Which wedding gown should I choose? [General]

2010 Jun 30
Actually I will have my wedding this coming Sept. And I'm extremely excited for that. Now I must purchase my wedding gown but I'm hesitate to choose the right one. I even do not know where to start and fortunately one of my friend recommend a website to me. I love her but I can not decide which one to choose for below two dresses because both of them are superduper



So anybody can give me some help and I'm 67" tall.

2010 Jul 1
is this Ottawa foodies??? i'm confused

2010 Jul 5
Those dresses do look good enough to eat... so I'll bite ;-)

If you are thin, choose this one: www.shopindream.com

If you are um.. not quite thin, choose the other: www.shopindream.com which also works better if you are flat-chested.

Happy Nuptials.