Water Carbonators [General]

2010 Apr 25
Just wondering if any one knows where in Ottawa you could find a Sparkling Water maker. I have seen them on the William Senoma website, I am not afraid to buy from them, but I just need to make sure that you can get the cartriges here in Ottawa otherwise it is a pointless buy?

Also any advice on brand, and price would also be welcome.



2010 Apr 25

2010 Apr 25
Thanks Monty, I did check out their website they do sell the cartriges, but I am just wondering if any where else did as well.

2010 Apr 25
If you're just talking about those little CO2 soda syphon cartridges, they're quite available. Defalco's certainly carries them, and I've seen them at kitchen supply stores and department stores before.

I'm talking about the cartridges for a standard soda syphon (www.williams-sonoma.com) not the ones this one uses: www.williams-sonoma.com -- those look proprietary and are likely more expensive and hard to find.

EDIT: I just checked the C. A. Paradis website, and you must be referring to the SodaStream product rather than a classic soda syphon. I haven't seen those cartridges anywhere!

2010 Apr 28
I bought my ISI siphon from CA Paradis and they do sell the cartridges (they are some generic brand in a yellow box, not ISI).

You can also get them online from Golda's Kitchen (I bought the whipped cream canister from them)