Quebec City Eats [General]

2010 Jul 19
I know this is a bit off-topic, but my partner and I are planning a trip to Quebec City in August and I'm wondering if any of you have any recommendations for restaurants in the area? He is a meat eater and I am not, fyi :)

2010 Jul 19
I don't have any good dinner recos, but I stayed near a fantastic bakery in Lowertown last time I was in QC. Pastries, paninis, quiches, fancy bread. If you're near St. Joeseph, stop by for breakfast or lunch.

Also, for fun, you can take the ferry across the river to Levis and have a drink at Le Corsaire. It's just to the right of the ferry terminal and has a nice view of Quebec City.

2010 Jul 20 If you though Sweetgrass was something special, try thier restaurant. It is truly amazing, I had seal on my last visit.

2010 Jul 20
My favorite resto in Quebec City is Cafe Sirocco.

I find the menu extensive and the food is good.

2010 Jul 20
On my last visit to Quebec in April I discovered two very nice places. Hobbit Bistro ( on St-Jean is a lovely room, great ambiance, with a varied menu that includes lots of interesting stuff, such as a deer burger and duck cannelloni. I ate there twice and was very pleased with my meal both times. There are a number of vegetarian entree options and some soups and salads as well.

We also tried Le Moine echanson ( which is a wine bar that serves wines and culinary specialties from the Loire, Jura and Alsace regions of France. Not a lot of veg options but it would be great for wine and cheese.

We very much wanted to try Le Lapin Saute in the lower old town but it was full - quel dommage! I hear it is delightful.

2010 Jul 20
Thank you so much!! :)

2010 Jul 21
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2010 Jul 21
If you end up on Ile d'Orleans, check out

2010 Jul 21
I wish I could remember the names of the places I went last summer. All the food I had was fabulous, but I still have fond dreams about duck with blueberry sauce. (I'm sure there's a posh name for this dish.) Also wanted to say, have fun! Enjoy your trip to Canada-Europe! :)

2010 Jul 22
I've got to give my nod to Chez Ashton again. Greasy poutine par excellence.

The other place I ate when there (apart from just hanging out at the Nourcy in the Ste. Foy mall and eating pastries all night long) was L'Astral:

Sure, it's a revolving restaurant, and it's a bit pricey, but it was so delicious.