Assault with a deadly poutine [General]

2010 Jul 22

Man jailed for assaulting ex with poutine [1/2]
TIMMINS, Ont. -- A Timmins man has been sentence to four months in jail for theft after dumping poutine on a woman's head and running off with her purse.

David Birch, 25, was sentenced Tuesday in Timmins provincial court.

The woman was an ex-spouse.

Court heard Birch entered a business in Timmins on May 20 at 3:30 a.m. where he encountered his former spouse.

Due to previous convictions, Birch was prohibited from having contact with her at the time.

The two argued but after the argument, the victim asked Birch to hold on to two poutines. Birch subsequently dumped one poutine over the woman's head.

2010 Jul 22
Assault? In my world, it's called "Delicious Hat Attack"

2010 Jul 22
Am I a bad person for wishing the article had a photo gallery?

2010 Jul 22
Yessi - A++++ would read your comment again

2010 Jul 22
more importantly, what happened to the second poutine?

2010 Jul 22
It was probably 'taken downtown'