Fishing [General]

2010 Jul 9
Any fisher(wo)men out there?

Today my 6 year old caught his first fish - a Smallmouth Bass.

Here is a little story about it which includes a google map link to the exact spot in Pakenham where we'd been fishing.

and a video of course of me cleaning the fish :-) Going to pan fry it this evening.

Contrary to what I say in the video, it is legal since there are no size limits on that stretch of river this time of year. I knew that there were no limits for our regular fishing spot but forgot to check this stretch of river before we went out. But my eye turns out to be pretty good - just judging by the size I decided to keep it. And it turns out to be within the range when limits are given in most areas.

Here are a few other things I wrote about fishing :

Fishing in Ottawa -
Includes some links to government websites with documents like how to ID fish, how to tell if they are safe to eat, rules and regulations, etc.

Tying a Fisherman's Knot -

Fishing Rod Relay =
A nifty little game I came up with for Beavers and their Fathers.

I should have posted this tidbit earlier actually, but this is "Family Fishing Week" in Ontario, and adults can fish without a license til the end of Sunday.

2010 Jul 10
Some vids of pan frying said bass :-)