toasting nuts / seeds [Recipes]

2010 Jun 29
OK, I'm getting really close to making my hummus, and like the idea that someone mentioned of toasting the seeds first.

I've done that in the oven before and it has worked out well, but I'm wondering if I could do it in a frying pan? I suspect I should be able to put it on maybe 1/4 to 1/3 power in my big cast iron pan and keep it moving for 10 minutes or so and it should be good to go, no? Or should it be hotter?

2010 Jun 29
Yeah that's pretty well what I do - I toast my seeds in my cast iron pan at 1/3 power shaking the pan periodically until toasted.

2010 Jun 29
i always use my cast iron frying pan for toasting seeds/pine nuts/nuts... it should take you less than 10 minutes, the direct contact toasts them up pretty fast.

i don't do more than will cover the bottom of the pan if i am concerned with even toasting. if i just want a light toast, i will have more in the pan.

plus, once they are toasted to your preference - remove them from the cast iron pan! otherwise they will continue cooking and get over done.

2010 Jun 29
I find toasting in the oven is great if you are doing a large amount. I love to do it with raw almonds I buy at costco, but as PL and HFF suggested cast iron pans work best too. As HFF suggested don't do more than will cover the bottom of the pan. Also I tend to find that nuts go from perfectly toasted to burnt quickly if you don't watch them, so just make sure you watch them.
In terms of temperature you are spot it is tempting to put them too warm (medium heat) but your best if you keep them at a lower temperature if will take a little bit longer but you will get better results.

Also if you are making a hummus, you can also try out making a toasted topping for it using pine nuts, its a great addition to a nice homemade hummus.

2010 Jun 29
I generally use the oven for toasting nuts because I have the attention span of a flea. If I had a nickel for every pan of pine nuts I burned...

Usually use a pan for sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds though.

I use about 325 convection in an shiny aluminum pan. The smaller the nut and the higher the sugar content, the shorter the toasting time. Pine nuts and pecans are particularly sensitive for this reason.

2010 Jun 29
My MIL pointed out that you can also toast pine nuts and walnuts in the microwave (with good success - I assume the same would work for sunflower seeds). For around a quarter of a cup, I cook on high for 45s and then stir. Repeat until the nuts are golden or smell toasted.