New Openings around town [Food/Vendor]

2010 Sep 2
Hintonburg will soon have another new place open- A cafe in the old Habesha space near Giant Tiger.

We are still waiting for the Wood-fired pizza place and Dish to open in their respective spaces.

I also noticed that Natural Pantry is going into the space next to Bushtakah. Makes sense as their is no other store of that nature in Westboro (excluding the section in Superstore).

2010 Sep 2
Sooooo excited about Natural Pantry in the space next to Bushtukah. The cafe in the old Habesha was sampling treats at Taste of Wellington West and they were quite yummy.

2010 Sep 12
Saw that West End Station is gone and as of yesterday looked liked "pacifica" sign was up. The sign wasn't fully completed so we shall see what this means.

2010 Sep 12
As for downtown, I keep passing by the empty "Bowich" front. Anyone know when that's coming? New (and hopefully healthy) fast lunch options are always good.

2010 Sep 12
I also noticed the replacement for West End Station today. At first glance, the restaurant seems to be called "la" but the sign might be misleading:

_______________ la _______________

The word "la" is in lowercase and I think it had a circle behind it. The other words were quite far away from the "la." At first, I presumed it to be Los Angeles style cuisine (whatever that is) -- after all, L.A. is part of the Pacific Rim. However, further investigation uncovered an incorporated business having the name of "la cuisine pacific rim" so the "la" is probably just "the" in French.

The associated domain name was reserved in August:

And now I've created the vendor here: la Cuisine Pacific Rim

2010 Sep 13
Does anyone know what will be filling the space of Puzzles in Westboro? I have heard rumours that it is going to be a Heart & Crown, but I can't seem to confirm it.

2010 Sep 13
Proulx, I heard that it was going to be a greek restaurant, but also only rumours...

The area desperately needs a good restaurant/pub, NOT another clothing store!!!

I heard that a Clocktower pub was going into the ground floor of one of the new condos in that area.

2010 Sep 13
Puzzles is going to be a Corner Bar and Grill. Which, at the very least, will provide another good breakfast spot.

The lighting shop will be an Irish pub, owned by the folks at Milgaro. (Though, oddly, the building permit is in the name of the guy who owns the Danish Furniture place on Wellington)

2010 Sep 13
Life of Pie just moved to a new, bigger location at Bank and Sunnyside in Old Ottawa South. It's gorgeous and delicious!

2010 Sep 14
What's up with the pizza(?) place next to The Elmdale Tavern ? Long time .. no open yet.

As for the old lighting store in Westboro ... Yes it will be a pub. i know one of the guys involved.

As for Puzzles in Westboro ... I've heard a number of things... A Royal Oak ... A Heart and Crown and now a Corner Bar and Grill

LWB .. can you confirm the Corner Bar and Grill?

Anyone else got any 'inside' info ? I'm 'Puzzled' !

2010 Sep 14
Corner Bar and Grill was reported by Andrea of the blog Peek Inside the Fishbowl, who's on the Westboro BIA.

Also, when the paneling was off over the weekend, you could see a bit of the lobby space, between where the doors will be; it will be very much in the stil of other Corner Bar and Grills.

2010 Sep 14
Thanks LWB !

2010 Sep 20
la Cuisine Pacific Rim will be a fine dining, French/Asian fusion restaurant with a fresh sushi bar and high end wines. The owner's name is La Lim - He was also co-owner with his brother of Thi Fusion in Kanata (which had a write up in Fresh Bites), and this is his 4th area restaurant.
Hope this helps -

2010 Sep 20
Puzzles Space WILL become a Corner Bar & Grill.

Also another little gem that may open in Westboro soon, is a takeout plaqce that specialises in, in-house cold smoked (and maybe hot smoked) meats, (sandwiches, salads, over rice, etc).

2010 Sep 20
Puzzles >>> Corner Bar and Grill...i was in there today surveying the basement/cellar for the building owner.

one thing is for sure in the restaurant biz...things are always changing.

2010 Sep 20
Farm Boy will be opening a store in early 2011 in Britannia Plaza, 1495 Richmond Road, beside Rainbow Foods. Nice.

2010 Sep 21
spud guy?... details?... what do you mean? It won't be a Corner Bar and Grill?

2010 Sep 21
I think, chopper, that spud guy was just saying that it will be, as in Puzzles -> (is going to be) Corner Bar & Grill. arrow as a directional sign of change?

2010 Sep 21
CC- The sign is now up for the pizza place next to Elmdale Tavern and I can actually see that they've got the counter up etc. Looks like things are getting closer.

They also appear to be doing something in the Levonian space next to Hino.

Not much happening in the space that had a liquor application for "Dish" on the corner of Fairmont and Wellington.

2010 Sep 26
There's 2 new places opening up in my area in the new little while.

1) Tutti Frutti breakfast - a Quebec chain that will be in direct competition with Cora's. Soon opening on Merivale Rd where Grand Central used to be.

2) Resto Bambu - Asian combo of Thai, Chinese and Japanese. Owned by Yangtze restaurant. Opening soon in the T&T supermarket plaza On Hunt Club and Riverside.

Both look interesting!

2010 Sep 26
The old electric scooter shop in Hintonburg is reopening as a fish market

2010 Sep 30
A new Clocktower Brew Pub is slated (unconfirmed) to go into the ground floor of the next phase of Westboror Station Condo's.


"According to someone in the sales office, tenants for the Phase II and II of Westboro Station include TD Canada Trust, Shoppers Drugmart and Clocktower Pub!"

Anyone else hear this ?

2010 Sep 30

To be honest, I'm more annoyed about the Shoppers than the Clocktower. The Shoppers Drug Mart that went in the Glebe completely destroyed the Pharmasave next to the Metro. Surely the Pharmasave across the street from the condo will have no chance.

Also, moving TD Canada Trust doesn't make a lot of sense, seeing as how there's another location a few blocks west at Lincoln Fields and the current location (Churchill and Richmond) is well established.


ETA: Oops. Earlier I mentioned that Andrea was on the Westboro BIA....all lies. My bad. *cowers* She's super involved in community politics though!

2010 Sep 30
lwb - curious as to way you say that about glebe pharmasave (glebe apothocary)? from my experience, they seem to be doing well. i am in there regularly. they have expanded and increased the speciality/unique health products they carry - these are much different than shoppers and always have been. twice in the past month the pharmacy at shoppers in the glebe has sent me down to the apothocary to get over the counter specialty stuff.

2010 Oct 1
I don't frequent the Glebe Apothocary as much as you probably do, HFF. But, my experience was that they definitely reworked their stock after SDM moved in - they are still busy, but working now more on the health products, rather than what Shoppers does with more mainstream products.

I suppose my issue here is less with the Pharmasave business being threatened by Shoppers, and more that Shoppers has a pretty bad track record as an employer and their customer service isn't anything to write home about either.


2010 Oct 7
This is a great topic! Love hearing the ins and outs around town.
Speaking of...please let me know if any of you hear of restaurant spaces coming up for lease. I am looking for one:)

2010 Oct 8
MMaF - what area are you looking in...what's your timing? There should be lots of scope in the Lansdowne Park area in a couple of years.

2010 Oct 9
I wouldn't be too worried about Shoppers.
They seem to be more of a food and cosmetics store thesedays,and post office.
The pharmasave that seems more like an actual drugstore.

Shoppers,some of them do have a very big natural supplement section now.
I've seen Rescure remede and A Vogel products I like at a few stores.

Shoppers,some of them on bank street near walkley they used to sell a lot of gourmet seasonings that were really good.
One used to have roasted hazelnut oil,citrus fleur de sel and lots other fancy ingredients.
That store now does not sell those items any more..which is too bad as they were harder to find.

2010 Oct 10
There is the "Alpha Soul Cafe" opening up next to Hino on Wellington. I would love a funky little place for coffee. They have a liquor license app. posted so I'm not sure about the coffee aspect.

2010 Oct 10
... and more info on the pizza place taking the 'ol Melrose place ... next to The Elmdale House Tavern on Wellington St. West.

Also info on Dish and the the Levonian Shirt Maker Shop next to Hino.

Tennessy Willems ? .. I thought they may have mispelled Tennessy Williams.... Anyone know why such a name ?

2010 Oct 11
Captain Caper - I believe it is named after their sons.

2010 Oct 12
I am lucky enough to live in the hintonburg hood and found out that Alpha Soul Cafe will be opening where Levonian is now, the owners is the same (she'll still be tailoring upstairs). They will be doing small plates & wines. Looking forward to their opening, hopefully near the end of October. I also know that Happy Goat Coffee Co will be opening on the opposite side of the street. Their coffee is fantastic (you can order it on line), it's qulity artisan, fair trade, organic coffee roasted fresh! They hope to be opening in Jan 2011.

2010 Oct 12
I am looking for a space to be open (hopefully) by next fall if not earlier. Love that there is so much opening in the Burg:)

2010 Oct 31
We've opened the Manotick Village Butcher here in Manotick (Main St. in the parking lot behind Lasting Impressions). We're focusing on locally raised meats with no hormones and no routine antibiotics - direct from the farm. Website is

2010 Nov 4
There is a new coffee and crepe shop (Luna Cafe, I think) on the March Road, Kanata, same strip mall as the Royal Oak. I haven't tried it yet but do look forward to something a little different. Will keep you posted.

2010 Nov 6
Anyone been to the Havana Cafe, a new Cuban snack joint that has opened its doors at 1200 Bank St?

2010 Nov 7
Have never heard of Havana Cafe- sounds interesting.
I will write the address down and make a trip there soon!

hopefully it is affordable and good.

2010 Nov 11
Rumour has it, the new Petro-Canada at the corner of Parkdale and Wellington will house a Tim Hortons! Or at least, the On the Run version. It's about time, I'd say!!

2010 Nov 11
Oh gawd help us all - a Tim Horton's. Sigh.

2010 Nov 11
New Havana Cafe on Bank St. is both delicious and affordable! I was very pleasantly surprised to find sandwiches like the Classic Cuban for only $5 each. I added Yuca fries for an extra couple bucks, which come with a garlic/lime dip- so so so good! I would definitely recommend it!

2010 Nov 12
My understanding is that the only reason why a Tim Hortons wasn't placed there sooner was because they wanted a drive-thru. Originally, it was going to be where The Table is now, but Timmy's insisted on a drive-thru, and there was substantial protest about that.

Where on Bank is the New Havana? Because yuca fries alone would make it worth going, IMO

2010 Nov 12
The change from Sunoco to Petro Canada is certainly amusing from one point of view.

I have been a Petro Can shareholder for a number of years now, and then last year Suncore Energy bought Petro Canada - so now I'm a Suncore shareholder. Sunoco is of course a Suncore brand.

So essentially it is just a rebranding going on - I guess Suncore figures Petro Canada is a more marketable name. I wish they'd do something useful because my shares have been languishing since I bought them - even after the buyout by Suncore.

2010 Nov 12
New Havana is kind of near Sunnyside I think.
The restaurant looks pretty small from the outside.

2010 Nov 13
Havana is located at Bank and Cameron in Old Ottawa South. The Yucca Fries are delicious!

2010 Nov 13
Ugh... I like Tim Hortons but hate anything that adds more congestion to the corner of Parkdale and Wellington.

2010 Nov 14
Horray! No Tim Horton's there! Signs are all up and it says "Neighbours Coffee" on a great big sign

2010 Nov 14
Good to hear. If they want a Tims, put a kiosk in Holland Cross.

2010 Nov 14
I noticed the fishmonger just west of Giant Tiger is open and advertising specials in the window- I saw tilapia, sable fish (yum!)and smoked salmon- not sure if house made listed. The lobsters in the tank looked kinda lonely in the dark.

2010 Nov 16
Good topic this...

'New Havana' is actually HAVANA CAFE. Bank st a few blocks south of Sunnyside. Does Cuban food, take-out and catering and a few tables. And the yucca are highly addictive.

INFUSION BISTRO on Bank in the Glebe is changing into 'PLATES', small plates and wine bar thing. Looks like Taylors and 4th Ave now have some more competition.

SCORES (already in Kanata and Gatineau) just opened at the Trainyards. Similar to Swiss Chalet or St Hubert's but the ayce salad bar is a nice improvement over those chains.

2010 Nov 16
Scores is still a big chain. But they are bigger in Quebec.
I have eaten there in Montreal once, and it was good. Can't really remember my meal-they had bbq chicken,ribs and some salad bar buffet thing with a lot of cold salads.
Taylor's is good, but with the price of the 4 item charcuterie plate at $25 + tax-that is kind of a lot. And the portions are pretty small.
The food is good at Taylors,but not always that budget friendly.

St Huberts I know they used to have all you can eat coleslaw,bread and sauce when you eat it.
Swiss Chalet- they have a lunch special that is usually unadvertised (but i had to go there and review it for my work last year,lol).
You get AYCE salad,breadsticks and soup for $9?
-salad is a garden salad and usually good,soup-there was 2 soups, breadsticks-those were garlic breadsticks and reminded me of the Dempsters ones you get frozen from the store (those are fine,used to get those a lot before).
There was nothing on the menu for this lunch special, you have to ask or maybe call to be sure they still have this.

