The official all things bbq thread! [Cooking]

2010 Mar 12
I figure its about time for this thread to kick off in one easy spot!:)

2010 Mar 12
Forum - Big Poppa's Smokers

Bumping this one over here as it was getting of zym's topic..

Sourdoughs comment on daB's ribs...

"Nice looking ribs! If it doesn't rain on Saturday I'm going to try something on bradley - not sure what yet. So with this rig do you smoke for the full 4 hours? Also did you dry rub - if so whats your rub?"

Sourdough> I do smoke for the whole four hours although it is a VERY light but constant smoke. Dry rub.....FOR SURE!!!! I love a great bark. I am always playing around with rubs but heres the one I used for those that really worked out nice...I also slathered a little ball park mustard under the rub.

DaB's 1 of many Pork Rubs


2010 Mar 12
what is that? a whole picnic?

good call on this thread. there's been a lot of BBQ/smoking talk scattered throughout the forum lately!

2010 Mar 12
The shot is of a whole picnic I cured and smoked for some sandwiches in dec. I think I used captain morgans in the cure!

I guess I could of scaled down the rub recipe!! lol

2010 Mar 12

I love these! Own three already so I will not haggle for another!

2010 Mar 12
I also have a weber charcoal dome grill, very versatile. I'll be bustin' mine out this weekend to grill up some pork tenderloins and a Tamworth pork shoulder chop that's probably going to be in the pibil style. Shred that up... serve with diced radish, onion, cilantro, chillies, slap it all on a corn tortilla... yum.

2010 Mar 13
Company over today so I can't do ribs until next week. I use this recipe it works for me. I don't use the mop sauce in the smoker. I'm going to Le Barron to get some pecan for the ribs a should be a nice change from hickory. I have a side rib recepe I will dig out and post as well.

Chimichimi my next purchase is a charcoal BBQ. How do you like your Webber. I have a Webber gas grill and it has lasted 12 years without a repair and the ignitor still works.

2010 Mar 13
Now this is my kinda topic ..BBQing and Smoking !!! I have used this link from BBQ Pit Boys for different ideas:

As well as these 2 links:

I have learned so much from these sites from cooking styles and differnet meat cuts/techniques

And when it comes to real Southern BBQ - this place is amazing. Watch the video on the home page

And Ken V - if you can afford it - I belive one of the best Charcoal BBQ is the Big Green Egg

Happy BBQing !!!

2010 Mar 13

I concur 100% on nakedwhiz's site, a must have resource for lump charcoal folks.

I'm an owner of a large and small BGE so no argument on that front either.


2010 Mar 14
Baby back ribs were on sale for $6.69kg at Loblaws today. Funny thing is that they were prepared by Tyson meats in Dakota Dunes South Dakota. No indication on the package if they were seasoned or not. Vacuumed packed with a best before date of Mar 25. Guess it will be rib smoking time next weekend since the rain and wind washed out today's smoke..

2010 Mar 14
For the price, a Weber dome grill is a no-brainer. I got mine for $40 (!) There are ways to do low and slow on the Weber dome, but for long burns (ie, brisket) it's not an ideal device because it will require being 'reloaded' with charcoal.

2010 Mar 15
chim have you ever heard of the Minion Method for burning charcoal? i think it's intended for Weber bullets/WSM but i'm sure it would work in a dome. seems to be popular in BBQ competitions.

2010 Mar 15
FYI guys: Weber makes a hinged grate for it's charcoal kettles...I don't have one yet, but I may need to get one as I am planning a mexican style BBQ turkey sometime soon and I am not sure if I will be able to cook a 12-15lb turkey without adding extra charcoal 1/2 way through. I've done a stuffed leg of lamb but that is the biggest i have gone without adding extra charcoal.

2010 Mar 15
I’ve never heard the term “Minion Method” before but after checking out your link, it’s basically how I’ve learned to do my 10 – 16 hour low and slow cooks in my BGE. It allows for a slower burn and also allows you to distribute wood chips/chunks through your fuel to maintain a longer steady smoke. I agree that it should work in a dome as well.

In my experience (opinion), it should only be used with the best quality lump you can find (note: I never use briquettes). I find the cheaper lump like Royal Oak available at CDN Tire gives off an acrid odour when latter fuel starts, not something I want to flavour my food with. Just personal but I prefer to use the ridiculously priced BGE for my low and slows. When it starts to burn it actually smells like wood. I’m still looking for a more reasonably priced substitute if anyone has suggestions.

Just my cents.

