Food(s) you crave most [General]

2010 May 15
for me:

egg rolls
ice cream

and of course SAMOSAS.

2010 May 15
Jamaican patties :D
Fried Chicken
Curry, any Thai or Jamaican
BBQ ribs, pork or beef
anything with crab or shrimp or both :D
Chili Peppers (see, I do eat veggies)

2010 May 15
Yeah, how could i forget, add curry (jamaican or indian) for me!

2010 May 15
Italian and Thai

2010 May 15

Part of the thing about cravings is that they're mood dependent. Cheese and tomatoes are the only two that I think I could crave at any given time.

On the other hand, I've had moments where I needed to have a pickle, right then and there, and other times I've craved nothing more than eggs.

Cravings are about what our bodies need, which is why we desire some things when our bodies don't have enough. (I crave salt when I'm dehydrated.)

I crave stuff that is around that I can't have. Like, right now there are double stuf Oreos in the house, for my niece's birthday cake. I haven't had them in probably eight or nine years. And, I never cared for them. But, I kind of want one.

2010 May 15
bbq cheeseburger
bbq steak
Golden Palace eggroll
Greco's pizza (North Bay locations)
Peanut butter on toasted pumpernickel or light rye
Chinese food in general

2010 May 16
For me it would be:

cold water- I will actually get dressed in the middle of the night and go buy a bottle of cold water. Tap water doesn't seem to get cold enough and my fridge is too small for a brita.
salads- I love eating salads. I love the mixture of tastes and textures
sometimes dairy- yogurt, milk or ice cream

2010 May 16
Cake, generally. I have been known to start making one at 10pm if the craving hits.

Coffee--I think about the first cup of the morning at night before bed.

Fruit--right now it's rhubarb, which is good because I'm working my way through 10 pounds I picked. Am eating it in every form, but mostly stewed with yogurt.

No savoury foods, sadly, though I do eat them between sweets! Homemade Mexican and Indian are my favourites.

2010 May 16
Further to my comment about cravings and tomatoes: I have eaten no fewer than five beefsteaks this weekend. This trend will no doubt continue as tomatoes get better.

2010 May 16
1. Cheese
2. Avocado
3. Baguette
4. Tofu
5. Mashed potatoes

2010 May 17
Hmmmm...hard to narrow it down

grilled Sardines
good Spanish ham
blood sausage
summer tomatoes
any chicken w/ rice and beans
roasted duck
hard, strong sheep's milk cheese

and soft poached eggs!

2010 May 17
My cravings skew salty/umami:

1. Burgers
2. Fries
3. Cheese (any kind, really, but tending towards either cheddar, something blue, or something stinky)
4. My mother-in-law's chourišo
5. Dal and rice
6. Fried fish

2010 May 17
This changes daily but at this moment:

1. Strong cheese
2. chewy baguette
3. Mojitos
4. This sounds crazy but it's amzing: dark chocolate WITH sharp cheddar
5. plain omelet cooked until JUST set in LOTS of butter.
6. Chee Cheong Fun
7. NY striploin grilled rare
8. Fresh pasta
9. Mushrooms in all varieties
10. homemade yogurt mixed with some natural peanut butter and a little honey

Not sure if there is really an order of preference.

2010 May 17
1. Golden Chicken at any of Pat's restaurants (anyone from Kingston knows this one).

2. That Viet (probably not) dish with vermcelli, spring rolls and grilled pork.

3. Mapo tofu

4. Malaysian curry

5. Fresh fruit smoothies

6. Spaghetti and meatballs

7. Caprese salad

2010 May 18
oh, add to my list:
Chinese BBQ pork, roast pork and Beijing duck
also super-premium vodkas and sake, beers with character, powerful Zin's, oily Gewurtz's and Demerra rum (SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....don't tell my Jamaican kin)

2010 May 19
Don't get me started on the wines that I crave. I'm sure everybody already thinks that I'm borderline alcoholic ;)

2010 May 19
Have to second Obi's Roast Pork and Peking duck... also, nice crusty bread with good olive oil and aged balsamico.

