Entertainment book $19.99 or free with order for 2011 [General]

2010 Jun 30
Got another email offer for the Entertainment Book that I thought I would pass along. Essentially you can get the 2010 Book for free if you commit to next year or for $9.99 for just this years(comes to $19.99 with S&H and likely in US dollars). I already have one but thought I would pass along the info. Cheers

Here is the link


2010 Jun 30
The Entertainment book rules my life.

I always present the coupons when asking for the bill contrary to what is printed on the coupon. I have found that presenting the coupon upon ordering, some places skimp on the portions of your meals. I do tip 20% however.


2010 Jun 30
Hey KC,

Never knew that some places skimp on the portions when you presented the coupon but I think I will keep that in mind in the future and present the coupon when asking for the bill. Thanks for the tip!


2010 Jul 7
Well, got another email today. Its now $7.99 and apparently only $1 for shipping (hopefully they are not applying that to only the shipping in the US).

Anyway, here is the link I got for those who are interested: