desserts/baking without eggs [General]

2010 Mar 30
I am looking for egg free dessert suggestions. Shortbread cookies, fruit, apple crisp I know those could work. Other suggestions please. Thx.

2010 Mar 30
Many desserts - cakes, cookies, squares, etc - can be baked without eggs. Eggs add very little to the baking process - just a small amount of leavening, which is easily compensated for.

Check out any number of vegan websites or cookbooks and you'll find extensive egg-free dessert recipes.

2010 Apr 1
My favourite resources for vegan/egg-free baking are (anything rated 4 or 5 stars is usually good) and (again, the rating system helps to find good recipes).

Also, you can buy powdered egg substitute at most health food stores (and some grocery stores) that can be used in place of eggs in most baking, or you can use ground flax seeds mixed with water until it forms a paste. I can't think of the proportions for the last one off hand, but searching "flax eggs" should get you some results.

2010 Apr 2
Powdered egg substitute is usually an overpriced mixture of dirt cheap ingredients: mainly corn starch, baking powder and baking soda. If you want low to fat free egg subs I suppose the powder is a good way to go, but just read the ingredients on the box, take a trip to bulk barn and make your own for 1/4 the price.
I'm not vegan but I volunteer for a vegan cooking collective for a few years, so I've learned much of their terrible vegetable murdering secrets. The two things I find are easiest and cheapest for egg substitute are:
-3 tbsp hot water + 1 tbsp ground flax seed = 1 egg. Let it soak for a little while. It should form a thick opaque whitish liquid with the flax seeds at the bottom; almost looks like an egg with a brown core. I usually also add an extra tsp of baking powder to the recipe since flax seed alone doesn't reproduce the rising power of an egg.
-1 mashed banana + 1 tsp baking soda = 1 egg. Again, baking powder to reproduce rising power, banana to be sticky. Obviously this one is less flavor neutral so it might not work well if you don't want a hint of banana. Give it a try though; I stumbled upon the wonder that is corn bread made with mashed banana because of this. Tasty stuff.

I would hazard to say that any baking recipe that calls for eggs should work with one of these substitutes. It will probably be a little different, perhaps better. Experiment to get used to it.

2010 Apr 2
I use the tried and true old fashioned method 1 Tbs of white vinger replaces 1 egg!

2010 Apr 3
Thanks everyone. It is an egg allergy we are working around. Your advice is much appreciated.