2010 Mar 15
Yup, I'm familiar with the minion method and it works well for a while in my Weber, but I'd need the larger Weber dome grill in order to do a brisket... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled on Kijiji...

2010 Mar 15
HotFood - I have the Duraflame Lump coal which is both good and cheap as noted by the review:

I was able to get about 15 bags from the Food Basics in Kanata last fall - not sure if its out yet.

I have also did a road rip to across to the USA and landed at an Ace Hardware as well as Walmart. They both have a very decent selection of lump coal and cheap as well. No problem getting across the Canada/US Border - but some odd looks. I will have to dig up the name of that Texas Brand I used for ribs and just loved and will be heading down soon to get some more.

We did try this lump last year when we were in Hilton Head - very good for steaks!!


2010 Mar 15
Thanks JDK!

Never thought to look for lump at Food Basics. I'll keep an eye out for it.

I'll be heading across the border in the near future. I'll check out Ace and Wmart. I'm use to odd looks so no worries there ;-))

2010 Mar 15
Doing 4 briskets through out the week... slobber slobber.. oh ya, they just announced that tlc has picked up pit master season two! Anyone want to be on the show!
From TLC
For Season 2 BBQ Pitmaster Auditions: tapes/DVDs, under 5 min! Sell us on you/your team! Lindsay Freed c/o Original Media, 38 E. 29th St. 8th FL. NY, NY 10016. Get Goin’!
Or, send a file of your audition to Shoot schedule runs from April 30 – June 26. Send ?’s there as well.

2010 Mar 17
maybe i'll take my show on the road ;)

2010 Mar 17
Monty - I thought you'd be more into this:

2010 Mar 18
haha i saw that. personally i don't care about the classes/weekend getaway, but that's a decent price considering it includes the Traeger JR (i think DivQ is sponsored by Traeger)

2010 Mar 18
Considering our dollar is sitting around par lately, it might be best to order a Traeger & pick it up in Ogdensburg. Just a thought...

2010 Mar 20
Rubbed and sat overnight waiting for the Bradley to heat up. Biggest back ribs I have bought.

2010 Mar 20
Had trouble getting the smoker up to temperature today. Four hours at 200 was the best I could get it up to until the last hour of cooking. The pecan smoke was a nice change from hickory. I will be using pecan on ribs from now on.

2010 Mar 21
Ken - whats your rub? Here is the one I've been using, although I'm ready to switch to something else for a while.
Meathead's Memphis Dust
Memphis Dust Recipe

Yield. Makes about 3 cups. I typically use about 1 tablespoon per side of a slab of St. Louis cut ribs, and a bit less for baby backs. Store the extra in a zipper bag or a glass jar with a tight lid.
Preparation time. 10 minutes to find everything and 5 minutes to dump them together.

3/4 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup paprika
1/4 cup kosher salt
4 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons ground black pepper
2 tablespoons ground ginger powder
2 tablespoons onion powder
2 tablespoons dried rosemary leaves, ground to a powder

2010 Mar 21
sourdough here's one i've been using from a member on another forum i read. i cut back on the sugar and the salts a little. this recipe makes a pile of rub so size accordingly.

goes really well on poultry!

Jan's Rub
# 1 cup + 4 tbsp sugar
# 1/4 cup Lawry’s seasoned salt
# 1/4 cup garlic salt
# 1/4 cup + 1 1/2 tsp celery salt
# 1/4 cup onion salt
# 1/2 cup paprika
# 3 Tbsp chili powder
# 2 Tbsp black pepper
# 1 Tbsp lemon pepper
# 2 tsp celery seed
# 2 tsp dry ground sage
# 1 tsp dry mustard
# 1/2 tsp dry ground thyme
# 1/2 tsp cayenne

2010 Mar 22
Sourdough I double this recipe to accommodate four racks of ribs. I added the ground chili's this time and it worked out really good.

2 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1-1/2 teaspoons celery salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon cumin
1/2 tablespoon ground arbol chili
1/2 tablespoon ground guajillo chili

2010 Mar 23
Ken where did you source your chili's? (maybe thats a new thread)

2010 Mar 23
Wow - you guys are awesome! Well done with your smokers! Hubbie and I have a Ducane gas grill, Performer by Webber and recently purchased (last Thursday) an XL Big Green Egg. We tried it out on the weekend doing a small full rack of ribs. After years of smoking on the Performer, gotta say the biggest difference I notice is that the ribs were more moist. Fantastic.

We are going to be more adventurous this summer and try some bacon for the first time. Thanks ALL for the great rub recipes.

