the best pork chop's ever [Cooking]

2011 Jan 3
so after buying my first sous vide machine i attempted a double pork chop recipe.........i had tasted the original in florida at a fantastic little restaurant in the keys and was amazed how good it was.......

so the recipe was here.

i cooked the pork chop for 24 hours at 55 degrees celcius and then took it out and seared it on my green egg at 675 degrees for 90 seconds per side. it was finished with a apple, mustard was simply the best.

to get pork cooked perfectly thru with a crispy outside is almost impossible.....i am extremely proud of this result :)

2011 Jan 3
here's the before picture so you understand how thick it really was

2011 Jan 4
"so after buying my first sous vide machine"...
Just to clarify the "machine" is a thermal immersion circulator. The method of cooking is Sous Vide.

That being said your food looks yummy! Thanks for the heads up about the recipe and the site. Will be trying it out sometime soon.

2011 Jan 4
cough.....cough.....sorry just removing the sous vide.....sorry i mean "Thermal Immersion Circulator" that was just shoved down my throat.

2011 Jan 5

"Just to clarify the "machine" is a thermal immersion circulator. The method of cooking is Sous Vide."

Since you felt the need to be over-literal, I will return the favour to you:

I see in the background of the 2nd picture the poster actually has a Sous Vide branded machine. Technically then, the OP was correct in his original post.

Additionally, it's not accurate to call the "machine" a thermal immersion circulator. The circulator is only part of the equipment required to cook using the sous vide method. You could be more accurate if you referred to the "machine" as a water oven or water bath.

2011 Jan 5
and it still makes a darn good pork chop :)

p.s. my sous vide demi arrived today - it's the wee one.