2010 Dec 6
Walked by the old North Face shop in Westboro and saw the permit approvals request*. The building is owned by Domicile, of course, but the new tenant is one "Naked Fish Sushi". I assume that means Westboro will get its second sushi shop.

I for one am displeased. Diversity makes a neighbourhood flourish, not high end retail and redundancy.


*I used to work for the city in this capacity, so I sort of seek these things out.

2010 Dec 6
Saw this in the window the other day.

Did a search for Royal Thai Restaurant and it gave me: 272 Dalhousie Street. Then did a search for 311 Dalhousie Street re: the sign and it came up with Palais Imperial Chinese Restaurant. Hmm....

(Wasn't sure if this was appropriate for this thread or not but wanted to get the word out.)

2010 Dec 7
TUTTI FRUTTI - on Merivale just south of baseline/heron, in what used to be (the not missed) Grand Central Deli.

Family breakfast/lunch place along the lines of Coras but menu is a tiny bit more creative (omlette sliders!!!!!!!!).

Been open maybe two weeks, servers somewhat finding their way but food was solid. Potentially GREAT addition to that strip mall.

2010 Dec 7
CCJ's Steakhouse in Kanata

It is in the old Local Hero's on Carling near March.

Has anyone been? The website looks "upscale", the menu varies wildly, but I am interested in the brazilian aspect.... just concerned that the prices are high and the menu is unfocused.

Every "good" online review I have been able to find is posted by a user with exactly 1 review and was posted on the same day the user joined the site... which reduces the credibility of the review to nil, IMO.

2010 Dec 7
we found a TUTTI FRUTTI in Quebec city a several years ago and kids loved... a must stop for us when visiting Quebec. Now on Merivale, we will look for it.

2010 Dec 10
I thought Tennessy Willems would be open by now. Anyone hear of a specific date?

2010 Dec 10
A new bakery/cupcake shop, Thimble Cakes, at 369 Bank Street (right beside the Herb & Spice).
Not yet open and the windows are papered-over but there's a sign "Free Cupcakes December 18th".

2010 Dec 11
I will try and mark that down and go on Bank st that afternoon.
The 18th is a Saturday and I'll still be in Ottawa.

There seems to be too many "cupcake" shops in Ottawa lately.
Like how many more times do people just want to eat cupcakes?
I think the stores that sell more than 1 kind of item will do better.

2010 Dec 13
Tennessy Willems is opening today!

(As for cupcake-specific shops, there is only one that I know of, The Flour Shoppe. The other ones who sell cupcakes, such as Isobel's and Buttercream Bakery, do other baked goods as well)

2010 Dec 13
I think Thimble Cakes will be cupcakes only. I wrote bakery but, if I'm recalling correctly, their (temporary) sign says "cupcakery".

I wonder who will be the first to go in and say "I'd like that but larger. Enough to serve 8 to 10 people." :)

2010 Dec 14
Has anyone tried Tennessy Willems yet? I heard that the menu will be available at the Elmdale as well. Not sure if they will deliver over or you have to pick up though?...

2010 Dec 15
Another place that does mostly cupcakes (they have a brownie too and sometimes another thing) is Aunty Loos bakery on Bronson.

When I went there it was 4 kinds of cupcakes and 1 other thing!

2010 Dec 16
Um, actually, when I've been to Auntie Loo's, she's had regular sized cake as well as squares.

My point is that there are few places in the city that do only cupcakes.

2010 Dec 16
Tried Tennesse Willems pizza and it's wood fired thin crust was delicious, hubby had the haliut dish and said it was top notch.
Yes the menu is available at the Elmdale, and yes they deliver here.

2011 Jan 7
Greek Souvlaki Shack, 258 Bank St at Cooper, East side of Bank.

For a place called a 'Shack', it's more like a Bistro. Small, cute but tasteful inside, clean, entirely pleasant owner is also the chef and server.

Haven't been there enough to state this with authority yet, but it may, just maybe, turn out to be the best Greek food in O-town.

2011 Jan 7
Tennessy Willems is really, really good. I've been three times now, food was amazing each time, and the service improves every day.

2011 Jan 7
Naked Fish Sushi just opened up in Westboro and looks like the Corner Bar and Grill is due to open soon (though they wanted to open before Christmas)

2011 Jan 12
Does anyone know if the Greek Souvlaki Shack has any connection to the late Greek Souvlaki House? thx.

2011 Jan 13
"Does anyone know if the Greek Souvlaki Shack has any connection to the late Greek Souvlaki House? thx."

None. I asked. Totally different owner, no staff in common.
Better tasting food tho.

(Of course, the late lamented GSHouse retains the record for sheer massive huge quantity of extraneous carbs per plate).

In new openings, there's a crepe place opening in the new structure opposite the McDonalds/next to the Drummonds gas station, on Bronson just south of the Queensway.

2011 Jan 13
Went to Naked fish Sushi yesterday and quite enjoyed it. I tried only a few sashimi but was delighted to see that they had uni on the menu. It was fresh! Not as fresh as tsukiji LOL, but nice to find a place that can provide a fresher version than some that nearly killed me at another japanese restaurant in town.

2011 Jan 13
Manila's Best on Carling has closed and its place, soon to open, will be Ishina Indian Restaurant. Not certain, but assume its a new branch / locale of this Ishina?

2011 Feb 7
Corner Bar & Grill in Westboro is now open.

2011 Feb 9
Coras on merrivale is no more.
The franchise term has expired and they are now going on there own.
Soft opening tonight and reopening Thursday am
Still have not chosen a name I believe

2011 Feb 9
Spotted a sign indicating a new Malaysian restaurant opening soon in Chinatown...

The location is the basement spot where Vietnam Noodle House (I think that was the name...) used to be.

Keeping my hopes in check but very excited anyways... I could really use a nice nasi lemak...

They even have a proper Malay name: pedas, which means spicy...

2011 Feb 14
Not exactly that exciting but there is a Boston pizza now next to the canadian Tire on Carling close to Churchill.

2011 Feb 16
This photo was taken on Dalhousie (where Mon Cadeau used to be).
Murray's Market Charcuterie
Locally Farmed Food
Opening Soon Spring 2011

If anyone knows anything more on this one, people involved etc. please post and/or PM me.

2011 Feb 16
It looks like they are affiliated with Murray Street Kitchen Wine Charcuterie: (Info is on left 1/3 of the way down...)

2011 Feb 16
Here's the citizen article from November on the venture:

2011 Feb 23
saw that there was a "cupcake lounge" opening up between zak's and blue cactus. right across the street from the sausage factory. Not sure what the opening timeline is or if they are affiliated to the one in Kanata. Just walked by it today.

As for the murray street deli. They will have about 15/20 seats. Will be everything from a deli, butchery, smokehouse, and restaurant. Can't wait, sounds awesome!!

2011 Feb 24
Schnitzel Works on Cyrville - I just noticed this place, think it's new.

Anyone tried?

2011 Feb 24
Loka Moka micro-roasters :-)

We roast for you. Let us know exactly what you want and we can do it. We may not hit the nail on the head the first time but we keep meticulous notes so tell us how to tweak it and we can do that.

2011 Feb 25
Do you get a discount if you don't "hit the nail on the head the first time" ?

2011 Feb 25
Zym, congrats on the new business venture. Hope it does well for you!

2011 Feb 26
saw Habesha moved to Rideau just this side of Charlotte

2011 Feb 27
Hasn't Habesha been there for a year and a half?

2011 Feb 27
The Joey,s on Bank has closed and a new restaurant is opening there as well. Drove by but couldn't catch the name. Will try next pass by.

2011 Feb 27
Ken (Just to close the circle) The Joey's is going to be the Knight and Firkin: just one more in the ever-expanding Noun + Firkin empire.

2011 Feb 27
Momomoto there will be two new Firkin pubs one beside the Loblaws and one on Bank close to rideau bakery? Cool!

2011 Feb 27
I had no idea! Which noun are they using for that one?

As mentioned before, anything to give the Royal Oaks some competition is probably going to be good. Who knows? Maybe the Oak'll start offering Caffrey's on tap again...

2011 Feb 27
So did they just take over all the Joey's locations? Is there a Joey's in Kanata still? or is that going to be Firkenized as well?

2011 Feb 27
The Kanata centrum location changed to Digby's Seafood. Other than the fact that the they kept the "seafood" part of the sign above the entrance, I know nothing of the restaurant.

2011 Feb 28
FYI - the new Firkin on Merivale @ Baseline will be called Firkin & Knight, and opening this spring.

2011 Feb 28
Pretty sure the former Joey's on Bank is becoming a Digby's, not a Firkin pub.
Anyone know the chain? Seem's Red Lobster'esque but i could (hopefully) be wrong.

Anyone know what's become of the Cora's on Merivale?

2011 Feb 28
It's now called The family kitchen and is owned by the same people
They came to the end of there term with coras and decided to go on there own.
Now open till 7 pm offer more options and better priced.
Must mention that they are not over seasoning there food.
So some might find the food a little bland.
Can always add your own salt and pepper.

2011 Feb 28
I saw on the sign that Family Kitchen is not open until 8am. I'm guessing they won't do a lot of breakfast business.

2011 Feb 28
I saw a sign for a new store opening in the glebe - Alex's Bread & Deli. It is right beside the Glebe Meat Market. The sign is out, but I didn't notice an opening date.

2011 Mar 1
re: HFF's post about Alex's Bread & Deli:
Thanks for the heads up. :) According to the old (no longer available) job posting it is a Latin-French fusion Bakery and Deli.

2011 Mar 2
My friend is the chef/baker at Alex's Bread and Deli. It's gonnnnnna be good.

2011 Mar 3
Hey all - anyone have any details about the new AYCE sushi restaurant at Bank/Albert where Cathay used to be? Last week their sign said opening soon, this week it says open but when I tried going over there the door was still locked..??

2011 Mar 5
OK, let's have another kick at this can :-)

Bytown Beanery

Custom micro-roasted coffee. Let us know how you want it roasted, and we're happy to do it for you!

2011 Mar 5
I like the name!

2011 Mar 5
Yeah, I'm actually happy I chose a name so similar to another place because we ended up with a much better name.

2011 Apr 29
Looks like AlphaSoul is now open.

See entry:

also see:

Alpha Soul Cafe

2011 Apr 30
Alex's bakery is pretty good.
But they seem to run out of sandwiches very q uickly and do not restock...last week I saw quite a few people wanted a roast beef or chicken? or something sandwich and the girl working there was telling people "sorry we just have a chick pea or tuna left...."

I was eating a slice of their homemade pizza in the store.
It was good and thin crust, a slice was $2.50 and there was one with mixed cheese and vegetable and the other I forget.
I would get their pizza again.

Today also went by Alex's and was hoping to get pizza...did not see any.
they had some nice looking cake slices in the fridge-did not try them..will do that next week.

I ended up getting a slice of banana bread and a chocolate and pistachio biscotti.
Banana bread was $2.50 and a very big slice- had real pieces of banana,some chocolate/dark chocolate bits,walnuts.
I did not know there would be chocolate in it or nuts,but it was still very good.
The biscotti looks like it has a lot of cocoa in it and is very dark, there are whole pistachios in it,there is a dried fruit in it and I can't tell what it is (apricot is a chewy fruit).
The biscotti was $1,I think they change the flavors all the time.

Also bought a sourdough loaf when they first opened.
The loaves are round a very heavy, they put them in a heavy paper bag for you to take home.
You need a very good bread knife for that bread-the outside is very crisp.
The bread was very fresh,would get some again....I froze part of my loaf as it is too much for 1 person.

Alex's also had some store-made hamburger buns today I think it was $1.50 for 4 and you can also buy 1/2 a loaf white bread.
I was told they make everything from scratch.

I will probably pop by there every saturday after my 2 hours of dance classes across the street at alana's.

Not 'new" but I was going down Bank st and saw Malak pastry, they are now making ice cream and sorbet again.
A small cup with 2 small scoops is $3 and a larger cup is $4.
Today they had blueberry ice cream/gelato,mint chocolate chip,milk chocolate,banana,berry sorbet, rasberry or a red sorbet,coconut ice cream,mango I think and 2 kinds of Ashta arabic ice creams.

I had the blueberry gelato and the almond Ashta ice cream.
Both were very good!

2011 Apr 30
According to liquor license applications and hearsay, there should be a Clocktower Pub opening on Richmond (just West of Westboro, from what I can tell.. near the Rogers TV buildingish) sometime soon-- anyone have any other details? Opening date, etc?

2011 May 1
Maybe just new to me?
A Miele appliance gallery on Bank (at Gladstone). Hello! Where have I been?
They have an active kitchen and a learning techniques & tips evening coming up.

2011 May 2
I think the Miele store IS new, AMR. I first noticed it last week too. There is a store in Westboro, just west I think of the LCBO on Wellington, same said, that carries Miele among other brands, but the Bank/Gladstone one is exclusively Miele.

