paw paws [General]

2010 Oct 19
Anyone know where you can buy this fruit?? It is a cold climate fruit, that has a banana/mango flavour.

2010 Oct 19
Paw paw is what they call papaya in Australia and other places, so not sure if it's the same thing you're thinking of, as the climate certainly isn't cold there. You may find it at big grocery stores, but certainly Produce Depot or somewhere on Somerset would have them.

2010 Oct 19
Googling an old song from my childhood "way down yonder in the paw paw patch" tells me this about paw paw

2010 Oct 21
I just looked it up and it is a custard apple.
I have only seen this ingredient in some hair products and soaps..not sure what the benefit of putting them in there is.

Maybe I can find some sometime. and hopefully I am not allergic to them.
I am actually allergic to Starfruit,and from knowing that I am always afraid of trying new tropical fruits.