Food Festivals & Events [General]

2011 Apr 26
The 1000 Islands Wine & Food Festival
June 17th & 18th, 2011
Friday 4pm-9pm ~ Saturday 11am-8pm

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2011 Oct 16
As promised, here is a photo from Knox United Church Fish Fry. The way it works is that the church hires a company to come in and handle the fish fry part. There were lots of volunteers doing everything else. Tickets were $15 and they give you a number,seat you and cycle you through the food lines in order. The fish (touted as New Zealand Cod) was fried very crisply - maybe a tad overdone for some people but just the way I like it, tasty and very moist, though no doubt frozen. For $15 you got two pieces of fish, a healthy portion of fries, church lady coleslaw (yum!) and a dinner roll. There were jugs of water and lemonade on each table, and coffee tea and cupcakes for dessert. The cupcakes were also of the "church lady" variety and tasted like birthday cake (also yum!). This is the first church bazaar or dinner of the season that I've been to in Ottawa, and although congregation members predominated, I learned that there were large numbers of non-members there just for the food - like us. I have learned there are MANY more in the next few months and will post them here when I get more info. I always enjoy the preserves and bake tables at these events, and the latest thing apparently are portioned home made frozen entrees to take home. I'll be running a small tea room at a bazaar in November and will be sure to keep everyone updated on that one.

2013 Nov 28

Just a reminder that I hope to see some of you at the Trinity United Church Annual Bazaar Sat Nov.30 between 9 and 1. Say hi to me in the cafe if you come for lunch or a piece of pie. Pic is of one of the bundt cakes.