Fresh Brands buys the Works [General]

2010 Sep 24
Hopefully the Works stays as is...who is Fresh Brands? Their website is empty fluff.

2010 Sep 24
This is very strange, and worries me, from more than a Foodie's perspective

More info on Fresh Brands from

Fresh Brands, Inc.. The Group's principal activity is the distribution of food through corporate-owned, franchised and independent supermarkets. The Group operates in three segments: Wholesale, Corporate Retail and Franchise Retail. The Wholesale segment derives revenue from the sale of groceries, frozen food and bakery items. The Retail segment consists of 21 corporate supermarkets and two convenience stores. Franchise Retail segment sells products, purchased from wholesale segment and other merchandise to retail consumers. The Group supplies to 102 supermarkets and also serves as a wholesaler to a number of smaller, independently operated supermarkets and convenience stores. Twelve of corporate supermarkets operate under the Piggly Wiggly(R) banner and nine of them operate under the Dick's(R) Supermarkets banner. The Group also offers a line of carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks and drinking and distilled water under Springtime(TM) label. Wholesale segment accounted for 55% of gross revenues; Corporate Retail, 32% and Franchise Retail, 13%

2010 Sep 24
Not sure if that is the same company. The Ottawa Business Journal describes them as being Oakville-based, and that blurb describes an American company. Maybe two separate companies, or maybe it's the Canadian subsidiary.

2010 Sep 24

Looks like they only have ONE brand ... The Works.

Here is there franchise application which only mentions The Works:

Maybe they should be called Fresh Brand Inc ..... for now.

Oh... I wonder if they will try to breath life into The Roost ... you know ... the failed roast chicken places they tried to stick on the side of The Works locations to capture the oveflow crowd.

Here are the disasterous reiews here :

The Roost

If The Works go downhill we all can head to the Hintonburger !!!


Keep it local !!

2010 Sep 24
I agree. I think the think this paticular Fresh Brands is made up of former Cara execs starting their own company. The CEO of Fresh Brands appears to be a former president of Montana's and Kelseys (both owned by Cara). Similar story for the marketing exec, Bruce Miller.

2010 Sep 24
"If the Works goes downhill"...? Really? It has been going downhill for years. Which is really sad, because it was great when Ion was at the helm and on the premises. I guess to grow you also have to spread thin.

Ion might as well have sold it, the food quality and level of service has already hit franchise levels. He might as well make a couple of bucks from the hard work.

2010 Sep 25
Maybe they will come out with The Works frozen food items-kind of like the Licks burgers? or the East Side Mario pre-made grocery store foods?

that seems like a popular idea thesedays.
I thought the owner of the Works had started a pizza place a few months ago?
That was an article in Ottawa Xpress about that...

I have actually never been to the Works.
It is always so busy there and I do not really eat burgers other than veggie burgers...
I wanted to try the onion rings there...but prob could not eat them all, and want to just make my own at home baked in the oven!

Unless they are just going to franchise this everywhere as Works is only in Ottawa so far?
Maybe it will become like Beavertails or New York fries and be everywhere?

2010 Sep 25
HHH It's really weird, because the last two times I've had The Works I've been ridiculously pleased with the quality of the burgers. Somehow, even after being "cooked like a steak", they were still juicy!

Maybe it's the toppings I picked?

2010 Sep 26
If the Lone Star is an example of what happens when a franchise is bought out. The Works will get worse by the week. Keep it local Quinn's has a decent burger as well.

2010 Sep 27
"Zazaza Pizza" is the name of Mr. Aimers new venture, not familiar with it, but it should be opening up soon. Menyu looks good, standard gourmet pizza fare, but good.

2010 Sep 27
Zazaza pizza has been open for more than a month already, I've been about four times!

2010 Oct 1
Zazaza was reviewed by Ottawa Xpress a few weeks ago.
apparently the pizza with snow peas is very good?

So if Lone Star was sold, that mean's Big Daddy's bar and grill was sold too?
They were the same ownership before.

2010 Oct 1
No... he sold Lone Star to start up Big Daddy's. Also, as Terry noted, he passed away a couple of weeks ago, so who knows anymore.