OT: photo album restoration [General]

2010 Oct 10
hi all - not sure if we're allowed to post off-topic posts, but I'm hoping local Ottawa folk can help me.

I have my parents wedding album which has seen better days. Their 50th anniversary is coming up in late December and I was hoping to have it restored for them. I wanted to keep the original album casing as it is very original and in good shape - basically rhe bindings, pages and photo holders need to be replaced.

I've search high and low, but I can't find a local shop that offers this type of service. I found a small company in the US that offers the service but I can't risk sending this thing out and having it lost.

Any recommedations would be fantastic.

Thank you!


2010 Oct 10
You could try talking to the Public library for advice or someone with the National Archives.

I also know that Algonquin College has courses in restoration and also library studies. Someone there might be able to help you.

Museums also have people that work on these sorts of things- someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

2010 Oct 10
The Canadian Conservation Institute www.cci-icc.gc.ca could lead you to a paper conservator...if that's what you need. But this is just replacement of the pages, holders and bindings. If that means just the paper bindings...
I'm tempted to say I could do for that you. Seriously.

If any photos need to be restored, I highly recommend Ken Ginn/GPC Labworks on Bank near Somerset.

2010 Oct 10
thanks everyone.

no photo restoration needed.. they're in pretty good shape.

AMR - Have you worked on this type of thing before?