I also saw one last week off the 15 north of Mtl (Boisbriand, Ste-Rose, one of those exurbs), which I didn't recall last driving there a few months ago.

2011 May 4
Serious Cheese

Serious cheese is moving to Kanata in the fall. It will be nice to have some good sandwiches in the area. Only good sandwiches I'm finding right now are the generous and tasty ones at the Stittsville meat market.

2011 May 4
Serious Cheese is moving more to the Bells Corners part of Kanata.

As for Clocktower, it's going into the Westboro Station condos, across from Starbucks at Golden; there will be a patio out front and a Shoppers Drug Mart next to it, like many other condos in the area ;)

2011 May 4
Serious Cheese is moving to the current location of the Natural Food Pantry (south side of Hazeldean near Castlefrank) -- the heart of Kanata. Natural Food Pantry is moving to the new strip mall between Terry Fox and Iber/Huntmar.

2011 May 4

...sorry, sorry, really not taking this well....

2011 May 4
FreshFoodie, yes that is what the owner told me this weekend. It will be nice to have a good sandwich place close to work.

2011 May 5
Murray Street Deli on Dalhousie is expected to open at the end of next week.

2011 May 9
Old Ottawa South getting an artisan gelateria (Italian ice cream parlor) at the old Phase 2 location on Bank just south of Sunnyside.

SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Linky and go to page 9

2011 May 11
re: "cupcake lounge" opening up between zak's and blue cactus...

I've walked past, the paper is still on the windows but the door was open and I saw that there were people inside baking up a storm. No idea about how their stuff tastes but based on this and the website, it looks like The Cupcake Lounge is open:

2011 May 11
Hello all! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the owners of a new restaurant - Burnt Butter Italian Kitchen - coming to Hintonburg this summer. In describing us, we like to say "Italian Inspired. Inventive In Spirit."

We will be taking over the space at 1100 Wellington West as of June 1st (with some renos, hope to open mid July). We are a husband and wife team with a passion for food and community - and are so excited to have this opportunity to open in Hintonburg!

Our web site will be up shortly - in the meantime we have a placeholder page @

2011 May 11
Isn't that where Phnom Penh is? Are they closing? :((

2011 May 11
Yes, it is where Phnom Penh is currently located. They are closing. We have a lot of respect for the current owners and have worked closely with them over the last little while as they help us with this new transition.

2011 May 11
Wow, I have to say that is a cool name. Very original. Nice spot, too. I recall going there back in 2004 when it was a French resto called Amuse-gueule.

Man, Hintonburg is really happening lately.

All the best with the grand opening!

2011 May 11
Noticed that Mexicalie Rosas on Hunt Club Road has closed.
Also what happened to Simply biscotti on Preston Street? Went for a walk on Monday and noticed they had gone.?

2011 May 11
cakelady, simply biscotti is still there. right across from starbucks. simply b has put out their patio again too.

2011 May 11
Hello to everybody
I am a new in Ottawa.
I make decorative cakes for over 6 years and I continue my home based
business here.
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I hope you will like my creatures.


2011 May 12
The Cupcake Lounge will have a "soft" opening this weekend with a "hard" opening this Tuesday.


2011 May 12
"I hope you will like my creatures." hahah that's just funny.

2011 May 12
The Mexicali on hunt club is now Twisted Lizards. Anyone have info on this yet? Sounds Tex Mex as well.

2011 May 12
Wonder if this is just the next Willie and Juan's...

2011 May 13
@tourist re: Willie and Juan's - how are they? Can anyone offer any reviews?
Reason I am asking is because I saw that SwarmJam has them on offer as a special today: 52% Off a $25 Voucher for Handmade Mexican Food at The Original Willie and Juan's

2011 May 13
Tossibilities (formerly Toss it up) on Sparks at Bank just became 'Ned and Pini's Panini Bar'.

Too bad. I liked Toss'. they did really great wraps, albeit pricier than the usual downtown 3.99 fare, but overall better quality.

2011 May 13
live4food; i haven't eaten there.. but I just heard that the owner remains the same, he only dropped the Mexicali Rosas franchise and renamed the restaurant. Apparently not much has changed, except that they no longer offer free chips and salsa.

2011 May 14
Murray's Market is open for business this morning!

Picked up some gorgeous ramps, le Coprin mushrooms, summer sausage and cretons.

It's a nice wood paneled / floored open space. There's a large deli counter, cheese counter, shelves for produce, a fridge / freezer section for prepared foods, a counter for fresh sandwiches, meat cones, lunch foods etc and a coffee bar / table space near the front window to sit and eat.

2011 May 14
I think Willie and Juan's is kind of like Mexicali Rosa's,but renamed.
It might be ok,but I have eaten at places that were Mexicali Rosa's and then renamed and food was only ok, didn't make me want to go back.

But if it is a coupon deal, it could be a cheap ok meal out I guess.

I did not know Serious Cheese was moving :(
Was just there today and the guy working never said anything about that.
Their pasta w cheese is very good, guess I will go back to making my own then....

That gelato place opening on Bank st sounds really good.
Can't wait to try the crepes and waffles and other things.
-There already is a gelato/ice cream shop in that area though, but Malak does not have ice cream year round (unless you call and order that mother always orders 2 liters when she is in town).
Well, I kind of guess Malak is not Gelato since it is made by Middle Eastern people??

MSD...what is a "meat cone"??
never heard of that before!

2011 May 14
Visted the Red Apron's new location today. Beautiful space! More retail focused than their previous location across the street. Lucky for us, because they have some really nice locally produced items.
I also visted Murray's Market today. Warm and welcoming and easy to move in even when it was full of people. So much to choose from, I had a really difficult time choosing.
Now it's time for a glass of wine and a sampling of today's finds!

2011 May 15
a meat cone is a wax paper filled cone with all different types of good charcuterie, topped with gribiche sauce and gruyere...i think. this is what they served at kelp fest 17 last weekend. was delicious.

2011 May 15
For those who are interested, Phenom Penh Noodle House, which is going out of business, is also sold out of their hot sauce... however, I have a special order of 20 jars coming to me next Thursday... and I'm willing to part with some of them at cost... private message me if you are interested.

2011 May 20
The meat cone was a highlight of kelp 17. Could use another one right now.

2011 May 30
There is a new lunch place on Sparks called Freshii: It looks alot like Toss It Up in concept but with an interesting mix of Asian, Mexican and Southern flair.

2011 Jun 1
Linking to the "Mill Street Brewery coming to Otttawa" thread: Forum - Mill Street Brewery coming to Otttawa as it is another opening. :)

"Mill Street Brewery will open a restaurant and brewery at the Old Mill, located along the Ottawa River, near Lebreton Flats, this fall."

2011 Jun 1
A new restaurant just opened across the street from The Museum of Civilization in Hull. It's in the Sheraton Four Points hotel, it's called L'Ardoise. I ate there last night and the food was fantastic. I had the Osso Bucco and the Apple Crumble. Everything was cooked to perfection and super tasty. The pricing was very reasonable. They just finished renovations, and it has a very chic retro art deco look to it. I highly recommend you check this one out.

2011 Jun 28
New Mucho Burrito location "opening soon" in the Walmart Plaza on Baseline.

2011 Jun 28
New Second Cup location also "opening soon" in the Walmart Plaza on Baseline

2011 Jun 28
The SmoQue Shack
129 York St

2011 Jun 28
Put that one on the list of restaurants with weird spelling!

Forum - Weird spellings bad for business?

2011 Jun 28
Just a FYI, the Walmart plaza is called Laurentian Place I believe. I ride the bus by it everyday.

2011 Jun 28
Oh ok... in memory of the school that was demolished in order to build a walmart... so sad!

2011 Jun 29
Something new will be replacing Famous Frenchies/Frenzies.

Shawarma Express will replace Espresso Deli

There is a new Shawarma place opening up next to Pizza Italie in Hull

Meh... nothing really to exciting

2011 Jun 30
@Darren Andrew Thank you for posting this. I am sooooo excited for this!

2011 Jun 30
@live4food I'm pretty excited about it too!

2011 Jun 30
This post made me want BBQ ASAP! I have just picked up the makings for coleslaw and intend to do a low and slow later this weekend. Also started a quick pickle. (The craving can't wait for The SmoQue Shack to open.)

2011 Jul 1
I was sent this. Not sure what the details are or if it is open yet?

2011 Jul 2
@KenV I saw another article in the Citizen about Fatboys and SmoQue Shack! Double BBQ Action coming to the Market!

2011 Jul 5
Looks like Fatboys will be able to boast this trophy on their wall when they open. Chalk one up for Steph!

2011 Jul 20
The Firkin & Knight is now open on Merivale Rd next to Loblaws.

Also noticed on their website that a new location is opening soon at 3987 Riverside Drive.

2011 Jul 20
Hokkaido Sushi on Dalhousie

2011 Jul 20
Looks like Darren Andrew got to it before I did. :) Hokkaido Sushi is where Royal Thai used to be.

Also there is a coming soon sign in the window of where the Budapest Deli used to be in the Byward Market. Looks like its going to be some sort of pizza place - pizzacones?

2011 Jul 21
Absolutely. PizzaCones. They have/had a shop on Bronson, so they're probably moving down there. I don't imagine that this would be an expansion.

2011 Jul 21
Hokkaido sushi is where on Dalhousie?

2011 Jul 21
The Pizza Cones place on Bronson shut down months ago, I think, and they've had a sign out front saying that they're moving to the Byward Market. (Just confirming)

2011 Jul 21
Just to confirm what yessi said pizzacones is in fact moving to where Budapest Deli used to be: Budapest Delicatessen ?comment_id=13690#comment_13690

Francis Hokkaido Sushi will be located where the Royal Thai used to be on Dalhousie at the corner of Murray.

2011 Jul 21
Pizzacones are almost deserving of their own thread, me thinks. I bet the idea would spark some hot debate up in here.

2011 Jul 21
Dunno about hot debate considering the near failure of the Bronson location, altho i think that had more to do with location than product.

2011 Jul 21
disagree osolo. pizzacone product sucks as bad as its location on bronson. i tried a pizza cone and it was awful. the crust is dry and tasted like kraft pizza kit, the toppings were boring and teeny tiny, and the whole thing was dry and dull and it is remarkably small and unsatisfying, so you are left hungry. how can pizza ever be dry?!

2011 Jul 21
I know the topic is new openings around town not closings but I thought I'd share here anyway. I guess in my mind; for every closing there is usually an opening? At any rate, I was in the Byward Market today and the lights are off, the store is closed and there are notices on the doors. The Fresh Fruit Company at York Street & Byward Market Square (,-75.69314&spn=0.001662,0.001859&sll=45.428164,-75.693028&sspn=0.001662,0.001859&layer=c&cbp=13,63.4,,0,-4&cbll=45.428153,-75.693193&gl=ca&t=h&z=19&panoid=uxI3Aqm2084AkcPgUR_d8A ), the one with the green awnings) is closed. According to the notices on the doors, its due to non payment of rent.

After coming home I thought I'd look things up:

2011 Jul 21
There's a high turnover in the restaurant business . . .

The Fresh Fruit Company used to be on Bank, down by Riverside, near Billings Bridge. Apparently they have a history of unannounced closings with rent due.

I'm surprised the City is the Landlord.

I'm in the Market and what makes it great is the variety of what's there: residential, restaurants, bars, bike shops, professional firms, high tech start ups, tourist spots, cyclists . . . it's very lively - unlike Sparks St., dead after 6:00pm.

2011 Jul 21
Wow that place has been around forever. I'm not really surprised though since I found it a little pricey and never terribly busy. Especially during the summer months when the vegetable stalls are open for business.

Francis I so agree with your comments about Sparks St. I work on Sparks just off Elgin and, in my humble opinion, probably the best spot. I love having the Byward Market and Elgin St. so close.

2011 Jul 21
I know the topic is new openings around town not closings but I thought I'd share here anyway. I guess in my mind; for every closing there is usually an opening? At any rate, I was in the Byward Market today and the lights are off, the store is closed and there are notices on the doors. The Fresh Fruit Company at York Street & Byward Market Square (,-75.69314&spn=0.001662,0.001859&sll=45.428164,-75.693028&sspn=0.001662,0.001859&layer=c&cbp=13,63.4,,0,-4&cbll=45.428153,-75.693193&gl=ca&t=h&z=19&panoid=uxI3Aqm2084AkcPgUR_d8A ), the one with the green awnings) is closed. According to the notices on the doors, its due to non payment of rent.

After coming home I thought I'd look things up:

2011 Jul 21
@FrancisI live a few blocks from Sparks and one of the things I love most is being able to wander/bike in the core in the evenings and feel like the population has been wiped out. It's not like you can't find some life a few minutes away on Bank or Elgin. Or a place to grab a beer, even with Sparks deserted.

