Ottawa Foodies Cooking Club? [General]

2010 Apr 12
Hi Foodies,

Maybe its the nice weather, but I have been itching for something new to do. After numerous web searches for groups or clubs to join, it seems that I always turned back to food/cooking/growing vegetables/restaurants, etc.

Also, in my search I did not find anything on a food club in Ottawa. And by this I mean a place where once a week or once a month, a bunch of foodies can get together somewhere to cook, share food stories and restaurant experiences, discuss cookbooks, and in general, enjoy food!

I was previously apart of the Ottawa Vegetarian Society, and overall they had a nice set-up and following for potlucks each month.

Being relatively new to Ottawa Foodies, has this type of thing ever been discussed or attempted?

What does everyone this about this type of idea?


2010 Apr 12
Welcome to the club - we meet right here, every single day, many times a day!

2010 Apr 12
We held a very successful potluck last August and occasionally try to arrange others.

2010 Apr 12
Events have been held, as Food Film Director mentioned, but usually we're too lazy to organize much of anything.

Part of the problem is that everyone has lives in the real world, and so trying to coordinate much gets to be difficult.