Napo Closure [General]

2010 Apr 28
Does anyone know if Napo on Bank near the Blue Heron Mall has closed? Mrs. Grette and I tried to make reservations there for Saturday night and their on-line reservation system wasn't working, their voice mail is full and won't accept new messages and they don't answer e-mails. Their web site is still functioning, however.

2010 Apr 28
I walked by there last Saturday morning and there was no sign of closure - ie no papers covering the windows, no signs on the door etc.

2010 Apr 28
I was wondering the same thing. Although there are no visible signs of closure, there aren't any signs of life either. I've driven past ~ 7pm on a few Fridays and it didn't look like there was any activity in the kitchen, not a single car in the car park etc.

2010 Apr 30
It's been pretty quiet there for about 2 months. I tried to go and dine there on a Friday night in February and there wasn't anyone there. I think it had been open earlier in the month.

I e-mailed them when I got home after we went elsewhere for dinner, Flying Piggy's to be exact, and I never got a response.

So sad. I miss their gnocchi... Best ever.