mushroom hunting [General]

2010 Mar 17
There is the morel thread

Forum - Please post your morel hunting photos!!

But I figured that was too specific :-)

Anyone offering to take people out this year to show them the ropes?

2010 Mar 17
Note to self :

mushroom hunting - there is the next feature for you FF :-) Search on the forum subjects so I do not have to repeat the subject in the text in order to find this thread in the future

2010 Mar 17
I want to learn them ropes to! mushroom fanatic here :-)

2010 Mar 18
I would VERY interested to learn how to forage for mushrooms!!

2010 Mar 22
There are some groups on the Quebec side, but I think all their presentations are in French. There are some great mushroom foraging grounds on the nakkertok ski trails . . . a friend took me there last fall.

I've also had good luck in the woods near my house, finding chicken of the woods, monkeys head ($2000 a pound in China) and boletes. I ate the best pieces and the rest I put in a blender with some sugar water. Later I drilled holes in fallen trees out back and poured the slurry in. Hopefully this will result in more mushroom a few years from now.

Please go with someone knowledgable, cross reference your finds in several guide books, and take spore prints. Old mushroom hunters tell me, "the spore print never lies".

2010 Jul 5
Anyone able to ID these?

2010 Jul 5
Looks like hygrocybe conica - witch's hat. Did they stain black when bruised?

Edit: FYI - inedible.