eating well on $1 a day [General]

2010 Jun 29
this blog was featured in the globe and mail. it is pretty interesting. sadly his diet lacked fresh food, most deals were for prepackaged foods. it does illustrate how easy it is to save significant amounts of money while shopping with a little planning and coupon savy.

he has pictures of all his meals, plus his receipts.

2010 Jun 29
I kind of groaned when I went to the first day and one of the places he bought a lot of things at was Safeway. I don't know if Safeway is any cheaper in the US (I noted that he was in California) In Western Canada Safeway is the most expensive place to shop (of the large grocery chains that is).

Safeways produce prices are out of sight. I find you that there are all kinds of deals on produce if you read the flyers regularly.

2010 Jun 29
I prefer the tale of the couple who are eating for $30US a week. That's $2 a day, but they're doing it in a way that seems much healthier than this guy. is the blog I believe.

2010 Jul 3
One can eat very well, and fresh, on very little. It is just a matter of planning your meal on what happens to be on is amazing what nourishing soups could be made with salmon heads, chicken bones, rice and beans, and seasonal vegetables.