Here's the one I make - my own recipe;
2 tb garlic powder
2 tb onion powder
2 tb chili powder
1 tb granulated sugar
2 tsp table salt
2 tb dry mustard
2 tb galangal powder (ground ginger would work here)
2 tb ground thyme
2 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground allspice

I like the texture better of using table salt and granulated sugar.

I look forward to future editions!!


2010 Mar 23
The finished ribs, baked beans and homemade oven fries.

2010 Mar 23
Sourdough I make it myself from chiles I brought back from Texas this winter. I do the same with the dried Guajillo peppers.I remove seeds and stems toast them lightly then they go into the spice grinder.You can get Ancho powder at Loblaws along with chipotle pwr

2010 Mar 23
Sourdough, like Ken V, I like to make my own except I grow/dry my own chili peppers and source the ones I don't from Acorn Creek. Loads of recipes out there. Experiment and come up with your own special blend.

Jojo, I thought that Egg looked new. You're gonna love it. One word of caution for when you do higher temp cooks, you need to be careful to avoid flashback. You can get a full description here . It basically happens when you shut the vents down a few minutes before opening the lid to remove food etc. Nothing to be afraid of if you know how to avoid it. Don't ask how I know ;-))

2010 Mar 24
Hi all,

Not a frequent poster on OF but read the site everyday...and enjoy it tremendously.
Bought the CENTRO smoker from Canadian Tire a few weeks ago when it was on for half price ($149) and had great results this past weekend smoking two butts (bought at Lavergne's in Navan :) )
11 hours of smoking with apple wood chips.
made a homemade jack daniels bbq sauce to go with the pulled pork sandwiches..yummy!!

2010 Apr 3
Time to get the BBQ going today and cook a turkey. This is my favorite recipe.
I picked up my fresh turkey from Brian's Butchery on Thursday. Now out to LCBO for some Jack Daniels for the injector sauce,then to Produce Depot for some veggies and the day begins.

2010 Apr 3
Brining question. Last week I made bacon wrapped smoked chicken thighs. The were ok, but I brined them overnight (1/4 cup salt with about 6 cups of liquid, water, orange juice and some sugar/pepper corns/bay leaf). After the brine I quickly rinsed them off, but the thighs came out quite salty. These were boneless. Is the overnight brine a bad idea for boneless meat - or should I just be rinsing soaking longer? Next time I would just marinate, sans extra salt.

2010 Apr 3
Always time your brine and if it was too salty then go less time next time around. Clearly overnight is too long for your tastebuds and the mixture you used. I find for smaller pieces of meat like chicken pieces that a 24 hour brine gets you to full salt saturation.

2010 Apr 7

Just an update on my recent border run down to Ogdensburg to pick up a package and check out the stores for some lump charcoal at decent prices.

Sorry to report that there's not much special in our closest shopping location across the border. The two options that looked promising were the Walmart and Lowe's. The only lump Lowe's carries is Cowboy (I haven't tried it yet but no great reviews on the Whiz's site). Checked out Walmart and this location didn't even carry gas bbqs let alone lump! Back to Lowe's and picked up a couple of (8lb?) bags of Cowboy lump and a very decent sized bag of hickory chunks for $17 and change US.

I must admit that in spite of the slim pickings on lump, if anyone is looking for a gas bbq, Lowe's had a great selection at pretty decent prices.


2010 Apr 10
Chickens were on sale at Loblaws 2 for $10. Cut them in half rubbed them.let them sit covered in fridge for four hours.

2010 Apr 10
Don't forget a little smoke from some hickory chips

2010 Apr 10
Mop them every ten minutes

2010 Apr 10
BBQ them on indirect med to med high heat with a drip pan under them for 50 minutes

2010 Apr 10
In the last ten minutes apply some BBQ sauce. I use my own very easy to make.

2010 Apr 10
Let them sit for 5 minutes and serve. The layered flavours can't be beat.

2010 Apr 12
whats in your mop - looks like jalapeño, onion, chili flakes, vinegar (sugar/water)? I've never tried mopping my chicken - looks interesting.

2010 Apr 12
sourdough you are close. Basic BBQ mop, 2 cups white vinegar,1tbs coarse salt,1tsp black pepper,1tsp hot red pepper flakes,small onion thinly sliced,jalapeno thinly sliced.

2010 May 9
I was supposed to get my dry aged brisket last week but it wasn't ready yet so the phone call came Friday. 7lbs of dry aged beef brisket rubbed and covered overnight.

