New Openings around town [Food/Vendor]

2010 Sep 2
Hintonburg will soon have another new place open- A cafe in the old Habesha space near Giant Tiger.

We are still waiting for the Wood-fired pizza place and Dish to open in their respective spaces.

I also noticed that Natural Pantry is going into the space next to Bushtakah. Makes sense as their is no other store of that nature in Westboro (excluding the section in Superstore).

2012 Sep 9
My wife and I tried the ombrella pizza cones that opened in the market. It's ok. They were offering it for $5 just because it was a training day for staff. Now its $6.50. It also takes 5-10 minutes to make, unless you grab the ready to go ones.

The middle was not entirely cold, but I guess they didn't want to burn the ends.