Croquenbouche [General]

2010 Apr 16
I am getting married in October and was planning to have a french, Marie Antoinette, type themed wedding. And I thought it would be amazing to have a croquenbouche as part of my dessert course. Does anyone know where in Ottawa I can get one of these?

I've seen the previous post about Reggina Pastecerie. And saw the caution on humidity. But October should be fine?

I also wouldn't mind a bakery to get other french desserts. Creme Brulee, eclairs and the like.

2010 Apr 16
yum, my cousin had one at her wedding (photo included)

I've e-mailed her to ask who made it

2010 Apr 16

I really hope that when you say "Marie Antoinette themed wedding", what you're trying to say is decadent, french-inspired, and not what this link is talking about.

Let them eat cake!

2010 Apr 16
LOL! I definitely don't mean what that link says. I do mean french-inspired and decadent! But those search strings don't bring up the kind of links I'm looking for in google :p So I started with Marie Antoinette and Louis the 14th and had much better luck :p

I'm taking ideas and suggestions on how to bring this french inspired decadence can come to life :D

2010 Apr 16
If you know how to make Pâte à choux,(cream puff shells) it is not difficult to make it by yourself.
I will ask my teachers who makes croquenbouche in Ottawa.
I think there is a wedding cake shop on Preston street.

2010 Apr 16
tofu_burger, have you read any wedding blogs? I find many of them, notably have good inspiration boards with ideas about food as well as decor.

As for making it by yourself, can it be made in advance? Or can someone in your family make it? A Practical Wedding (the site I linked to earlier) has a lot of info about self-catering weddings.

And as for a croquenbouche, I know that a friend had one at their wedding. I can definitely find out who did it, though the whole shindig was at the Chateau Laurier (hello, decadent francophonie), so I suspect it was they.

2010 Apr 17
I had mine made a few years ago at Fidélice in Hull (they also have another store in Gatineau). They also had a few flavours to choose from for the pastry filling (coffee, chocolate, vanilla, etc.). I got married in July, it was hot, but the cake was fine (they delivered it early evening if I remember, so it didn't sit there all afternoon in the heat). It tasted great, beautiful, and everyone loved it!

Making it yourself is possible, but I found I had so many things to think about the few days before the weddings that I wouldn't have had time to bake (and I loove to bake!).

2010 Apr 18
I also ordered one from Pâtisserie Fidélice (the one on 625, boulevard de la Gappe in Gatineau). They made it to order for a large birthday party, it ended up with something like 100 balls. It was, uh, huge (had to ride in the back seat of the car...), quite pretty (decorated with small candy flowers) and the taste was very good. Certainly made for a dramatic entrance! Fidélice itself is a little out of the way but we ordered over the phone and the staff were very accommodating. The croquembouche was carefully packaged and ready when promised. I've had other desserts since then from the same location that were positive experiences so I'm comfortable recommending them.