2010 May 9
There was some waist because of the dry ageing so most of the fat was cut off so when in doubt cover with bacon that will stop it from drying out

2010 May 9
Three hours of smoke but on the fourth my Bradly encountered problems. I think it may have been the high limit switch and the element started cycling and cooling down and the brisket was not getting enough heat to cook in the 8 hours I had before supper. So out of the smoker into the oven covered in foil. I think this may be my new brisket method because it turned out perfect and had drippings to boot.

2010 May 9
Never had brisket so tender. Brisket, baked beans and corn bread. I don't think I can eat wet aged brisket ever again. The chili rub made the drippings fiery hot and that went perfect with the sweet beans. Now to call Bradly to see if I can get a new limit switch mailed to me.

2010 May 9
it's about time this thread got bumped.

Ken V - nice brisket...was that from Brian's Butchery?

i have been using the smoker + oven combo year round. i'll roll smoke in the Bradley for 2-3 hours, then transfer to the oven for the remainder of the cook. the Bradley is essentially a low wattage oven anyways. only advantage is the water pan which does add some moisture to the cabinet.

re: the 'faceplate' - call Bradley and ask for Brian, he'll hook you up with no questions asked!

2010 May 9
You all have mental disorders of the highest degree... bbq psychosis. I enjoyed a pit roasted beef roast this weekend & cowboy beans. Delish. Time to see my shrink.

2010 May 9
monty- it did come from Brian's it was the best yet there is no comparison between wet and dry aged beef hands down dry aged is the tastiest . Leftovers are already vac sealed and in the freezer for a brisket enchilada recipe in a few weeks.

Agreed about the moisture in the smoker. I already got an e-mail reply from Bradly have to phone tomorrow for a high-limit switch that may be the problem. I was thinking on by-passing it not sure what the element will actually do before it fails.

Chimichimi- I haven't dug a pit and lined it with bricks in my back yard with a steel cover YET! The bean recipe I have is great a Steven Raichlen quick cowboy beans. I can post if anyone is interested.

2010 May 10
Ken what is the price of the dry aged brisket? My Bradley has been sitting idle lately, time to get it back in circulation. I think I'm going to do some bacon next.

2010 May 10
LOL@ Chimichimi ;-)

We tried some low and slow chicken on the BGE yesterday - first time cooking this way. Indirect, 275F for 2 hours. Very delicious - sorry, no photos, the troops were hungry for the Mother's Day Brunch. Next time though.

An interesting 'aside' on smoke absorption. I was watching America's Test Kitchen a couple of years ago and they did some tests and apparently, the food doesn't absorb any more smokey flavour after 2 hours. I guess this would be a good method for the winter??

2010 May 10
sourdough-I paid $6.99 a pound I think I got a deal as I'm not sure they do that much brisket. Don't worry if you don't get a fat cap on it mine came out great without it. I didn't recognize the butcher he had to ask if it was 6.99 or 9.99 a pound. It was cheaper and much better quality than Saslove's and a better job at cutting it as well. It looked to be in one piece but after cooking it the fatty piece did separate a bit and was easily separated with a few quick cuts. I think brisket enchiladas with the fatty stuff in a guajillo sauce will work well.

2010 May 10
I <3 brisket. It's something I miss dearly from down south along with hot links. Ken V - thinking along the mex line, chilaquiles w/ brisket & mole sauce... wooo baby.

2010 May 11
Well I finally found a butcher who knows what a Tri tip Roast is and cut me a beautiful piece. This is a dish that is amazing if you are using a smoker or coal grill. I had done alot of work in LA, San Jose, Calabassa region and this is the cut that most Southern CA cooks. Amazing !! I forgot to take a picture since it was off the BGE and cut up before the masses cleaned and licked the plate clean. I had a peanut butter sandwich ;-)

2010 May 11
hey JDK - share the wealth! who's the butcher? :)

2010 May 12
Sorry about that Monty - I will post the Butcher name and number later when I find his card. I found him in Smith Falls. I have talked to the Meat Manager at the Stittsville Independant (Phil - who I went to school with) as well as the owner of the Stittsville Meat Market and they are both asking suppliers about the Tri-Tip cut and order some in. I will give you an update


2010 May 12
Let me check with the brewers as well for local shops - I know tri tip gets talked about a lot on the list over the years. One guy was disgusted with a local small butcher shop when he had to educate one of the butchers on what a tri tip was :-)

