A book about us foodies! [General]

2010 Apr 28
Hi folks,

Check this out - some sociologists at the University of Toronto have written a book about us! Titled "Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape", it seeks to explain and describe the tenets and proclivities of foodies in North America. Fun! Here's a link to the Globe and Mail's review:


I can't say I agree with all their assertions, particularly the one about most foodies being white and middle class (no!), but there seem to be lots of other interesting points they make. It's just fun to see them studying this phenomenen! Obviously, there have always been foodies, but with the growth of the internet and celebrity TV chefs foodie-ism seems to have taken on a new prominence. I love anything that explains (and, ahem, justifies) my obsession with food!

Cheers, Ms. Foodie