Gardening updates [General]

2010 May 19
To the gardeners:

Any updates? I can just start taking spring onions and lettuces that I cavalierly planted at the end of March, fortunately the last late frost missed these guys. For the onions I just buried some standard yellow kitchen onions that were sprouting in my fruit basket and they have really taken off. I think I will just continue to take the green parts and see how long I can keep that going.

Everything else that was seeded later is just coming out of the ground this week. Transplanted stuff seems to be taking off as well.

Does anyone else have anything ready?

2010 May 19
Right now I have a bunch of things growing in pots that will make it to my garden when I move.

Peppers, pumpkin, cucumber, broccoli, and tomotoes are all doing okay. Last weekend whilst taking a gander at the garden, I found oregano that we had planted last year growing like crazy, and a couple of carrots as well. Kudos to them for being so hardy!

2010 May 20
My, you were on the ball Tracinho - I didn't plant my salad greens until almost the middle of April.
We had a green salad last night that was all from the garden, first this year. It had sorrel (perennial), spinach, chard, and arugula (the last 3 all survived the winter as it was so mild). The arugula was particularly tasty! I've also been using green onions - any leftover in the fall overwinter every year. Same salad again tonight with added some romaine and goat cheese coated with panko and fried a bit.
I've planted my tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers as well as most of my seeds - the broccoli is up as are the lettuces, arugula, mustard, spinach, chard, beets, and I don't know what else. In the sunroom, growing, are tomatillos, and peppers - abuela and serrano. There are a bunch of nursery plants (other peppers, zucchini,...) sitting out in the garden just waiting for me to get them in.
And last fall's garlic is doing really well - I've had to water it but only 2 cloves didn't sprout (out of 140) but some seem to be doubles. My dw is anxious for some scape pesto - she's mentioned the scapes twice this week, hoping to speed the little darlings up so that our dd gets some when she's here for a visit - first time home for a couple years, and she'll be thrilled to eat something outta the garden as well as last year's peas and corn in the freezer, and maybe the last carrot in the fridge. Oh how I hate the thought of buying carrots at a grocery store {{{shudder}}}

2010 May 27
The plants could use some pruning and I thought I'd offer some to the foodies.

We're located in they Byward Market area. If you would like some please message me directly and I will send you our address and arrange a time. I'll refrain on cutting till then so that you can have it as fresh as possible.

The past 2 years our sage plant was small and seemed to be OK ie/ surviving but not really thriving. Last year we separated our sage plant into two. Didn't expect it to come back and yet, it did and is thriving! The issue is that I do not especially love the flavour of sage.

At this point we also have a crazy surplus. I have recently trimmed out the centres as they were starting to bolt but really they could use more thinning. The youngest leaves are edible raw and add a considerable color to a salad. The larger leaves can be a bit tough but are lovely cooked.

2010 May 27
For those of you in Gatineau suffering from the water shortage and not knowing how to water your gardens, if you have central air in your house you can collect the output of it for a pretty significant amount of water.

2010 May 28
I got my garden in last weekend. With this week’s warm weather the cucumber and zucchini’s have really taken off. We've been eating asparagus for some time but it's coming to an end.

2010 May 28
My tomatoes have been growing about 2-3" a day this week...but basil is struggling. I have to say things are way ahead of last year.

2010 May 29
Everything looks good so far. The perennial herbs like oregano, tarragon, dill and chives have all come back strongly. We've been picking lettuce for a while, and the swiss chard and kale are ready for some harvesting. The broccoli heads are forming, and should be ready for picking in a week or two... then we get sideshoots for the rest of the summer and fall. The pole beans are coming up fast, and the heat lovers like tomatoes and peppers are happy with the recent warm and sunny weather - we sure have to water a lot, though! We have two large rain barrels, and both have now run dry.

We overwintered some kale plants, and they produced a nice display of yellow flowers last month... now they're loaded with seedpods, so we're going to try saving our own seed for next year.

We have a small backyard, so little room for trees, but we do have a couple of dwarf sour cherry trees - last year we got zilch from them, but this year they're really loaded. Now the challenge will be to keep the birds, raccoons, and other varmints from getting them all first! We also have a couple of grape vines and a patch of raspberries that are growing well. Just for fun, we just planted a hardy kiwi vine to grow along the back fence... should be interesting to see if we get any fruit set next year, if it survives the winter.

A good growing season so far, but we really, really could use some rain! The dry conditions sure have kept the mosquitoes away, though.

2010 May 29
I have one lone cherry tomato plant in my garden this year. Lame, compared to the rest of you, I know. You can read more about my fine pedigreed plant on my blog if you like.

It comes from Vicki's Veggies down in Prince Edward County and it was given to us by friends that made the trek last weekend. I will do my darnedest to keep that fella alive and thriving.

2010 May 29
Dug up the new garden (at the new house) today, and found tarragon, sage, oregano, mint, chives, parsley and thyme... also, found potatoes! Excellent! Less planting to be done.

2010 May 29
planted more tomato and cucumber plants bought from Carp F.M. this morning.
need more cuc plants...probably get them tomorrow at the Ottawa F.M. at Lansdowne from Acorn Creek.

2010 Jul 15
The Shepherds of Good Hope soup kitchen is struggling with food shortage
Read more:

If you have a surplus of any garden goodies (and don't intend to can/jar then) perhaps donating them might be a good plan?