Peppadew Peppers [General]

2011 Feb 24
Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find South African Peppadew peppers here in Ottawa? I've searched the Byward Market but have yet to find them anywhere!

2011 Feb 24
The only places I have seen these in Canada is Florence meats in Oakville and Sedo Snax in Thornhill.

Saslov's orders from Florence, maybe you could work somthing out with them, and perhaps Saslov's could order some for you.

2011 Feb 25
I will definitely try that thanks! I've been able to get them in Toronto and back home on Vancouver Island, they are unbelievable!

2011 Feb 28
Just to follow up; the sales rep for Peppadew informed me that peppadew peppers are available in Farm Boys bulk antipasto carts!

2011 Mar 9
I never would have heard of Peppadew peppers without this thread. So today when I was in ogdensburg, I had to grab this Peppadew cheese from Wisconsin when I saw it. Thanks again Ottawa Foodies.

2011 Mar 9
You can buy peppadew peppers at Grace in the Kitchen on Bank Street. They have both the red and the yellow ones in bottles. We discovered them on a trip to the Napa valley. They are both sweet and mildly piquant at the same time. Apparently they are the newest fruit patented after the kiwi and were created in South Africa.

2011 Mar 10
Notoce that Peppadew is trade marked.

"Applications have been made by the various owners of the brand to secure international breeders right by application to the UPOV"

Funny ... If Corporations can own a plant, they will.

2011 Mar 10
well that is what coke and pepsi and their parters did for stevia..

Coca Cola and Cargill announced the availability of Truvia, a consumer brand stevia sweetener containing erythritol and rebiana

PepsiCo and Pure Circle announced PureVia, their brand of stevia-based sweetener

2011 Mar 10
@Happy Mouth Blog Thank you ! I'll be off to get some of these !

2011 May 26
Found some at Nicastro's on Merivale. $5. Both red (hot but not really hot) and yellow. These would be great to stuff with goat cheese or any other type of creamy type cheese. Great with beer.