And re: Pizzacones, such garbage. I can't believe they managed to make a business out of a souped-up infomercial gadget. The Market makes sense though, as it's a 'try it once' kind of thing and tourist turnover should guarantee solid traffic.

2011 Jul 22
Ah, Ombrella pizzacones!
they used to be on Bronson until a few months ago.

it is a cone shape or Ombrella shape.
I actually have pics and a review of that on my blog I wrote last year.
Glad they are moving to a better location- where they were before was not that good.
It is a little pricey for a snack though as the cones are not huge - the ombrella one is around 6" across but there is a "handle" part filled w sauce and cheese and toppings also.
kind of hard to explain, they also had a dessert pizza cone,but never got around to trying that.

only thing that might not be as good for the dessert one is I was told it is the same dough as the regular pizza. remember being told there was a apple pie filling for it or another option....

there is also a pic of the cone being made, you can kind of see the oven where it is cooked in the back of one pic,and the finished product...

If I recall the cone w 1 topping was around $7 or you could pay $8 something for unlimited toppings.
The crust part is cooked before and then they fill and cook the whole thing in a special oven that has this wire metal can kind of see that in one pic.

2011 Jul 24
Five Guys Burger and Fries is coming to town. I went to one of the locations recently in Washington DC and the burgers are quite good. According to the website, two locations will be opening soon -- one in the Village Square (1481 Greenbank Road) and the other in Grant's Crossing in Kanata.

2011 Jul 25
Sign up last week in the old Blockbuster location in the Signature Centre in Kanata for a new Zak's Diner location opening soon...

2011 Jul 25
So sad to hear about Fresh Food Company in the Byward Market. Their staff is great, the store is always clean, and for healthy options for lunch (healthy and affordable being polar opposites in that area), it can't be beat.

2011 Jul 25
The ombrella pizza looks good, Prettytasty. Cool that the base is also filled with 'toppings'.

2011 Jul 25
I like the theory of the pizzacone... the whole 'eat pizza like ice cream cone' concept appeals to my inner surrealist foodie... or something... but every review i read and person i spoke with indicated the execution was weak, so that combined with the look and location on Bronson kept me away. I don't necessarily trust word of mouth except when it's near unanimous.

That said, a few positive reviews of the Market location and i would give it a shot.

2011 Aug 3
There is another new restaurant opening in Hintonburg near the Giant Tiger on the north side of Wellington, almost across from the soon to be open "Burnt Butter". According to the sign it will be the "Back Lane Cafe" and they are looking for bar and dining room staff.

2011 Aug 4
Looks like SmoQue Shack is going to be open for dinner starting tonight, and open for normal business hours starting Saturday! Not sure if I'm going to be visiting tonight, but I plan to be there within the next 7 days!

2011 Aug 4
On Slater @ metcalfe

2011 Aug 4
Seems interesting..

@ slater and metcalf where the subway used to be.

2011 Aug 5
The Pizzacone idea is interesting.
I think if they had more choices of sauce and was not as expensive it would do better.

Also for the dessert one it is the same dough....maybe that can be improved upon somehow?

I am going to try them again once I get around to going to the market- just to see if they have changed/improved anything.

2011 Aug 6
The new shawarma prince location is now open, Merivale road where "go for sushi" used to be. I really hate false advertising. Their grand opening special was"buy any sandwich and drink and get the second one free(including drink)". We ordreed two large falafel sandwiches and two pops, only to be told the special only applied to small sandwiches. Finally they gave us a small discount but not even worth a free small sandwich . Also their claim that they serve the healthiest lebanese food in ottawa its pure bs...they are all unhealthy.
That being said, it was a great sandwich.

2011 Aug 6
Oh goodie! Just what Ottawa needs more shawarma!

2011 Aug 6
Whenever we pass that Irish pub near on the canal, the one that has the sign saying "best wings in Ottawa". My kids used to ask me, "can we try that daddy, they have the best wings in Ottawa." :-)

Mediterranean Food is supposed to be healthy for you: some fish, lots of vegetables, olives, etc.. But I agree shawarmas can't be healthy for you.

2011 Aug 6
Ottawa might not need more Shawarama but I really hope the soon to be opened place (Shawarma Palace?) beside the new Sobeys on March Road North opens soon and is great...Will keep you posted.

2011 Aug 8
I am beyond excited to order a pizza cone someday when I am inebriated enough to convince myself that it is a good idea.

2011 Aug 11
Finally had the chance to try Thimble Cakes ice cream!
It was very good.
The spiced chocolate I did not like that much (I usually do not like cinnamon and chocolate,but it was good) the coconut chocolate ice cream was great- really rich.
The orange creamsicle? ice cream was very good.
Normally I hate anything orange and cream,but this one was good!

I would go there for ice cream again,but prob not too soon as it is very hard to get through all the construction of bank st.
if I happen to be at that end of Bank and want ice cream though....

2011 Aug 11
I would think that a pizza cone would be pretty much the same thing as a calzone, which is an extremely popular item in Montreal. Akin to a pizza pocket.

As for schwarma, I don't find it all that "great" to begin with.

2011 Aug 11
Noticed last week that outside lights were up at what is "Back Lane Cafe" (beside Giant Tiger on Wellington), earlier in the week I saw that curtains were hung and tables and chairs were in place. Tonight there are people eating inside so I guess it has opened – there is still no sign out front though!

2011 Aug 12
haven't popped into back lane yet but they do appear to be open as already said. Can't find a website for them :( but this was interesting none the less

seems they will also be doing wood fired pizza and fresh bread?!

I will try to get in there for lunch next week, so excited for a new place in the Burg!

2011 Aug 12
rabbit pizza! Yummm!

2011 Aug 12
DiRienzo foods on Fisher changing name to Amo Italians Foods.

2011 Aug 13
Lucky Dragon Chinese, a shawarma spot and Pocco Pazzo on March Road in the Sobeys plaza--not to mention a new LCBO opening tomorrow.

2011 Aug 17
there's a Marble Slab Creamery opening up on the corner in the Glebe, across from the Starbucks/Metro

2011 Aug 17
dumpyc - thanks for posting. i meant to yesterday. i had a look in the window and it seemed very franchise-y. i'm always disappointed when a unique place is replaced by a franchise place in the glebe, but things have changed tremdously in the glebe since i lived above that corner 17 years ago.

i looked in the windows of marble slab and the price was around $4.50 for a standard size with mix-ins. i have never eaten there, but assume it would compare to cold stone in ottawa south.

and it is across from Bridgehead & Metro - not Starbucks!

2011 Aug 17
Marble Slab Creamery in the Glebe!?! Is this where the Second Cup used to be? Will there be a Timmy's as well? Dare I say, I hope not ... Glebe sure has changed, my mother has owned her house near Lansdowne Park since 1981 ... I don't even want to think how many years ... there used to be a pet store on the corner of Bank & Fourth where Von's used to be ... Isn't there a Truffle Treasures nearby that serves ice cream/gelato? Also, a while back there was a Purple Cow chocolate and ice cream place, it closed. Please don't say there will be a Tim's!

2011 Aug 17
OOPS! yes, bridgehead, not starbucks

and yes, replaced the Second Cup, and across from Truffle Treasures (with gelato)... the pet store beside Home Hardware is small and cute with nice people... where Glebe Side Kids used to be, is a modern-trendy-luggage/travel accessories place, they have basic Shinzi Katoh (sp?) bags. i have no idea what Glebe *used* to be, but its kinda... Wellington-ish. to me.

i guess ice cream/gelato is the new cupcake in Ottawa? (Stella Luna was delicious every time i've been, btw)

i've had some sort of mix-in ice cream in Halifax which was underwhelming, but i don't have that child-like preference for chocolate chips/butterscotch/candy/etc. mixing so i'm probably not in their target market!

2011 Aug 22
mucho burrito is opening at baseline & clyde, in the new walmart plaza.

2011 Aug 23
Ottawa Magazine just published an article about the newly opened Back Lane Café :

2011 Aug 24
Marble Slab creamery is open on Bank st across from the Metro store.
Had to stop and get a ice cream- you also have included one mix-in.
Small cup was $5

A lot of people seemed to be getting gummy candy in their ice cream- I do not get that.
They actually had a green tea flavor ice cream. it was good, but not enough green tea taste.
Will give a small minus as they have no dairy free, I asked about it as usually I eat more sorbet,but the girl there told me they had lactose free chocolate ice was good, but no dairy free.

so if u r vegan or dairy free,do not eat there...
Still staff was nice and friendly- seems to be run by a family.

You can also buy some cute little 2 serving cakes for $11 or maybe for one hungry person!

Ok, now a "new" place but for Ramadan Malak pastry has some special pastries you can not get at other times of the year.

I bought 2 today- one looks like a pocket and is fried, has whole walnuts in it and sugar syrup on top.
you can get the same pastry but also with the Ashta cream in it, also good.
there is also another pastry, looks like a spring roll the way the dough is rolled and inside is the same Ashta "custard cream".

they also have some kind of thing that is made from a soft white dough (some lady buying that told me it was a kind of cheese?? and it has a white filling).
No idea what that is called, but people were lining up to buy big platters of that today...

2011 Aug 24
Taco place opened up on Dalhousie between George and York!

2011 Aug 24
afinekettle - yum! can't wait to try it.

2011 Aug 24
afinekettle's picture should be submitted to

2011 Aug 24
haha yessi, I was going to "comment on that"!

Looking at the sign, i'm not sure if they really are open, if i'm supposed to go inside, or if they serve authentic mexican food.

2011 Aug 24
Maybe it's meant to be sarcastic?


2011 Aug 28
New AYCE sushi place opening up at Murray and Dalhousie (where Royal Thai used to be) called Hokkaido Sushi.

2011 Aug 28
I will be "daring enough" to go try Mauro's Taco's when I am " in the market" next week!

Will try to report back to "Ottawa Foodies".


2011 Aug 29
@afinekettle, any idea when that AYCE Sushi place will be opening?

2011 Aug 30
Unfortunately, on my way to work a few days ago, I saw signs outside Fairlawn Centre saying "Coming Soon - Harvey's and Swiss Chalet"

I was really hoping we would get something a little more than fast food. Curious (and hoping) to see what else opens up there.

2011 Aug 31
There will be a Dog Cafe opening on the corner of Somerset and Spadina In Hintonburg.

2011 Sep 1
A "Dog Cafe" what's that? Somewhere to bring your pet or where you can eat your pet? Okay just in a silly mood this afternoon!

2011 Sep 1
Les 3 Brasseurs coming to 240 Sparks Street this Winter? Interesting! Look at the bottom of the said menu...

2011 Sep 1
Another Isobel's is opening near the corner of Wellington and Fairmont Oct 1.

There is also something else food related underworks in the same block.

Plenty of good things happening in Hintonburg!

2011 Sep 1
@prolux - Harvey's has one of the best veggie burgers.

2011 Sep 1
I went to Mauro's Tacos (I work a block away) today and hooooooly crap was it good. A+ everyone go because at lunch today nobody else was there and I will be mad at all of you if it closes and I can't get any more tacos.

Los Tacos de Mauro

2011 Sep 2
Does anyone know a good place where I can buy caviar dishes prepared from caviar such as the kinds on You know, some not-too-expensive place but not so cheap that I end up with food poisoning in the end. I'd be so grateful if you could suggest something!

2011 Sep 3
you guys are killing me with all the photos from Los Tacos de Mauro. I won't be able to go until this coming weekend. Stop tormenting me :(

2011 Sep 12
Thi Fusion being built on the SW corner of Hunt Club and Merivale.

2011 Sep 12
The Tim Horton's at the corner of Bank and Gloucester downtown is now gutted, will be redesigned to add another Stone Cold Creamery. Hopefully with a much saner design, the previous one was built for about 1/10th of the actual people using it.

I had no problems with Les 3 Brasseurs' food, so having two more brewpubs in Ottawa will be good! I was at Mill Street in Toronto yesterday, and their knowledge of when the Ottawa location would open is "a few months".

2011 Sep 12
When I was riding my bike along the Western parkway yesterday morning the new Mill Street Brewery sign has finally been erected and it says "coming this fall". I am also following them on twitter so if I hear any news I can post here...

2011 Sep 12
Apparently Hokkaido Sushi on Dalhousie is being started up by one of the partners in 1000 Island Sushi.

2011 Sep 12
Mill Street is, according to FoodiePrints, set to open the weekend of October 1:!/foodiePrints/status/113342786186645504

ETA: That said, Jantine Van Kretgen of Ottawa Tourism says that last she heard it was Late 2011.
In short: It will be open soon!

2011 Sep 14
That Hokkaido sushi sign has been taunting me all summer...they don't seem in any hurry to open.

I did eat at Los Tacos de Mauro last Friday AND all is forgiven re: the copious food porn.

2011 Sep 15

Where there is a Tim Horton's on Bank st near Gloucester they are closed right now and have a sign saying Cold Stone creamery coming soon.
I think the date for opening was the 16th??
not too sure.

Seems like there will be a Cold Store store downtown,or almost downtown!

