Help Locating a Dinner Venue [General]

2010 Apr 9
Hi everyone,

Just thought I would put this question out there in case anyone had good ideas?

A friend is organising an appreciation dinner for a group of volunteers and has asked me for venue suggestions. Of course since the organisation works with volunteers, their budget for such things is not huge and yet she would still like to provide them with a fairly nice meal.

I thought I would ask here and save her from calling 100 places all day today. We might be able to narrow it down to a few for her.


-70 volunteers
-budget is $20 per head

Any ideas? Thanks very much!

2010 Apr 9
Maybe Restaurant International at Algonquin College?

or maybe she could work something out at a Chinese Restaurant. They seem to have a lot of banquet rooms.

2010 Apr 11
I would think The Courtyard should be able to accommodate you. If you don't want to go with light meal, you could opt for lots of finger food that is served by roaming servers (lets people mingle more).

2010 Apr 12
Thank you both for the great suggestions - I have passed them on and she will call all three.


2010 Apr 12
Can I hijack your thread, KSW?

I'm looking for a venue that can handle a dinner reservation for 15 people on a Friday night, preferably in a private room. It also has to be affordable.

We were looking at the Works Westboro... but they require sales of $350, which is then charged to one card. Which then makes it a bit awkward for settling up.

2010 Apr 12
Nanook If you are looking for somewhere in the Westboro area there is the Wonton House. They have a private room in the back and it's not too expensive. There is also Suisha Gardens and Edoko downtown, Tuckers Marketplace in the Byward Market, and the Fox and Feather on Elgin.

2010 Apr 12
Thanks Pasta Lover. We were mainly looking for a restaurant that was somewhat central. The private room was pretty essential as it's a farewell party for a family member headed overseas.

Knowing the food preferences for some of the guests, only F&F would really work. lol.

2010 Apr 12
We did our wedding rehersal dinner at Agave. We were about 18 in total, and they have a very nice private room downstairs. Everyone paid their own bill. Service was incredible; this was on a Friday night in the middle of August, when they were already quite busy.

I would seriously consider giving them a call. Even though it's Mexican, it's Tex-Mex and my father-in-law found something he loved, which was remarkable given his previous disdain for "Mexican" food.