2010 May 12
You are so right Zym - local butchers in Ottawa really do not know the cut. I have printed off the following links and have handed them to the Butcher and they look at me if I am from the moon !! I say education, education and maybe Ottawa will become a hot bed for Tri-tip cooking and eating !!! The last link even mentions that butchers in the eastern USA and Canada will ship Tri-tip to sunny California

2010 May 12
Sorry I forgot to included the actual picture of the Tri-Tip cut !!

2010 May 16
Metro has a sale on Atlantic Salmon all weekend, smoked these on the Bradley yesterday.

2010 May 18
This past weekend I experimented with some pulled pork. I did two picnics using 2 rubs. The first is my rub posted above, the second is a combination of everyone elses posted above. One of the main differences is alot less sugar in rub #2, and no rosemary. I think I liked run #2 better. Pictures of pork before smoking. The one one the right is rub #1, the one on the left rub #2.

2010 May 18
I smoked for 4 hours using the bradley "special mix" pucks. After pulling them out of the smoker I wrapped in foil and cooked for another 3-4 hours or so. I lost my digital thermometer in the process (maybe batteries, maybe display is dead).

2010 May 18
I pulled the pork out when it was registering 190. It pulled apart very easily - some food porn attached.

2010 May 18
Picture of it post pull

2010 May 18
I made 2 sauces - one sweet tomato based bbq sauce, and one carolina vinegar based sauce (Ken V's sauce from Monty's pulled pork thread). I served it with tostones. My wife says it tasted better than the Georgia Pig! The Carolina sauce was spot on, and was the winner in our house. One word of caution - if you finish the pork in the oven - especially if you've got convection mode - clean the oven by hand or stick a drip tray underneath. I failed to do this - then tried the self clean on the oven. Shortly after smoke was billowing from the oven for the next hour - even after I turned it off. It took me another 6 hours to clean the stove and kitchen the next day to get rid of the acrid smoke smell.

2010 May 26
all you bbq lovers becareful, though after reading the article i am still confused as to what happened. i'll paste the article here since it is short.

Barbecue explodes after being closed too soon

A backyard barbecue that was closed too soon after use is to blame for an explosion that damaged parts of the owner's home and a neighbouring house, says a Toronto fire chief.

Firefighters responded to a report of what they called a large explosion at 140 Tyrrel Ave, in the Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue West area, at around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

The explosion also caused a blaze that firefighters managed to put out.

The owners used the barbecue and closed its lid too soon, said district fire Chief Earl Ilsowick .

"So this goes to show you that when you put your barbecue away, make sure it's cool," he said.

"Do not put the lid of the barbecue back on a warm barbecue because what happens is the pressure in the [fuel] cylinders builds up and causes an explosion."

The fire department says no one was hurt in the explosion or ensuing fire.

Read more:

2010 May 26
One thing I always do, that I rarely see others do is turning off the gas supply at the tank first, as opposed to turning off the burner, then the tank. This way, the gas is burned off instead of staying in the line.

2010 May 26
Comments on that CBC article - either the fire chief is a complete idiot, or the reporter is, or the editor. This does not even make the least bit of sense - we are missing a pretty key piece of info in order to determine just what happened here. "Closing lid too soon"??? WTF? I doubt you'd find that in any manual for any grill out there.

I sent this off to the brewers list and so far nobody can even speculate as to what happened here. Just not enough info.

2010 May 26
Yeah, unless they still had propane flowing into the bbq and closed the lid full of fuel...then something sparked it. I've never heard of closing the lid too soon, putting on the bbq cover too soon; yes. haha.

2010 May 26
story was updated with the following information:

The owners had used the barbecue, put a vinyl cover over it while it was still hot and put it away, said district fire Chief Earl Lisowick.

The cover trapped the heat from the barbecue, causing pressure to build in the propane cylinder, which then exploded, he said.

Read more:

2010 May 26
So, they covered it too early, not closed it...makes more sense. Thanks for the update. It still must have been pretty hot though!

2010 Aug 8
about time this thread got bumped!

chicken breast

2010 Aug 8
chicken breast

2010 Aug 8

2010 Aug 8
Cool cross-hatch monty!

2010 Aug 8
Salmon smoked over apple and alder @ 190°F for 2.5 hours after brining (garlic, bay leaves, soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, water) for 4 hours.

2010 Aug 8
The smoked salmon looks great! Unfortunately I live in an apartment and no balcony. SO SAD...

2010 Aug 8
90 minutes of apple and cherry smoke, followed by low-and-slow top rack cooking on the grill

2010 Aug 12
Got to bump this since topic since it was about to become invisible. A little twist on steak and Cesar. Dry aged skirt steak.

