job posting for farm couple [General]

2010 Apr 20
a friend sent me this posting. while i'd love to pack up my family and try it, i know i am not cut out for life on the farm.

maybe one of you is feeling the need to jump ship and try something new?

here is a copy and paste of some of the job description:
2 positions -- Looking for a very special couple

If you have always wanted to be a farmer but never knew
where to start, this is the opportunity you've been looking for.

Upper Canada Heritage Farm is looking for a couple to set up
residence on our 100 acre farm. Learn about raising heritage
breeds, focussing on the Large Black Pig. We cater to the
Ottawa market and our business is growing by leaps and bounds.

This family needs a dedicated couple -- live in or live out
-- to care for the animals with the same commitment that we
have. We will teach you everything you need to know about
raising heritage pigs, chickens, ducks and cattle. We offer
you the opportunity to establish your own market garden,
raise your own animals, put down some roots and live your
dream of independence. In exchange, you will help to manage
our heritage pigs, farrow to finish, pastured operation.

We are looking for the perfect couple -- committed to a life
of farming, living off the beaten track, being innovative,
open and creative, not afraid to try the untried.

This farm incorporates traditional farm knowledge with an
unorthodox philosophy. Raise animals for meat, but raise
them with respect for their natural tendencies and indulge
their needs. A happy pig is a wholesome pig.

Upper Canada Heritage Farm is located 20 minutes SW of
Merrickville. We offer room and board (negotiable) and a
weekly stipend of $100. Tenting available immediately.
Trailer to come.

2010 Apr 26
Upper Canada Heritage Farm will be at the Ottawa Farmer's Market this year as confirmed by telephone when I was inquiring about the CSA share. She mentioned pickup is available at the market.

Hip - will post if I have any "new" news after the visit.