Where to get this Cast Iron Dutch Oven type? (specific!) [General]

2011 Feb 24
Does anyone know where I can buy a *cast iron* dutch oven as shown in the image? Preferably in the east end (Orleans) but will travel :-)

- 4 to 8 litre
- Not enameled
- Full looping handle on the pot (not just the lid) so it can be suspended from a tripod
- Not as important but helpful, flat lid with brim so coals will not fall off

I couldn't find anything on the bushtakuh or MEC websites, or Canadian Tire. Lots of stuff online from distant places but I hate to pay for shipping for heavy items

2011 Feb 24
I got one very much like this at Rideau Antiques this past summer. He had a selection of cast iron, and nothing was over $45. Mine is 5 or 6 litres. Lombardy is not close to you, but you might try some antique and second-hand stores to find a great one.

2011 Feb 24
Peter That pot looks like something you would probably find at an antique store - I could recommend the antique shops on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. With the warmer weather just around the corner garage sale season will be starting soon. Maybe you will find one at a garage sale?

2011 Feb 24
Any good camping or outdoor supply place should have this. I have used one for cooking on coals for about 5 years now, and you need to make sure you get one that has the tool for lifting the pot so you can turn it on the coals, and so that you can lift the lid to check progress. Bass Pro usually has them, so if you are in T.O. or syracuse try there, but I would check the boy scout shop on Baseline near Merivale first, or perhaps LeBaron on Merivale or SAIL at trainyards. The legs are important, the rimmed lid is important and the lifting tool. There are a lot of cookbooks and websites dedicated to dutch oven cooking, and there is even a strange tv show dedicated to it in the USA. Once you get one, message me and I'll be happy to share a few of the recipes that have worked for me over the years. And briquets give you much better heat control than lump charcoal.

2011 Feb 24
Scout Shop on Baseline has those in various sizes.

I saw a great big jeezuz one at Preston Hardware a while back so I guess they must have smaller ones too.

2011 Feb 24
I've seen something at least very similar at Trailhead in Westboro.

2011 Feb 24
Thanks folks, two mentions of the Scout Shop on Baseline so that sounds like a place to check this weekend.

I do love antiques, but antique stores can be hit and miss if you're after something specific.

Also, blubarry, fill us in on the name of that US TV show! That sounds interesting!

2011 Feb 24
here's the host's website. His name is "Cee Dub" and the show was called something like "dutch oven camp cooking". I guess it might be on the CW network. No links to the tv show though, so maybe it's only a memory now...

Lots of recipe links there too.

2011 Feb 25
The U.S. company Lodge who makes all this great cast-iron stuff (not the cheepo-crap from China) also sells a great grill/griddle that I've been using to "BBQ" steaks in my oven in the winter. You don't get the "flavour" but you do get the grill marks! And it works great on the top of the stove for pancakes. You can get that at Canadian Tire (or for twice as much at Glebe Emporium--sorry, that store is good, but it IS true...)

There's also an outdoor store on Merivale (where it turns south), who's name escapes me, that may carry Lodge. Oh, Le Baron's.

Note: I wouldn't recommend buying an antique pot--they are often rusted and pitted, and worse, have been treated with poisonous stuff to allow them to be used as flower pots (which you might not be able to tell). Having said that, I bought a great "Cruest-type" enameled iron dutch oven 20 years ago at a second-hand shop for 20 bucks, and have been loving it ever since. (It was clearly only ever used for food, of course.)

Hope this helps!

2011 Feb 26
Look at the Lodge product for sure. Made in the US - nice gear.


Preston Hardware carries these locally I believe. I can also order them in if you have problems finding them locally.

2011 Feb 27
There is a GREAT harware store in Gracefield PQ with a great selection of pure cast iron cookware. Sorry - don't know what brand. And of corse not convenient to most of us!

2011 Mar 5
Just to follow up, got exactly what we were after at the Scout store, Lodge brand..


They have plenty of sizes, picked up a 6 quart. They have tripods and lid lifters and such as well.