2010 May 19
Foie Gras
Steak and

2010 May 19
In general:

-Chicken wings
-Hot genoa salami
-french fries
-dill popcorn
-BBQ anything
-fried rice

And my only healthy craving is apples when I'm camping/hiking.

2010 May 19
oh also on my list would be Pulled Pork Sandwiches

2010 May 19
Anything salty.

2010 May 19
What about popcorn or potato chips? I definitly prefer salty over sweet. Often we favour a food or food group we shouldn't have...

2010 May 20
I'm shocked. No mention of bacon! Everything is better with bacon.

2010 May 20
omg!!! what is wrong with us?! yes bacon #1!

2010 May 20
I never actually crave bacon until I smell it. I'm sure that makes me weird.

2010 May 20
I'd say that's faily common. BUT, bacon is THE smell that makes most people crave more than almost anything else...maybe fresh baked bread, pumpkin pie, apple pie, etc would be up there as well.

2010 May 20
Holy crap! You're right! Totally throw bacon on my list ;)

2010 May 20
bacon's up there but still not where the aforementioned are in my book
although a nice piece or back bacon or Irish bacon does turn my head (NONE of that peameal stuff)

p.s. I do cook with a lot of double smoked side bacon but I would no kill for it...
NOW, touch my patties and expect bloodshed (reminds me: where did I put my mum's machete?)

2010 May 20
Back to salty-my dogs wait for the very odd toss of a piece of pop corn (air popped) when I indulge myself--corn is not good for dogs and not great for humans...

2010 May 21
I think bacon might be left out because it is typically part of improving a snack/dish/meal...blt, bacon cheeseburger, bacon/egg sandwich, wrapped scallops (ooo, another for my list), etc, etc...

2010 May 21
I'm craving bbq pork rice dumpling from TNT Asian Supermarket- even though I had one about two hours ago. SO good!

2010 Jun 7
French Fries
Dark Chocolate
Dill Pickles
"Fresh" meals (especially after working out - usually ends up being Vietnamese food)

2010 Jun 7
Greens; peas, chard, spinach, broccoli

2010 Jun 7
Bacon Cheeseburger
Smoked Salmon
Artichoke Dip

2010 Jun 7
Ice cream

Upon reading my finalized list, I do conclude this would make a wonderful table d'hote for my dream wedding.

2010 Jun 7
if ever you are in Westport, go to the Westport Bakery and get this thing, ummm I forget the name but it's either "amaretti something" or "something amaretti". Oh my friggin god! I'll try and describe it...

a chewy, sweet and crispy meringue about the size of a standard cookie. A super dense, rich, creamy, silky, cold pastry cream sort of thing on top about the size of a mashmellow. with one side covered with a thin coating of dark chocolate. Amaretto flavoring in there somewhere. THIS is the thing I crave the most right now. i almost feel like skipping work this aft to take a drive to westport before they close!!! I'll get a picture next time I indulge but picture and my akward discription does not come close to doing it justice. MUST TRY!!!!!

2010 Jun 7
chopper - i'm in westport every weekend and that bakery is our favourite. the apple turnovers are fantastic (and healthy, they contain an entire 1/2 apple), the berliners (raspberry filled donuts), hearty breads... now i can't wait until friday.

not a huge fan of her style of pie, but the raspberry, when in season, is good.

if you take the main road out of town (going past the beer store), you will come to the 9th concession. right at the corner is a good, old fashioned farm stand - leave your money in the jar. their asparagus is excellent this year and only $3 for a huge bundle. can't wait for the raspberries to arrive.

2010 Jun 7
HipFunkyFun: thanks for the tip! I love that little town.

2010 Jun 7
chopper - rustic pizza, down by the water, is a decent pizza place. only open on weekends, they are slow - generally best to add 10 minutes to whatever time they give you. stay away from calzones, too doughy. but a good place to grab a pizza and eat it by the water. sadly, the town lost their pub over looking the water front. i'm dying for someone to come and open up a new one.

2010 Jun 9
Hip: thanks again! I was wondering if there was a decent spot to eat in that village. I'll be sure to save up some hunger nexct time I'm driving thru!