OK, this is just gross - real McD's ad? [General]

2010 Apr 23

If this really was from McDonald's, someone needs to be fired. I cannot possibly imagine worse advertising.

2010 Apr 23
It doesn't appeal to me either, but is it really that bad? It's clearly a photoshop job, meaning no infants were harmed (directly) by it. And in the context of announcing the birth of a new McDonald's location (see "Just opened" in the caption) it seems quite applicable.

2010 Apr 23
My immediate thought upon seeing it was : white-and-pasty is exactly what your kids will end up looking like if you feed them this nutritionless sh*t


2010 Apr 23
So this is what a freshly hatched ginger looks like...

2010 Apr 23
That image will give me nightmares tonight...

2010 Apr 23
Beware the juggalo babies.

2010 Apr 24
They should make the ad more realistic and add twenty pounds to the kid.

2010 Apr 26
As a redhead, I'm more disturbed by the "freshly-hatched ginger" comment than by the photo in question.

It's a Photoshopped baby a la McDonalds. Ugly as sin, definitely. Bad advertising? I'd say so. Surprising, shocking, or appalling? Hardly.

2010 Apr 27
So is this what they make baby food from?

It's an ad for a McDonald's store that opened in India. All of the prodction staff are Indian including, I suppose, the PhotoShop magician who altered the image.

And it's just an ad. Don't be so coulrophobic