and let me know how you think this compares to ordering off a full menu, a la carte style.

2011 Jun 26
I don't know if there is one in Chinatown, but I'm going there today. The Korea Garden on Rideau is a really great one. I'd recommend it because the service was really fantastic.
I did a review on the restaurant if you want to see-

2011 Jul 2
Whoa, I didn't think we had a AYCE Korean joint here in Ottawa.. I'm stoked to try Koreana's version of it. Thanks!