Birthday meal [General]

2010 Jul 4
Any suggestions for a nice place for b-day meal

2010 Jul 4
Can't beleive that no one has any suggestions.

2010 Jul 4
Perhaps its because you posted in the early hours of Sunday morning and most of us are still sound asleep...

Check out this thread. Forum - Birthday dinner suggestions?post_id=30439#post_30439

2010 Jul 4
I could link to ten percent of the vendors on here as a "nice place for a b-day meal", because I don't know what you're looking for.

You need to be more specific: location, price, atmosphere, cuisine, what type of meal (brunch, dinner, lunch, cocktails and small plates). Otherwise, it's hard for us to do anything but direct you to past discussions.

2010 Jul 4
Yeah, no kidding. Any place can be the right place for a birthday gathering - really depends on your tastes and needs. You have to tell us what you like and dislike before we can help you. Also the 5am thing - you expected feedback on Sunday morning between 5am and 9am? Oi!

2010 Jul 4
The guy likes pretty much anything. Just looking for your bestest experiences :-)

At this time we are aiming lunch or supper.

2010 Jul 4
I personally could enjoy a birthday meal at any of the following:

The Wellington Gastropub (can get loud)
Domus Cafe
Stoneface Dolly's
Cafe Mio
Perspectives at Brookstreet Hotel
Restaurant Eighteen
El Meson
Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro

2010 Jul 4
Finally went for a nicejuicy burger at the Works in the Glebe.

Was very nice and service quite good.

Recommend it for b-day.

2010 Jul 4
And that, is subjectivity, folks.

2010 Jul 5
to lady who brunches:

And that is a useless comment.

To zymurgist, Some are early birds on sunday (thought that people like brunch), guess i was wrong.

Oi Vay!

Thanks to "food is fun" for the recommendations, a lot more b-day's coming up so i'll be sure to check all these out.

Cheers :-)

2010 Jul 5

No need for pot shots. We are all trying to be teamy here. Sharing info is a gift.

It seemed fair for Lady Who Brunches to ask for clarification in order to give you helpful suggestions. Tastes do range across the city which is why we have the kind of selection we have in the first place. Subjectivity does play into choices.

Zymurgist makes a fair observation that 5 am to 9 am on a Sunday morning high quality foodies do enjoy sleeping or tending to more important things than participating on the Ottawa Foodies website. We actually aren't 'on call'. He made a polite remark to you to suggest your impatience was way out of line. And would be at any time actually. Not just Sunday morning. Refer back to sharing info is a gift.

I happily took the time to share my list. I consider my time a gift.

Tone really matters to me and I tend to get way more reluctant to share info with those who don't get the teamy thing. Just human nature I guess. If you were going for humour, it may not have delivered well in text format.

I am a big believer in grace. This town could use more of it.

Enjoy the many birthdays that you choose to spend out on the restaurant scene. Ottawa has a lot to pick from and you should be in good hands. Afterall, food is fun!


2010 Jul 5
Food is fun:

I am a beleiver in straight talk and honest talk and didn't enjoy the "tone" as you put it from the post from "Lady who brunches" wrote or perhaps i was wrong and i apologize (hey i can admit i am not perfect).


Proceeding from or taking place in a person's mind rather than the external world: a subjective decision.

Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience.

Moodily introspective.

Existing only in the mind; illusory.

(as i don't know this person, i could choose from any of these but i do thank her for her advice as i beleive it to have been well meant)

I merely was pointing out to Zymurgist that i thought that some of the foodies might have been up early even on sunday (i was) and i was mislead by a posting that i thought had been all posted that very morning (i was wrong).(By the way Oi!seems a little less than polite but as you say perception is a bit difficult to gage with strangers, i on the other hand am very honest but not self-rightous).

Again, i thanked you for your counsel for the meal. Perhaps my "tone" did not come across like it should but that's the internet for you.

Anyhoo, to me, the rest of the message seems a bit patronizing but i too am full of grace and prefer not to dwell on this further.

You are right about one thing, food is fun.



2010 Jul 6
Big hugs!

2010 Jul 6
Chimichimi: Keep "teletubbies" handy just in case :)