2010 Aug 12
1/2 cup tequila
1/4 cup canola oil
2 limes, zest from 1, juice from both
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon hot paprika, smoked if possible
2 teaspoon dark chili powder
1 tablespoon Mexican oregano
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon adobo sauce
1 chipotle pepper, roughly chopped
2 pounds skirt steak, trimmed of fat

2010 Aug 12
No pic of the salad but here is the recipe.
2 eggs
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1/3 cup finely chopped cilantro leaves
1/3 cup finely chopped green onions
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 lime, zested and juiced
1 anchovy, minced
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon minced jalapeno
1 cup olive oil
2 heads romaine, halved
1/3 cup grated dry jack cheese, for garnish
Chickpea Croutons, recipe follows
Put the eggs, garlic, cilantro, green onions, salt, cumin, lime zest and juice, anchovy, Worcestershire, Dijon, and jalapeno into the carafe of a blender and puree until smooth. With the motor running, slowly drizzle the olive oil into the top of the carafe until the mixture thickens. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Arrange the romaine on a platter and drizzle the sauce over the top. Garnish with the jack cheese and the croutons.

Chickpea Croutons:
2 (15-ounce) cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/8 teaspoon chipotle powder
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon fine salt, plus sea salt for sprinkling
1/2 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
1 tablespoon lime juice
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

Drain, rinse and lightly pat dry the chickpeas. Spread out on a baking sheet and pick over the peas, discarding small or damaged peas. Combine the oil and spices in a small bowl and add to the chickpeas. Toss well until evenly coated. Evenly spread out the chickpeas on the baking sheet and put in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes, then stir and bake for another 10 minutes. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt. Drizzle with the lime juice and set aside to cool and dry. Use as desired.

2010 Aug 12
A little cherry wood and a few minutes on each side.

2010 Aug 12
A steak for everyone since it is a bit inconsistent in it's thickness everyone will be happy a little rare a little medium and the ends well done.

2010 Aug 13
Looks fantastic. I really should cook skirt/flank more, even though we've got no BBQ. Thanks for the motivation!

2010 Aug 15
Beer Can chicken from Thursday night. I am to lazy to brine and buy Kosher chicken instead.

2010 Aug 23
packages of BBQ related goodies from Ameri-friends. some good stuff in here than can't be found 'round these parts ;)

Rileys Cajun Seasoning/All Purpose Seasoning
Soileaus Bayou Blend Seasoning
Andy's Hot n' Spicy Breading
Johnny's Salad Elegance
Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt
Head Country Championship Seasoning
Scotts Barbecue Sauce

2010 Aug 23
Louisiana Gold Hot Sauce (Horseradish/Wasabi)
Carolina Treet BBQ Cooking Sauce
Bad Byron's Butt Rub
Creole Butter Cajun Injector
Jalapeno/Pepper Jelly
Tony Chachere's Seasonings
Archer Farms Sauces

2010 Aug 24
Wow - you guys are killing me here LOL - I think I see an early lunch today.

Well done!!!

2010 Aug 26
bbq'd this up last weekend, on cedar planks:

slow-smoked, fall-of-the-bone, baby-back ribs (mesquite and applewood smoke), basted with home made bbq sauce (liquid smoke, molasses, garlic, ketchup, shallots, chipotle, white wine vinegar, worcestershire...)

threw in some tomatoes that slowly smoked alongside it, which sweetened up almost like sun-dried tomatoes.

2010 Aug 29
No pics - but some info/recipe and a question. So went with two mains this weekend, chicken thighs and roulanden (sort of).

First off - inside out roulanden. Had some leftover sirloin so I sectioned it up and pounded thin. Spinkled with salt and pepper and smeared with some hot mustard. Laid in some sliced dills and finely chopped red onion and rolled up. Then I wrapped maple smoked bacon on the outside. I smoked this for about and hour or so, then on to the bbq to crisp the bacon, and added some bbq sauce for glaze. This turned out pretty good for a wild, what the heck can I try smoking experiment. It got the thumbs up from both the kids and my wife.

Second, bone in, skin on chicken thighs. For prep I just coated with my regular pork/rib rub. I smoked the thighs for around 2 hours, then finished them with some bbq sauce/glaze on indirect heat for about 10 minutes. The thighs were pretty much done when they came out of the smoker according to my thermometer. These thighs were AWESOME. Super juicy and tasty and just enough smoke. My one regret is that the skin comes out like rubber from the smoker. I didn't but the skin side down on the bbq - maybe it would have crisped up - but I didn't think so. Anyone else have experience with this - what would you do? My plan for next time is to put the rub under the skin - leave skin on for smoking and take it off to finish on the bbq.

