Books: Cookbooks, Cocktails, Vegetarian, Baby Food [General]

2010 Aug 16
I have a number of books that I need to get rid of. These are the food related ones. If you are interested you can have them for free (though donations/trades are accepted too). They are all hardcover and good condition.

2010 Aug 16
These 2 are food/general interest titles.

Fermenting Revolution - How to drink beer & save the world.
The Joy of drinking (Advanced readers copy)

2010 Aug 16

blend me, shake me
hip sips

2010 Aug 16

Vegetarian Fast Food
Passion for Vegetables
Get Vegetable Plot (includes growing veggies)

2010 Aug 16

The Delia Collection

2010 Aug 16
First Meals (kids) - includes nutrition tips
Light Recipes (flip book)

2010 Aug 16
Low fat country cooking (alarming, but entertaining. This was not bought by me!)