2011 Sep 15
Prettytastyreviews Yes the sign at that old Timmies said Cold Stone creamery will be opening on the 16th. However I walked by there last night and there were still lots of wires hanging from the ceiling, plaster that needed to be sanded then painted, etc. Given that opening day is supposedly tomorrow they still seem to have alot of work to do. It will be nice having a location downtown though so it will be worth waiting for.

2011 Sep 15
Okay - I think I'm becoming a real Foodie ...I have news about a new estalishment in Hintonburg ... I was browsing the Whalesnone's website to find out details about their retail store and see that they posted on their website news that thier Sous-Chef (Shonze) was leaving (has left). Apparently he will be opeing up the "Hintonburg Public House". I googled it quickly and see that it will be located at 1020 Wellington St W. and that he has placed a few adds indicating he is looking for staff. Should be a good addition to the 'hood!

2011 Sep 16
I was in a hurry so didn't check this morning, but last night the Bank/Gloucester Cold Stone Creamery was nowhere near ready to open today, but definitely by Monday. Though from the noise (I live half a block away) they certainly worked on it all night.

Lady Who Brunches, the "Late 2011" would jibe with what I was told by the Toronto Mill St people. (And it's nice to see where Jantine works now.. we were Fulcrumites together at U of O.)

2011 Sep 16
Mill St is set to open in late November.

2011 Sep 16
The Cold Stone Creamery in the making now has a September "20" pasted over the "16"

2011 Sep 16
All new food court at 240 Sparks. Jimmy the Greek, Teriyaki Experience, Subway...

2011 Sep 18
A new AYCE sushi restaurant called Fuji Sushi will be opening up across from the Silvercity where the Great Canadian Steak and Buffet used to be. No specific date on any of the signs posted on the building. Address is 2300 City Park Drive.

2011 Sep 19
I hear that Les 3 Brasseurs will be coming to street level location at 240 Sparks (Bank & Sparks Street).

2011 Sep 19
I was excited to check the 240 Sparks food court after seeing Saurian's post. It seemed like it was under construction forever. Well, it's half done. I couldn't even find the Subway. There is a Jimmy the Greek, Asian Wok, and Marcellos, and 2 or 3 vacant or under construction places (boarded up). I made the mistake of trying the Asian Wok. Gloopy curry, tough pepper beef. Manchu Wok is way better. What happened to "La Salsa" a mexican type place that used to be there. They had amazing taco salad, if you could handle the super greasy taco bowl!

Meanwhile back at home I noticed the Rose Bowl is undergoing a long-awaited refreshening and Mrs Le's is also closed for a reno/expansion.

2011 Sep 19
My hairdresser used to be located on the lower level of 240 Sparks and they had to move nearly a year ago because of the construction. She told me that many of the existing stores/restos had to close because the building owners wanted franchises in the food court. I loved that pasta place. I can't for the life of me remember the name but it had always had a huge line-up so I guess I wasn't the only one who loved their food-;) I'm not sure if any of them moved elsewhere or just closed up shop altogether.

2011 Sep 19
NICO'S..... ahhhh
Amazing lasagna with a salad (garden, ceasar or bean) for $6.50
Came with garlic bread too.
I miss that place for sure.

2011 Sep 19
More happening at the corner of Wellington and Fairmont- They're opening a taven type establishment on the south side of the street next to what will be Isobel's.

2011 Sep 19
Is that what they are calling the "Hintonburg Public House"? I think I heard that name being thrown around recently.

2011 Sep 19
Scrabbies Nico's - that's it! I loved their garlic bread the best although all their pastas were awesome. And you sure can't beat the prices-;)

2011 Sep 19
You got it Zym, from what I've been able to figure our it (Hintonburg Public House) will be a gastropub. Welcome addition to the Burg! They've applied for a liquor license and are now looking for staff.

2011 Sep 21
Hokkaido at Murray and Dalhousie is open, it looks very nice, will try it out sometime this week.

2011 Sep 21
Yes, Hokkaido Sushi is open.

2011 Sep 23
Anybody know if Angelo's pizza is any good? I think it's new. I saw one yesterday, driving on Rideau in Sandy Hill then another one coming back into the city on St. Patrick where the old Lorenzo's was.

Their slogan: 'pizza people talk about'. Nobody's talked to me about it. Anybody?

2011 Sep 25
New dog-friendly coffee shop opening up soon in Hintonburg. 1098 Somerset.

2011 Sep 26
@ Bacon I.V., the Angelo's on Rideau has been there as long as I can remember (about 4 years), and I'm guessing it had been there prior to that as well. I can't speak for the other Angelo's.

2011 Sep 26
Angelo's on Rideau goes back at least 10 years.
Not the bestest pizza ever by a long shot, but good place for a pub pizza/beer night. It never blows me away but i never feel ripped off either.

2011 Sep 26
Mucho Burrito now open on Baseline in front of Walmart.

The "death by johnny" hot sauce really is hot!!

2011 Sep 26
Thanks PB&A and OSoloMeal for the Angelo's info. I might give it a shot sometime.

2011 Sep 26
I just saw Mucho Burrito, I come to this thread to post about it perhaps opening and blam. We have info. Was it any good? Was it similar to a Chipotle? Oh how I'd love a Chipotle. I swear I'd be there weekly.

2011 Sep 26
Mucho Burrito is very similar to Chipotle. Go try it!

2011 Sep 27
I opened a new vendor listing for Hokkaido Sushi. Just had lunch there ($13.99 AYCE) and liked it.

2011 Sep 28
Mucho burrito is good, but I long for corn tortillas.

2011 Sep 29
Hello fellow foodies. Has been a while! Noticed you were talking about The Hintonburg Public House and that is my latest business venture.
I am very excited about how things are progressing. I have hired Kris Kshonze (former sous chef at the Whalesbone) as the chef. He has created a fabulous menu featuring some traditional pub fair and comfort food using local, seasonal ingredients.
We will also be offering local micro brews and a Canadian wine list all at an affordable price point.
It will be the type of place you can come in for a casual snack and some drinks or enjoy a full dinner with wine without breaking the bank.
Once things get up and running smoothly we will be hosting monthly events so like us on Facebok to get the updates. The wine tasting nights will be back too so hope to see some familiar faces!
Still looking for some front of house staff so please pass the word around. Thanks! Summer

2011 Sep 29
Congrats My Mom's a Foodie! Best of luck with your new venture!

2011 Sep 30
My Mom's a Foodie - we have been looking forward to the opening. Btw, I think I was sitting beside you at School Coucil meeting, I'll send you a pm :)

2011 Sep 30
Congratulations Summer! When are you hoping to open?

2011 Sep 30
I love how Wellington is developing into Ottawa's 'Restaurant Row', so much good food, a variety of price ranges, atmospheres, types of foods, food market... it's fantastic!


2011 Sep 30
Congrats, Summer! I guess I know where the Ottawa Foodies wine club can meet now ;)

2011 Sep 30
Congrats on the restaurant, and looking forward to the wine tastings starting again - maybe this time I'll have some time to participate.

2011 Oct 22
Drove by Benitz Bistro's old location on Somerset. Sign for Buddha Restaurant Indian Fusion...anyone know what's happening?

2011 Oct 26
Found out on twitter that a new Mexican place will be opening in Byward Market Square. It will be called "Corazon de Maiz". No date has been announced - the sign just says "opening soon".

2011 Oct 26
Pasta Lover, you beat me too it.

.... and here is a picture of the sign I took at noon today. It was on the spot where the European Farmhouse was. (Good chicken schnitzels and quiches ... gone)

2011 Oct 27
Thanks Captain! Too bad the European Farmhouse is gone. Hopefully we will get awesome Mexican food in it's place.

2011 Oct 27
dammit i LIKED that schnitzel!

Fortunately i ALSO like mexican food...

2011 Oct 29
Yum! Mexican food- hope it is good and affordable.
There is not many "real" good Mexican places downtown to eat at.
I used to really like Azteca and would eat there every week when they were open.

Now I don't really eat Mexican stuff anywhere as there is nothing in my part of town.
So now I can just get Alex's bakery- but that is more south american food or just make stuff myself. Or there is the House of pizza/greek/mexican beside my place that has some good "fake" "mexican" food (the chicken tacos as good).

2011 Oct 31
Fat Boys Southern Smokehouse will be opening on Murray Street in November:

2011 Nov 1
Was by Fat Boys on Sunnite - lookin' gooood. Between this and the Smoqueshack we are being spoiled with bbq suddenly.

2011 Nov 3
Two new places opening up in Hintonburg in November - 10fourteen (wine, cocktails, tapas) and The Hintonburg Public House.

Neither seem to have a website but the Public House is on facebook.

Both located in the block occupied by Alpha Soul Cafe and the new location of Isobel's Cupcakes & Cookies.

2011 Nov 3
Hintonburg Public House's website is here:

Updated with a wonderful menu and photos. Hopefully she will be open soon!

2011 Nov 3

Burgers on Main (formerly Manotick Prime) is now open and they're using meat from Manotick Village Butcher.

2011 Nov 3
where did you hear about 10fourteen? is there an article written about them? many new spots coming to hintonburg!!

2011 Nov 3
10fourteen's on Twitter:

2011 Nov 4
This may have been mentioned elseforum, but Hintonburger's taking over the KFC more or less across the street from them!

This, of course, is excellent because i can have a burger at one location, then walk it off crossing the street for a corn dog.

2011 Nov 4
Not sure if this counts for "new"... The restaurant that was formerly Gooney's is now a Roast 'N Brew. Which I find ironic because it started as a Roast 'N Brew, then Gooney's, then Roast 'N Brew again. Not sure what the menu is like since I just passed by it on my way back to the office after lunch.

2011 Nov 4
@Osolomeal, where would you get the corn dog? Wait are you saying they'll be at both locations?

That'd be useful, though I hope quality doesn't slip.

If they are moving totally to the KFC then that would be a pretty bad move. It's too small, no tables very little lineup space.. etc. But as a 2nd location it would serve well.

2011 Nov 5
Hintonburger is keeping their old location and adding a second one.
Supposed to be open in January, that was in the newspaper earlier this week.

Apparently the lineups at their small location are too long?

Hopefully the KFC location will look nice.
I know there used to be a Harvey's on Walkley rd and the restaurant that took that over they were too cheap to get new signs and just put plastic signs over the Harvey's signage- it does not look that good,lol.

2011 Nov 5
The Harvey's at Walkley and St Laurent has changed names twice and is now called Popeye The Chef. Hummm can't see any copyright or trademark infringement there. Surprised they haven't started selling Indian and Mexican food yet to try and drum up business LOL! Jack of all master of none! Maybe they should team up with twisted Lizard for a menu change not just lip service.

2011 Nov 21
Buddha Restaurant is now open. Anyone tried it? I'm not sure about Indian Fusion as I like Indian food as it is.

2011 Nov 21
Pressed ~ a new gourmet sandwich bar at 750 Gladstone Avenue (near Bronson) with local organic ingredients, salads, desserts, vegan options, and fair trade coffee.

2011 Nov 22
@Ravi - i'm certain they will have their full menu at both locations. The second location just facilitates me working off the awesome burger inspired meatsleepies to free up some space for the highly decadent hand-dipped corn dog!

2011 Nov 23
"From chicken to french fries: Hintonburger unveils plans for old KFC bucket" -

2011 Nov 24
I drove by 490 Beech Street and saw a place called Nutty Greek Bake Shop. The sign says what they all say, "Coming Soon". This store is just beside Greco. It is between Rochester and Preston. Anybody know the scoop?

2011 Nov 24
The following blog post by Childfree says that Postini Panini & Espresso is now open on Wellington beside Duss Brothers.

2011 Nov 24
The former pawn shop here in hintonburg 2 doors down from Absinthe has the windows all covered up for renovations, and a liquor license application in the window.

2011 Nov 24
@food is fun, yup They're opening soon. doing renos. Friends of mine, they have a facebook page also. I'd post it but I'm on my phone and the mobile url is odd. The pictures on facebook are very yummy.

2011 Nov 24
Zym - that place will be called Anthony's.

- Hintonburger will just have the new location. they posted this on the twitter feed.
- Hintonburg public house will be open early december
- the Cake Shop is going in by emerald bakery (near Holland)

2011 Nov 25
The Hintonburg Public House posted this status on their wall on Facebook:

"Fire inspection passed,! Final approvals have been sent to the liquor control board so new goal is to be open December 7th. Can't wait!!!"

2011 Nov 25
Mill St are brewing some specific ales for the new Ottawa venue.

2011 Nov 25
Man, this city is really happening lately, isn't it? Hintonburg in particular is fast becoming foodie central. Really looking forward to Postino, those are solid, no-nonsense prices and a good, uncluttered menu.

Looking forward to trying some of the Greek bake shop's fare.

Au Vieux Duluth opening a store this month I think, in the Glenwood mall in Aylmer, next to the Scotiabank. This mall burned down summer 2006, and has never been full vacancy nor as busy since it was (nicely) rebuilt. (I specifically lament the passing of the Marché Frais and Lapointe at that location).