2010 Sep 6
Bumping again. With summer is coming to an end what better way to celebrate Labour Day with a BBQ. American BBQ chicken is my wife's favorite so that it was. Changed the mop sauce a bit by leaving out jalapenos and adding more red pepper flakes and lime juice. It worked well. From my purchases down south in Georgia sides included yellow cheese grits and yellow plantation rice along with black beans. The rice had a wow factor for us. I should have bought two bags DOUGH! The grits also had the yum factor. More grits will certainly be on the menu with BBQ's from now on.

2010 Sep 9
Wow Ken, that sounds delicious. I actually made bbq'd pulled pork for the first time. It turned out way better than everyone anticipated. The secret ingredient in my bbq sauce was spicy honey worcestershire sauce (salsa tipo inglesa sabor maple)that I bought in Mexico in February. maple or honey I'm not sure but what a unique, delicious flavour (I used 1/4 cup in a sauce that ended totalling about 2 cups) Our sides were baked chipotle beans, grilled corn on the cob and coleslaw. Good, but those grits and rice sound great!

2010 Sep 12
4lb cross rib roast dry aged 23 days by
then dry rubbed with a quarter of this rub and stuffed with garlic slivers.
• 60 ml (1/4 c) paprika
• 30 ml (1/8 c) ground black pepper
• 125 ml (1/2 c) salt
• 125 ml (1/2 c) sugar
• 30 ml (2 tbsp) ancho chili powder
• 30 ml (2 tbsp) garlic powder
• 30 ml (2 tbsp) onion powder
• 30 ml (2 tbsp) dried ground thyme
• 30 ml (2 tbsp) dried ground sage
• 10 ml (2 tsp) cayenne pepper

2010 Sep 12
Into the smoker for 3 hours of mesquite and an 3 hours at 210F and presto it's done to medium rare at 150F.

2010 Sep 12
What's your address Ken V? Looks incredible!

2010 Sep 20
Smoked this chicken for 4 hours and enjoyed the results mightily! I apologize for the photo quality (iphone). I brushed the chicken with a mixture of olive oil, japanese soy sauce, dark mushroom soy sauce, black pepper, and garlic salt. I re-applied this marinade a few times during cooking and the result was a delightfully crisp and tasty skin with succulent moist flesh. Only the breasts were a little dry -- something I may be able to discourage in the future by either cooking upside down or brining beforehand.

I consulted Youtube for instructions and found this awesome and hilarious video:

2010 Sep 20
Woo-hoo - we can do embedded videos now!

2010 Sep 20

I noticed the Stittsville IGA had blade pot roasts on sale. In my experience they are great for pot roast but horrible on the rotisserie (too chewy, "oven roasts" work way better). On the rotisserie, the fat turns to rubber. I figure the cooking temp is on the order of 400F.

Have you ever smoked this cut? It is a lot fattier than the cross rib. I'd have no problem sacrificing the $6 to try it... it is just the 6 hours of wasted time that makes me scared.


2010 Sep 21
HHH you were thinking along the same lines as me. I'm pretty sure the blade roast would be good on the smoker. It doesn't look like this weekend will be a good smoking weekend for me - but if I try it I'll let you know. If nothing else blade roasts make good stewing meat.

2010 Sep 21
HHH i agree with sourdough on the roast I think low and slow will make it delish as was my roast. I want to try jerky in the smoker this weekend. Has anyone tried the jerky recipe on the Bradly site yet? Or does anyone have a good recipe. I am looking for something spicy.

2010 Oct 3
Ken V. Thanks for the inspiration and the rub recipe. Stittsville IGA had Rib Roasts on sale this w/e (still do $8.80 / kg). I smoked one using "mostly" Ken's rub. 3hrs hickory smoke plus 1.5 hours at 225F. Freaking awesome.

I am glad I made the full batch of Ken's rub, I am going out to search for some beef ribs tomorrow (higher surface area to meat ratio).

2010 Oct 8
Where is the Stittsville IGA--I only know Brown's Independent.

2010 Oct 8
Hmmm, maybe I mispoke. I thought IGA was an acronym used for Independent Grocer, or at least was when I moved to Canada. Now, thinking about it, I have no idea what the 'A' would be.

