Looking for Herb Scissors [General]

2010 Nov 5
Does anyone know where I can purchase a herb scissors in Ottawa?

2010 Nov 5
I found something similar with red handles at Bed Bath & Beyond Bed Bath & Beyond's website: www.bedbathandbeyond.ca they have a location in town (500 Terminal Avenue) and I would call and ask if they have them in stock 613-241-1233.

If the red ones aren't your cup of tea, call "Ma Cuisine" (269 Dalhousie St.) 613-789-9225 and ask them. Failing that try "Domus Housewares" just around the corner (85 Murray St.) 613-241-6410.

2010 Nov 5
Herb scissors ???

I already have a kitchen gadget that performs this function ... it's called a Chef's Knife.

With a rapid motion on a cutting board I can out perform Herb Scissors ... AND I don't need to buy or wash something else.

2010 Nov 5
Thanks for the info.

Actually, I am not going to use these scissors for herbs - but thanks for the knife tutorial anyway....

2010 Nov 5
Captain Caper: "... AND I don't need to buy or wash something else."

..but you do need to wash the cutting board! I can see the appeal of herb scissors because they replace the knife and the cutting board, freeing them up for other tasks.

2010 Nov 5
captain - while i agree the herb scissors look silly (witchy - what will you use them for?), i use kitchen scissors all the time. just regular, sharp scissors cut everything and i don't need to use a cutting board underneath.

2010 Nov 5
I received a pair(?) as a gift; certainly not a kitchen necessity, but they come in handy when you have a good herb garden and want to garnish the top of a salad or other dish with chives, parsley, cilantro etc. Just tear out what you need, rinse and dry, hold it over the dish and snip away....

2010 Nov 5
I am making these with the scissors>

I found them at Domus, but they have some at Ma Cuisine as well. There were none at BB+B. Thanks live4food for the shopping tips. I thought that they would be harder to find since they seemed like such an odd kitchen gadget.

2010 Nov 8
@witchypoo I just did a search and a bit of detective work.

2010 Nov 11
Plus they really are good for processing/chopping herbs.