Back on topic, never a big fan of the big Mtl Greek chains, but will give this store a shot. Casa Grecque down the street is pretty ordinary.

2011 Nov 25
Thank you Johnny. January 20 for the Mill St Brewpub opening. I'll likely just walk across from work on that Friday and barely stumble home. :) I am so-so on their regular offerings, but never fail to sample the seasonals when in Toronto, and I'm really looking forward to these!

2011 Nov 26
Zym and Hipfun:

Just spoke with Tony Balestra (family owns Fil's, O'Connell's and attched bowling alley). He will be openning a pizza restaurant in the old pawn shop (Wellington between Parkdale and Holland). Since Hitonburg ends at Parkdale it is in Wellington Village.

Tony (Anthony) is targeting mid Jan. as an opening date.

Will ask him more about his plans for food next time I see him.

2011 Nov 27
Regina 's opening a second location in the space previously occupied by The Cake Shop,
It is called Delightful Taste.
I believe it is now under new ownership, one Guil Fernandez who was a lecturer at Algonquin college in the hospitality dept.
Hopefully the products are better than we got from Regina's the past few years.
Still miss my Cake Shop fix and hope they open soon at there new location

2011 Nov 27
The sign said it was "To be known as Anthony's" but the real name made it sound like a chinese restaurant. Wonder what's up with that.

I'll have to go take a pic and post it to see if anyone knows what that means.

2011 Dec 2
I took another look and remember it now.

It says :

Sun Kwong Restaurant
( To be known as Anthony's )

Wonder what he heck is up with that?

2011 Dec 2
I know a wood burning pizza oven is gping in, so presume its a pizza, pasta place.
About time that block had a face change.

2011 Dec 4
The former Mexi's at Bank and Clarey is changing format - I believe (from what I hear) southern bbq/smokehouse. They were painting the new name when I walked by today. Tomorrow I will see what it is renamed.

2011 Dec 5
Suzy'Q donuts is opening a store in Hintonburg in January at the old Hintonburger location. Saw the info on their twitter feed.

2011 Dec 5
I confirm that the sign at the old Glebe Mexi's now reads "Southern BBQ"

2011 Dec 5
I find this curiously exciting.

2011 Dec 5
Corazon de Maiz NOW OPEN

Where European Farmhouse was in the Byward Market building.

See my review here:

2011 Dec 5
ugh. I guess Hintonburger isn't going to run two locations.. the KFC spot as a sole location is a poor move. Small interior, no seating, poor parking, it is like a step backwards.. doesn't make sense.

Super excited about the southern bbq place. Hopefully it's real bbq.

2011 Dec 6
The Popeye's food place- that has changed names and food styles at least 6 times- I live beside there!

Was a fried chicken place (part of a chain)
Then was some kind of place that made a lot of fish w grocery store attached (might be there..I never stop in).

Then middle eastern w one name, then Al Popeye's?

prob forget something.
Ate there twice, did not eat much as I was ill when I went there tried falafel balls- they are ok (I think they microwave them to heat?
tabouleh was ok, my mom said it was good the 1st time she went and kind of old the second time.
She eats tons of middle eastern food, so is very picky.

I want to try the fried chicken sometime,have to remember that.

From looking at the Greek Bakehsop,
someone is saying it will be a restaurant?
I thought a BAKEshop was where you sell pastries,breads,packaged items sometimes? and not meals?
maybe there will be a sandwich on the menu!

2011 Dec 8
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse opens today:

2011 Dec 12
Clocktower in Westboro is now open!

2011 Dec 12
Clocktower. Couple of my buddies dropped in foe a pint. Pretty swank after work crowd. They looked at each other and said "Better take off out ball caps in here".

2011 Dec 14
People behind Fratelli will open Westboro Fish in May.

2012 Jan 2
Mill St have pushed the opening for the Old Mill back to the 27th of January.

2012 Jan 9
There is a new HUGE sign outside the old Glebe Mexi.
"Ann & Clyde's Southern BBQ. Coming Soon"
Saw it Jan 07, 2012.

2012 Jan 9
Good god. Is Southern BBQ the new mini cupcake?

Well, actually ... I wish. More flavourful, I hope.

2012 Jan 10
" Is Southern BBQ the new mini cupcake? "

We should be so lucky... Mini-ribs and pulled pork sliders everywhere! Yes, YES make it happen!!! I demand it!!!!

2012 Jan 10
This thread gives me the desire to open up a shop that sells only Southern BBQ flavoured cupcakes. It'd be a sure win, no?

2012 Jan 10
I'D eat there.

2012 Jan 11
Smoque Shack...Check
D & S....check
Ann & Clyde'!!! i assume they will also smoke the meat...

2012 Jan 13
"There is a new HUGE sign outside the old Glebe Mexi.
"Ann & Clyde's Southern BBQ. Coming Soon"
Saw it Jan 07, 2012."

Ooopss..the sign says "Annie & clyde's Southern BBQ. Coming Soon."

2012 Jan 13
Gotta say, the trend (or fad - depends on how long it will last) of these "Southern" places is pretty boring. Of course, these places will all be the rage for a while, until the next "trend" comes around.....Of course, more people are eating out.

2012 Jan 14
For smoked meat Bank st sausage co makes their own too.
I have never tried the beef (assuming they have it), but usually buy the smoked chicken, smoked salmon (hot and cold smoked) and the flavored bacons (garlic, paprika and others).

not really a "restaurant" but at lunch during the week you can buy hot foods (not sure of weekends...have not been in a while).

The "southern cupcake" joke- that reminded me- I tried a muffin that was cornmeal and had hot pepper and cheddar in it at Alex's bakery a few months ago.
Seemed like a very souther thing, or South American anyways.

I have also made at home some cornmeal muffins with hot pepper and bacon in them- they were quite good.

2012 Jan 22
Bai Du Pan Asian Grill: Sign just went up in the walmart plaza on baseline next door to mucho burrito. Not sure if it's a chain and can't find any info online.

2012 Jan 23
New Bridgehead, on Wellington at Fairmont, has opened. Because, y'know, the distance between two coffee shops was getting otherwise excessive ;)

2012 Jan 23
@ Prettytasty re "The "southern cupcake" joke- that reminded me- I tried a muffin that was cornmeal and had hot pepper and cheddar in it at Alex's bakery a few months ago.
Seemed like a very souther thing, or South American anyways.

I have also made at home some cornmeal muffins with hot pepper and bacon in them- they were quite good."

Where is this Alex's Bakery of which you speak?

2012 Jan 23
I assume it is Alex's Bread and Deli on Bank Street between Fifth and Holmwood (right by the Glebe Meat Market) run by a Venezualan couple.

2012 Jan 23
Bom Burger opening on Somerset close to Bank...if i recall correctly, there is one in Manotick. Not sure if its good or not.

2012 Jan 24
That's in the former Friday's iirc. At least that would explain the 'On Main' thing. Maybe.

2012 Jan 24
Mill St Brew Pub is opening today at 4pm.

2012 Jan 25
The Brew Table has opened in place of D'arcy McGees in Bell's Corners.

2012 Jan 25
Yup...the full name of the store is Alex's Bread and Deli.
don't think they are much of a "deli" though (don't deli shops have smoked meats or sumthin?).

2012 Jan 27
New sign up at old Hintonburger location

Suzy Q Doughnuts - Coming Soon

2012 Jan 31
Can anyone substantiate this rumor

New Brew Pub & Restaurant called "Big Rig Brew Pub & Restaurant", 2750 Iris

2012 Jan 31
This is not a rumor, it is a fact. They are hoping to open by May.

2012 Jan 31
Ah, down in that little strip mall near the IKEA.

2012 Feb 1
They are building on the same spot as the old - Le Bifteque.

2012 Feb 1
Cassel Brewing in Casselman is finally starting to take shape - yeah!

2012 Feb 3
Zoan Tea House and Restaurant on Prince of Wales near Meadowlands has been open now for 4 days. Hidden behind the gas station between the Quickie and the Bank of Montreal.

2012 Feb 4
blubarry - Thanks for posting the review! I've driven past the sign before, but assumed it wasn't worth stopping. Now I'll try to make a point to try it out.

2012 Feb 4
Yeah, it's close enough that the Dragonlady and I might try it out this weekend. Thanks!

2012 Feb 4
Zazaza openning in the Glebe, near Holmwood Ave.

2012 Feb 5
a second location..or moving?

2012 Feb 5
Drove by Zazaza in the Glebe today. They have a sign out front that says "Saving the Glebe from Bland Pizza", two doors down from the Pizza Pizza. Love it!

2012 Feb 10
More action at Cassel Brewing

2012 Feb 10
Soft opening of Suzie Q's donuts in the old Hintonburger location on Wellington this Sunday. Their Twitter notice said 'come hell or high water'.

Them's some pretty strong words.

2012 Feb 10
Does anyone know anything about the brand new Farm Table Cookhouse on Bank St. at Clemow?

2012 Feb 10
I also saw something about an Experimental Farm Boy opening on the corner of Baseline and Merivale.

No, not really.

2012 Feb 11
"Does anyone know anything about the brand new Farm Table Cookhouse on Bank St. at Clemow?"

Is that at the old MVP Lounge? That place has been home to a series of dire, soulless bars, so not sure. Don't want to prejudge but....

2012 Feb 11
I don't know anything about Zazaza, but I'm automatically suspicious about any place that offers a pizza topped with Kraft Dinner and hot dogs.

2012 Feb 11
Today they built the cold room at Cassel Brewery - they are saving tonnes of money doing the build themselves - Mario one of the owners is skilled in several trades

2012 Feb 11
I've been to Zazaza, may as well call it blablabla. But that's to me. It's very much akin to the owners last creation.. The Works. It's The Works of Pizza. Now I've been a couple times to the one on Beechwood.. If I recall correctly, the thing I enjoyed most was the coke out of the glass bottle..

But, I don't care for the Works.. and enjoy Hintonburger.. if that helps at all.

But Pizza is a very relative and personal thing.. I remember Zazaza being ok pizza. Just nothing to make me drive across town for, nor was it good enough to justify the prices..
They're ultra personal sized..

2012 Feb 12
Drove by the FARM TEAM COOKHOUSE and BAR.... emphasize Farm TEAM not Farm TABLE. Looks like the same sort of sports bar that the MVP Lounge was (I could see TVs etc.)

2012 Feb 12
Karara Indian Takeout on Merivale Rd, probably the best Indian food I've had outside of England and my Indian friend's home - very highly recommended.

2012 Feb 13
Sadly my delicious 1/2 price fajita place in the Glebe(Clydes, formally Mexi's)has become a Southern BBQ place. Has anyone ventured there since the renos?

2012 Feb 13
"Does anyone know anything about the brand new Farm Table Cookhouse on Bank St. at Clemow?"

"Is that at the old MVP Lounge? That place has been home to a series of dire, soulless bars, so not sure. Don't want to prejudge but.... "

That's the one.
That location just keeps changing hands ever since the 'original' Indian restau closed.

What blows my mind is that every new opening is basically the same as the one before and... shocker... fails. Here's a thought, how about something that's NOT a sports pub...

2012 Feb 16

MVP lounge also was selling tons of coupon deals last year for 1/2 price food.
I did not buy any,but hopefully the people who did used them or can get their money back?

I also posted earlier asking if anyone know anything about Alex's Bread and Deli?
I guess I should be somewhat more informed as I used to get bread there every week and talk to the lady who owned the place...but have not gone that was since Dec at least (too much snow and sick to go out...).

*Also wondering is Zazaza any better than Forno Antico?
-I only tried Forno Antico once and it was good though.

2012 Feb 19
Rumours heard: Beckta has found a location to open up a wood oven pizzeria, and Wellington Gastropub is looking for a location to open up a BBQ shack.

2012 Feb 19
the wellington gastropub is not opening up a bbq shack or any other restaurant, for that matter.

2012 Feb 19
And Beckta is not opening a pizzeria :-)

2 strikes on that one :-)

2012 Feb 19
LOL... I did mention that these were rumours, didn't I?

2012 Feb 19
Also, I hear on the grapevine that the reason that Petit Bill's is closing for a couple of weeks isn't because they're having new floors installed, but because they're opening a techno club in the basement, and apparently John Taylor will be the resident DJ.

You heard it here first.

2012 Feb 20
A techno club? Great fit with Cube next door!

FWIW I'm just a lurker on this site but I too heard (from someone working at a Beckta restaurant) that they were opening a wood oven pizza place but regardless I hope it's not too long before whatever new place is opened as I'm a big fan of both Play and Beckta.

2012 Feb 20
I am steadfast in my certainty that they are not opening a pizzeria

2012 Feb 20
"they're opening a techno club in the basement, and apparently John Taylor will be the resident DJ"

Hmmm... sounds like another child-unfriendly venture by John Taylor... cue the human rights activists! ;o)

2012 Feb 21
Not really related but i heard that the Mill St people planned to expand the new digs and open a beer-based scandinavian style spa next to the brewery within two years.

