Incredible Sandwiches [General]

2010 Oct 20
Wow. working in Phase III over in Hull. Found a great place for Gourmet sandwiches. ZEST is on Laval street and they have the BEST pulled Pork sandwiches. They make it Slow and Low for over 12 hour. The pulled pork is served on Art-Is-In Dynamo white bread with a fresh slaw on top and an incredible tangy BBQ sauce. Amazing. Anybody try this place.. They change their menu every week. Great for us civil servants

2010 Oct 21
Holy cannoli. That sounds amazing! I gotta get out there somehow.

2010 Oct 27
wow I wish there was a great place like that in Kanata where I work,... or is there? anyone?...

2010 Oct 29
How much do they cost?

2010 Oct 31
Pulled pork was about $7 last week, IIRC. Their website is and they post their weekly menus to Facebook.