Have you ever been "called out" for photographing your plate? [General]

2010 Mar 28
I always feel a bit like a dork pulling out my phone to photograph my plate, but if my food is particularly nice looking, or if it's a meal I intend to share with this site, I'll try and make an effort to get some quick shots without being too obvious about it.

The last time I did this, the waitress startled me from behind and asked me if the dish looked as good in the photo as it did on the plate. At first I didn't know how to respond to this, somewhat snarky, comment.

Before I really had a chance to respond, she followed up with "is that going to show up on some blog or something?". To which I responded "uh, probably...?".

It was at this point that I got the impression that perhaps photographing your food was somehow considered rude or that the practice was frowned upon? My girlfriend and I were tucked in a corner, there is no flash on my phone, nor does it make loud noises when taking pictures. I highly doubt anyone else in the restaurant even knew it was happening.

So - is there an etiquette for this sort of thing? Should I put my phone away in the future, or was this particular waitress out of line?

2010 Apr 25
Hmm kind of torn over this one. If are using a camera or cell phone camera to take pictures of your party then I see no reason why you can't discreetly snap the food as well. And like some of the other commenters have noted, many users take absolutely wonderful pics, that most definitely make you want to dine there.

I just have a problem with cell phones at the table period ... but maybe that's for a different thread! ;-)