2012 Feb 21
A beer-based scandinavian spa? I've never heard of that concept... is that one where they make you drink beer until you think it's a good idea to go take a swim in the ice cold river? ;-)

2012 Feb 21
Hey guys:

I hate to disrupt all of the fun rumors, but I promise that we are not opening a wood-fired pizzeria. We are looking for a third spot, but no pizzas. There's too many good ones around. Have you all tried the Lamb Pizza at Back Lane? Incredible! And it's been a while, but I also loved Tennessy Willems too. And I promise to keep you all posted when we do find a spot and flush out the concept a little more.



2012 Feb 21
Steve, I've got a terrific concept for you. You could call the place Hammond & Leslie, serving offal to live jazz or prog rock :) Beef heart here we go.

If you don't get the reference:

What do you think - make my dreams come true?

2012 Feb 21
Hi Sourdough:

I love the idea (and would probably eat there myself!), but I can't say that is what we had in mind. :-)

2012 Feb 21
I rest my case :-)

2012 Feb 22
Rockin Johnny Rockets (or whatever it was) at Cyrville and St Laurent finally gave up the ghost. Place has become 'Pipers'... not sure if it's a pub or family restau. I think they've soft opened, but also not sure if the sign is up.

The owners are related to Ceylonta somehow, so i can't speak to the rest of the food, but the shrimp curry should be awesome.

2012 Feb 26
Does anyone know are they any new southern bbq places opening up soon?

2012 Feb 26
The place that went into the pawn shop on Wellington is a new wood-fired pizza place. It opened Friday. I haven't seen it yet. Rick (the owner of the Foolish Chicken) told me about it.

2012 Feb 27
The pizza place in the old pawn shop on Wellington

I think it is called Anthony's after the (co-?)owner Anthony (Tony) Balestra. The Balestra family own a number of resto's in Ottawa. These include Daniel O'Connell's across the street from the old pawn shop on Wellington. Daniel O'Connell's shares a kitchen with Fil's Diner and the Bowling Alley outback.

Also in the Balestra family is Bramasole Diner and few other places.

Here is a pic of one of the 'practice pizzas':

2012 Feb 27
Chez Edgar peeps are opening up another new establishment in Hull, Chez Odile. What a success story! Congrats to them.

2012 Feb 27
I'd still like to know why the official name is "Sun Kwong" but it is only "To be known as Anthony's"

2012 Feb 27
re:Sun Kwong vs Anthony's - holding company vs proposed name of new restro.

2012 Feb 28
Bt 'practice pizza' I hope he means they ran out of basil. If the pizza is anything like the fare at Daniel O'Connell's, I'll stick to TW thank you very much!

2012 Feb 28
Hey Bacon I.V. ... I'm a bit scared that they will use the same food supplier as they do at O'Connell's/Fil's/WestPark Bowling .... Summit or Sysco (I get both mixed up because the trucks look alike). That would mean cheese-product and not real cheese .

Yuccck ... no matter how much fresh basil.

Gotta wait and see though.

2012 Feb 28
Fake modified cheese LOL! I'm not in Kansas anymore:(

2012 Feb 28
Captain Caper, when I asked what kind of cheese they serve on their steak sandwich, the trashy waitress looked at me like I was an alien, and answered 'cheese slices' as in Kraft singles. Bush league. They shouldn't be allowed to use an Irish name with food like that. This is not a pub by any stretch.

As far as pizza cheese product, pretty sure Little Caesar's uses that.

2012 Mar 10
Raw food place going into the space next to SuzyQ's Doughnuts (989 Wellington):

2012 Mar 13
Anyone know what's going into 275 Richmond Rd in Westboro ?

It was the old location for The Village Quire and was a temp place for Lulu Lemon when they were under renovations.

It's across from Kitchenalia and has a brown LLBO liquor license notice in the window.

2012 Mar 13
CC - It is going to be Westboro Fish run by the owners of Fratelli's.

2012 Mar 13
Thanks hff.

2012 Mar 15
Ron Eade reports that Chris Phillips (and partners) are opening up the Big Rig Brewpub on Greenbank:

Right by the Ikea, so I can drop my lady off at Ikea and wait for her with a micro-brew!

Interesting notes:
One of the partners is from the Spinnakers Brewpub in Victoria which was really one of the leaders in BC's craft beer revival, and another was an original partner in the Clocktower. So I think they will have the beer side down well.

Phillips hopes to grow his own hops and barley on his farm in Manotick!

2012 Mar 15
To be precise, Fratelli's is moving to the old Village Quire location and their fish place is moving in to the old digs.

2012 Mar 15
Fatboys in the Market has really good, I think, Southern style BBQ. Looks like it should be a fun place now that the weather is getting nicer as the have a patio and the walls/windows call roll up. I had the ribs and husband had the brisket and we shared 3 sides and thought it was all pretty good. The only thing we didn't like was the Mac and cheese. It was just ok.

2012 Mar 15
Taco shack going into old Emerson used car lot beside Suzy Q donuts. Should be another few weeks. Can't wait!

2012 Mar 15
taco shack? Authentic or more tex mex?

2012 Mar 16
I hope it kinda looks like this.

Where you add your own salsas from the bowls in front.

Pulled pork, Carne Asada and FISH tacos PLEASE !!!

2012 Mar 22
taco shack opens today! right beside suzy q donuts.

2012 Mar 22
Anyone know what is going in the old Cozmos at the corner of Parkdale and Wellington?

It's been empty for some time but there is heavy renovations going on the last few days. Not sure what type of business is going in there - food or otherwise.

2012 Mar 22
Zym - I'm basically your neighbour now. I've been keeping an eye on Cozmo's and whatever has been going on in there looks pretty major - no leads, yet.

2012 Mar 22
Just came back from the Taco Lot in Hintonburg which just opened today. The tacos were great, since they had only be open for about 30 minutes they only had beef or chicken tacos. For $10 you got two tacos with a small lettuce leaf salad. The flavours were great and fresh. The menu will be expanding to have more options including burritos! I am looking forward to going back soon!

2012 Mar 22
Seems kinda pricey for something I think I can polish off in 2 minutes. I see a bunch of veggies. Where's the beef? Or chicken, for that matter.

2012 Mar 22
Hey where you living now chimi?

2012 Mar 22
10$!!! wow pricey for tacos!

2012 Mar 23
Yeah, 'Ottawa' pricey. Look next door for an appropriate business model. Across the street if that doesn't fit.

2012 Mar 23
Rizak - please clarify? Are you saying surrounding businesses are better models? $2 per donut? Or the new pricey restaurants? Or the expensive, fancy Bridgehead coffee? I'd say $5 tacos (since it is $5 each), are exactly in line with what people are paying...

$2 donut, SuzyQ
$2 coffee, Bridgehead
$5 taco, Tacolot

That doesn't even get into the $3.50 or so for a cupcake!

2012 Mar 23
Pretty sure you both agree (and so do I). $5 / taco might seem pricey to some, who are comparing the price to a southern taco stand but it is perfectly in line with Ottawa prices for trendy foods.

2012 Mar 23
it may be in line with trendy foods, but the joys of real tacos is that they are cheap and made from cheap cuts which are wonderfully stewed or roasted or fried. I will be trying out the tacolot next week for sure, but at $5 a pop it would have to be really good to get me back. That noted Hintonburger had the same impact to me - sounded great but maybe pricey. After my first pick up I was hooked.

I have no idea what the rent is at the shack, but the price of raw ingredients for a good taco should be no more than around $1. At that price, 2.50 - $3 a taco is what I'd expect. I'm assuming by the look of these tacos they are standard size, which is to say not too big, and you'd need at least 2 tacos for a light lunch.

2012 Mar 23
Also, at Hintonburg Public House a bowl of fries - in an old, china bowl, so not big and not a basket - is $6.

I would assume that TacoLot will take all the feedback and make adjustments as it grows. It has only be open 23 hours so far :)

I'd also assume once there are vegetarian options, that the price will be lower per taco!

2012 Mar 23
Just a bit of a comparison (from memory) of taco prices in Ottawa.

Burrito burracho: $3/taco
Corazon de Maiz: $3/taco
Ahora: $4.50/taco (if you get two)
Los Tacos de Mauro: $3/taco, $7.50 for 3
Stone soup truck: I think it's around $3.50 or $4/taco

Say what you will about the varying quality of Ottawa's taco joints, but right now the Tacolot is pricing themselves out of my interest. I quite enjoy the tacos at all the market taquerias (with the exception of Ahora, which I find faily bland) and it's a more convenient location for me. Perhaps tacolot is trying to find its footing and I don't want to slam them for that (I want to encourage tacos!). But right now I'm not going to pursue them unless they can convince me that it's worth the trip and the price tag. And the tacos at Corazon de Maiz are pretty delicious so, TacoLot better bring its game.

2012 Mar 23
In my mind I would expect to pay $10 for 3 tacos, served with a small side of guacamole.
I hope Tacolot reads this.

2012 Mar 23
Yup, I agree. $10 for 2 tacos means I'll never go there. Or maybe once just to try.

And $2 for one of those SuzyQ donuts - ridiculous. I've had a few of them (my wife buys them ... grrrrr) and they aren't even that spectacular. They are good. But honestly not really any better than Tim Horton's if you ask me. For 2 bucks I want mind-boggling spectacular.

But people are happily paying it so I guess they don't have to worry about my business.

2012 Mar 23
Upon further reflection, 2 bucks for a donut is not that bad when compared with 3 to 4 bucks for a pastry at a local bakery ...

2012 Mar 23
I went, more to come from my pc. Can't type well via phone. Taco was OK size. Expensive and not very good. Chicken was super dry, shrimp tasteless. Not worth it

2012 Mar 24
I guess it depends on how you define "not even that spectacular". I tried them for the first time today and thought that they were way better than any Tim Horton's donut I've had.

Mind-bogglingly spectacular? No. But from the standpoint of taste, texture, and ingredient quality it's no contest. I don't want my mind boggled. I just want a damn good donut, and I got it.

2012 Mar 24
Hintonburger announced on Twitter that they are now open for breakfast Saturday and Sunday, 6:30-11am. First day today.

2012 Mar 24
Do I want a bacon cheeseburger for breakfast? Well ... yes, I do.
I imagine that they have a separate breakfast menu.

2012 Mar 24
The breakfast menu, partially visible in this picture (, has BLTs and breakfast burgers and omelette wraps and home fries and probably more.

2012 Mar 24
I tried the Suzy q donuts as well. I don't care too much for the type of heavy dough used. If they were made with a lighter dough like Krispy kreme donuts. Mmmm now that's a real donut.

2012 Mar 24
I tried the new location of suzy q after not enjoying their offerings at the lansdowne market. They are ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way for them, and my biggest criticism is: What gives with a donut place that doesn't open until 9am, well after most people have picked up a box of donuts and headed in to the office?

2012 Mar 24
I was driving through Hintonburg on Wellington St. just to check out all the fairly new spots--no one behind me! I noticed at about 2:30 p.m. Tacolot was sold out. I was driving so can't comment on the hours. Love taco stands--had some awesome ones in San Diego in the fall--and fish tacos are the best!

2012 Mar 28
Simply Raw Express will be opening in Hintonburg later this spring:

If anyone would like to open a new resto in centretown I won't complain-;) #hintonburgenvy

2012 Mar 30
Piccolo Grande just opened a smaller counter store on Bank street between Queen and Albert, between the nail place and the newsagent. (Now I get to try their stuff more often than every many years, as I'm rarely in that side of the market in summer.)

2012 Mar 31
JoJo CoCo is now open - 471 Hazeldean Road (at Castlefrank) in Kanata.
They carry Local KoKo Chocloates and many other national and international high quality / creative products.
If you are serious about chocolate or serious about WOW gifts you should check it out.
(totally biased but true ;-) )

2012 Apr 2
Anybody know what is going up at the corner of Terry Fox and Edgewater? Not even sure if it's going to be a restaurant.

2012 Apr 2
Looks like something going in the old TD bank across from Lulu Lemon in Westboro. Could be retail or food. Just saw carpenters in there and no stainless steel kitchen stuff .... yet.

2012 Apr 8
Brothers Beer Bistro is opening up in the old Takara at the corner of Dalhousie and George Streets. I hear that it will be all craft beers.

2012 Apr 8
OK so I tried Anthonys. Lousy pizza. Fake cheese product is right. Bland sauce. Rock-hard crust with no semblance of wood fire taste. Wouldn't be surprised if it is not wood, notwithstanding the decorative blocks of wood near the entrance. The meatballs were totally dry and chewy. No flavour, no fattiness, no brittleness, nothing.

You're better off going to the joint acroos the street and a block east. That's right, this is in Pizza Pizza's league, no more no less. Not worth a new vendor entry.

2012 Apr 8
I'm crossing my fingers for Brother's, but their tweets and Facebook posts have me nervous. Ottawa needs a Bar Volo or DDC, not another Pub Italia or Mill Street. The Ottawa beer scene is dominated by restaurant folk who've had a couple LCBO offerings and think they know beer. My kingdom for a proper beer bar!

