Bradley smoker sale [General]

2010 Mar 19
This seems to be a very popular unit, and is on sale this week at Canadian Tire. $100 off!

2010 Jul 4
I don't really keep recipes, or measure for that matter... but my creamy slaw base is something like:

1/2 - 2/3 cu mayonnaise
3-4 tbsp of white vinegar
2 tbsp of white sugar
1 tsp white pepper
dash of celery salt

I use shredded green and red cabbage and carrot. Then I grate my onion (spanish in this case) so it is pulpy and moist. I pureed the jalapeno ribs (no seeds) from the ABTs with a splash of lemon juice then mixed it all together. I'd guess it was 4-5 cu of shredded veggies.

It has been a long time since the Works made my "list", so my memory may be fuzzy, but it is very similar to their's with a little longer burn due to the jalapeno ribs.

Sometimes I work in a little horseradish, sometimes dijon mustard, sometimes both. But the dijon makes it "dirty"... if you go there, you might as well use black pepper and cider vinegar.