2012 Apr 8
Yeah, I would take a DDC satellite location over pretty much anything else.

2012 Apr 10
"Anybody know what is going up at the corner of Terry Fox and Edgewater? Not even sure if it's going to be a restaurant."

My money is on an A&W judging by what the building is looking like.

2012 Apr 11
"Anybody know what is going up at the corner of Terry Fox and Edgewater? Not even sure if it's going to be a restaurant."

Maybe my vision is clouded by a deep-rooted desire for a 1/4 lb Coney, but it looks like a Sonic Burger. Oh... please be a Sonic Burger.

2012 Apr 11
I remember hearing a year or two ago that an A&W was supposed to go there but then nothing happened. Maybe this is it! #RootBeer

2012 Apr 11
HHH - I was thinking the same thing - looks like a sonic. I don't believe Sonic is franchising outside the US. I'm going with tongsy and FF on this one:

2012 Apr 12
I can confirm that this is going to be an A&W. Store will be open in early June.

2012 Apr 13
Cool thanks for answering... I've been wondering.

2012 Apr 17
Monday night dining just got a lot more interesting - Fraser Cafe has opened their private venue room, Table 40, for family-style dinning. A three course meal at the mid-30 price point. Menus change every Monday.

2012 Apr 17
Hey now! Don't be knocking my beloved Mill St pub :) Sure, it's touristy, but having visited countless brewpubs and tasted at least a thousand zany beers, I can honestly say I like the Mill's accessible brews - they're my easy-drinking comfort beer! Given what I've learned about the LCBO/AGCO's outright hostile attitude toward craft brewing, I'm thankful to have any brewpubs at all. I can only hope that the trend will continue and one day incite the government to throw our micro and nanobreweries a bone.

I, for one, would love to one day quit this thankless computer business and open a quaint little brewpub of my own, but the way our liquor laws are set up, licensing such a venture is a lengthy, tiresome, uncertain and cost-prohibitive affair, and that's what needs to change.

2012 Apr 17
Don't forget, we're also getting Big Rig Brewpub soon. I'm looking forward to this one.

2012 Apr 18
There are signs up at the former Totoya Japanese restaurant on Dalhousie and Clarence for Sopra Ristorante (obv. Italian) - they are advertising a job fair too, but cannot remember the details.

2012 Apr 19
Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but if anyone needs a cake (mother's day is around the corner) look no further! I recently started a cake hobby. My orders are really coming in, and I am absolutely loving it!

I can work with you to make anything you want.

My prices are very very decent :) You tell me what you're looking to pay, I tell you what we can do!

Check out my site



2012 Apr 19
If you like Mill Street, more power to you, their Ottawa brews are actually pretty good. However, with BdT, Clocktower, and Mill Street, the "accessible" beer market in Ottawa is well-served. I'm tired of seeing breweries like Beau's bypassing us for Toronto to serve their most exciting stuff. Also, the only thing stopping Ontario brewpubs from brewing exciting beer is their brewers, can't lay that on our liquor laws.

2012 Apr 21
Tried Anthony's as well and concur it is terrible. How the Citizen food critic gave it such a glowing review is beyond me. How I miss the previous critic.

2012 Apr 21
Drove by the late Regina's / Delightful taste and noticed it has changed names yet again.
Now called Little Italy bakery!
Since Rosa sold it a number of years ago it went to the dogs!
Tried going on the delightful taste fb and it has not been updated for a while, just refers you to a telephone number.

2012 Apr 21
Baby Doll, why don't you create a vendor entry. Still don't get all the thumbs down.

My two cents about all these brewpubs: their food is lousy.

Sugar, I can't believe the paper gave Anthony's a good review; that place is amateur hour at best. Desbrisay writes for OttawaMagazine now. She should review (and inevitably) slag the place.

2012 Apr 22
Sugar Sugar - The old Regina's is empty with a for lease sign in the window. It has been this way for weeks. I went by it today and nothing has changed. The last bakery in there moved to a new location.

2012 May 3
Brothers Beer Bistro will be opening on Dalhousie where Takara used to be. No opening date is advertised but they have stripped down the interior of the resto and it looks like there is lots of construction work going on. They already have a website with links to their facebook and twitter accounts:

2012 May 3
Jonny Canuck's Finley Creek is now open.

2012 May 3
Any appetite for a new New Openings thread? This has become pretty unwieldy.

2012 May 3
Agreed. How about a "new openings 2012" thread so most current openings bump to the top?...

2012 May 3
How is it unwieldy? I only see 3 posts right now - the first one and the last 2

I think we should consider this a challenge for Fresh Foodie's code :-)

2012 May 4
There's a food truck parked in a Scott St. driveway that's called The Merry Dairy -- says it's coming soon.

Looks like it'll be a frozen custard truck. Not on the road yet, but can't be too much longer, no? Apparently it won't ever be parked, but will roam the streets and rely on people flagging it down or finding it via a GPS map. Sounds like it'll be rough on gas, but I suppose that's the way to deal with the city's brutal street food bylaws.
Google showed me these for more info:
website -!home|mainPage
interview with the owner -

2012 May 4
Sugar Sugar - I agree with you that Reggina's went downhill after Rosa sold it. But the good news is that Rosa opened Simply Biscotti just south of the old store on Preston. At first she just had biscotti but now there is a wide selection of pastries as well. And, the espresso is really good!

2012 May 4
Just saw a big new sign that they put up announcing a Les 3 Brasseurs on Bank & Sparks.

2012 May 5
There is a new chipwagon located at Capital Golf Course on Bank st south. It is called MONA'S Snack Shack. Really good food and nice people.

2012 May 9
Thanks for the advice!!
I added myself as a vendor! Made many cakes since posting on here :)

I've updated my website with pictures of what I've sold so far!!!
Please, feel free to visit and leave me some feedback!


2012 May 9
Babydoll - That is the best cake picture you could find to post on the website to promote your business? I suppose it shows you are willing to make a statement...

2012 May 9
A statement that shows they are willing to do whatever the customer requests! Good on ya!

2012 May 9
FoodMonger says "A statement that shows they are willing to do whatever the customer requests! Good on ya!"

For their male clientele anyways...

2012 May 9
What makes you think that the shop would hesitate to make a cake of a male member for all those crazed bachlorette parties?

2012 May 9
There have been lots of pictures of cakes on this site. Many have been beautiful and probably tasty. But I expect to remember this one a lot longer.

2012 May 9
FoodMonger They probably will. It's just a poor choice of image for promoting their business IMO. A more generic image would have been better and if anyone wants a cake for their bachelor/bachelorette party I'm sure they will ask for an appropriately themed cake. That is all.

2012 May 9
Ok, did anyone actually go look at Babydoll's shop? Because it is all kid's cakes. She does one booby cake and chooses that as her main advertisement?

And, from my experience, just about all the cake shops in town are willing to make you any kind of cake you ask for ;)

2012 May 10
I did have a look at her site, and it does a good job of showing off her stuff.
I Will agree that she could have posted a few more of here cakes on here to give a more overall view of her talents. And Maybe blur out the nipples? I kid.

I have the feeling that she is very pround of this cake. And really what is she going to do - show it off to her 4 young boys? No. She's going to post it in a forum full of adults and look for feedback, which she is getting. Positive or negative, feedback is always a good thing.

I'm on the positive side, and she'll be getting a call from me next March when my wee one is due for a birthday cake. He's turning 8, but he's more of a leg kinda guy... I'm pretty confident that she will accomodate my request ;)

2012 May 10
I did look at her site and I get the sense she is excited about baking/cake making and her new business.

I'm not phased by breasts or nipples, so the cake didn't offend me.

@ pastalover - I would guess if a female client wanted a breast cake, then babydoll would make them one. :)

2012 May 10
lovetoeat I think I missed something - was someone offended by the pic? Because I sure wasn't. All I meant was that it was a poor choice of picture for advertising their business.

And yes if a female client wants a breast cake I'm sure babydoll will bake them one. If anyone went into a bakery - any bakery - and give them money I'm sure the baker will make them whatever they want. I think we agree on that.

So, to get back on track, does anyone else have any openings they would like to tell us about?

2012 May 10
...there's a tasteless joke potential in there somewhere but i'm going to resist the temptation...

2012 May 10
~sarcasm on~ There is nothing like sharing the internets with teenage boys... ~sarcasm off~

2012 May 11
I'm still chuckling at the term "booby cake"

2012 May 11
Those are so fake! (rim shot)

I don't get it, it's not as if Babydoll is putting this pic front and centre in the Citizen or something; it is merely on a foodie site (albeit the premier one in Ottawa, I might add). No need to get our panties all in a twist! (now there's another cake idea)

By the way, does anybody else enjoy saying 'Babydoll' as much as I do? I feel like Bogart or something.

2012 May 11
... and I thought a Babydoll was something a woman wore.

Now there is another cake idea !

2012 May 14
Stephen Beckta's third restaurant

2012 May 15
Zaki at Baseline and Maitland in the Walmart plaza had an "open" sign in the window yesterday.

2012 May 15
Two new restaurants on Preston:

Dunn's Famous Deli on Preston at Pamilla (by Pub Italia).

Thai-Pas on Preston (by Black Cat Bistro). This place will be tapas & cocktails and has a very cool vibe to it.

2012 May 15
Dunns on Preston?
I'm horrified.

2012 May 18
Oh boy! I am seriously dying of laughter here!

I was a bit hurt at first, but that's part of the business right? Not everyone is going to like what you make.

Then I felt pretty proud. You see, I'm still very insecure. I've started making these cakes in February of this year. So the fact that so many of you have given positive feedback, brings me so much pride. I am humbled.

Of course I wanted feeback...I tried to make a statement...I wanted to be noticed (you won't catch me walking around with my nipples showing, so the cake was my next option! lol)

With that said, I am posting another picture (A cake I made myself, from my boys, for my birthday and mothers day). I have many orders for June, so my site will be updated more frequently during that month.

Thank you all (good and bad) for your feedback. It's a dog eat dog world, and I'm just trying to give my boys a better life. As a single mom, I struggle financially. But I am willing to do what I need to do :)

Chantal (aka Babydoll, and yes, I LOVE saying Babydoll...its very fun to say!)

2012 May 18
Babydollski: Good on ya. ...And I'm sure ya could sell a lot more cakes with a little nipple ! (It's only natures's spigot.)

2012 May 19
Babydoll. Your cakes look great, good for you. Honestly much of these posts were much ado about nothing. Actually, given the dust stirred up. I'll buy a cake from you. I just have to figure for what occasion lol. But I'll be in touch soon. Heck.. I might do one with a couple sets of jugs and post it here for the merry enjoyment of everyone lol.

2012 May 23
Thanks Ravi :) I look forward to hearing from you :)

Tonight I work on a dolphin and dog cake (a la Zeus and Roxanne...don't ask lol)

Then next week is a Purse cake.

Then...oh boy....there's too many to mention! lol You'll just have to go check out my blog to find out ;)

2012 May 29
SUCH an amazing week!!

I made an AWESOME purse cake (as you can see in the picture) my busy cake month is coming up (June) AND...I just got back from my motorcycle test and I PASSED!! I'M AN OFFICIAL BIKER BABE!!! OMG I'm SO psyched!! This is the one thing i've wanted FOREVER and now, it's finally happened!!!

Another title under my belt!!! WOOHOO!!!

2012 Jun 1
Just curious...what makes someone give 5 thumbs down? *scratches head*

Did I say something wrong?!?! Maybe 5 people didn't like my purse cake? Or is it because I talked about something other than food (bike license)??

I don't understand. I mean, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter I guess...

oh well.


2012 Jun 1
Babydollski; my guess is that your post is getting thumbs down because it is inappropriate to the topic of this discussion (it's not about a new opening around town). It also may rub some people as being advertising for your business instead of providing new information. And personally, I'd rather not read someone's gushings about their (non-food related) personal life on this site; that's what Facebook is for.

2012 Jun 1
Because you are coming acros as a shill - this site does not like them very much.

You seem to be here for the sole purpose of promoting your business.

Learn to do it in more subtle ways and first and foremost take part in what's going on here and be a productive member of the site.

2012 Jun 1
Also, while your purse cake does indeed look very impressive, it's somewhat vulgar to claim so yourself.

2012 Jun 5
BG: The only issue is that your post is off topic. I think the purse cake is superb and I think it's great that you are proud of your work. Just checked out your blog and that's a perfect place for the photos. Just link to it on your profile page if you haven't already.

And this forum is known for sometimes-scathing, politeness-aside chatter, so ... welcome!

2012 Sep 9
My wife and I tried the ombrella pizza cones that opened in the market. It's ok. They were offering it for $5 just because it was a training day for staff. Now its $6.50. It also takes 5-10 minutes to make, unless you grab the ready to go ones.

The middle was not entirely cold, but I guess they didn't want to burn the ends.