Anyway, it was Brown's. And they still have the Rib Roasts on sale. Considering a repeat this weekend.

2010 Oct 9
Some fantastic looking BBQ from the Ottawa Foodies!!!
I have included a photo of my Chickens.
Chantecler chickens that have been injected with my orange, cranberry and Maple Syrup sauce, rubbed with my Meditalian Dry Rub, then smoke roasted over a mixture of sugar maple and olive wood in my Kamado Joe Smoker Grill. I served these up for Thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving everybody!

2010 Oct 10
hey all - just found this forum via mr.eade. great place.

bbq is one of my loves - summer or winter, i get my fix!

steph - nice to see you on here. I sat across from you at the smoked to the bone comp this past spring.

happy thanksgiving all!b

2010 Oct 10
posted some pics of this bird in my review thread on The Big Easy cooker

Forum - monty's BBQ (v4) - Char Boil 'The Big Easy' Oil-less Fryer

it's injected with Carolina Treet, a tangy vinegar-based sauce. it goes beyond the standard Eastern Carolina style by adding lots of mustard, paprika, and garlic. it's got wheat flour in it so it's intended to be used as a 'cooking sauce' rather than a finisher. it's has a great vibrant color and a thin, spice-laden texture.

highly recommended!

2010 Oct 10
Sounds yummy monty. Rather the tangy myself as opposed to sweet. Any chance you can post the Treet recepe?

2010 Oct 10
The Thanksgiving smoking. Starting off with side ribs cut from a 300lb pig.Purchased from The Manotick Village Butcher on Saturday.

2010 Oct 10
Had to cut the tips off so the ribs would fit on the smoker rack. Then rubbed with some Memphis Dry rub.
2 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
1-1/2 teaspoons celery salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
I had two racks so I doubled up the rub.Then covered and into the fridge overnight.

2010 Oct 10
Into the smoker for three hours of pecan. Another two with no smoke and out to rest for a few minutes. The flavour of the meat was so much better than the supermarket stuff. These definitely had some chew to them as they should and a tonne of flavour.

2010 Oct 10
The tips were amazing also. Time for some rib meat sandwiches for lunch next week.

2010 Oct 10
A little something I put together using heritage Zucchini stuffed with roasted vegetables, sundried tomato and topped with extra old Balderson cheddar cheese.
These were smoke roasted on my Traeger grill using a mixture of hickory and sugar maple wood.

2010 Oct 12
Ken V - Carolina Treet is a commercial sauce. you can find it in the Southern US, or alternatively, i believe they ship to Canada via as well.

Grilling Gourmet - those look outstanding! re: Traeger, who is your preferred supplier of pellets (ie. best price/best variety of woods) in the city?

2010 Oct 12
Hi Monty,
I give my business to Romantic Fireplace and BBQs. They have a great selection and will beat anybody's price.
Ask for Mike Pilon, he is the owner and a heck of a nice guy.
Make sure you go downstairs to the Cave.....everything you need for your next grilling session.

2010 Oct 12
Grilling Gourmet,
Thanks for the vegetarian option on the BBQ--love the idea for stuffing zucchini--I have too many right now (zucchini's that is!)

2010 Oct 12
After you have finished your stuffed Zucchini try this for dessert. Fresh Berries placed on a rum soaked slice of pineapple (used as a plank) and placed on a grill set to medium low heat. Close the lid to the grill and let the fruit soften (about 20 minutes) remove from grill and garnish with a dallop of softened cream cheese mixed with maple syrup, diced chilis, grated fresh ginger and a little cracked pink peppercorns. I included a photo of one that I prepared a little while ago for a catered event.

Grilling Gourmet

2010 Oct 12
Yum...I will try this for sure. I even have a pineapple in the fridge. Thanks!

2010 Oct 12
Steph - can you post a good pulled pork recipe that you've tried and tested? I'd like to give it a go this weekend for the first time!


2010 Oct 13
First thing is a great porc butt purchased at a reputable buther, we all have our preferences but mine is Dan Alsfod at Brian's Butchery. Great friend and honest man. I like a larger piece of meat to allow for a nice long low smoky cook.

I first inject the meat with a flavouring liquid, namely 4tbsp of my sweet red rub simmered in roughly 3 cups of apple juice and 1/4 cup of maple syrup. Make sure to inject evenly. Place ih non reactive pan cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge for a minimum of 12hrs.
After the 7hr I remove the meat from the pan, drain out any liquid from bowl the I rub the roast with a rub (I use my Firelick rub to add some garlic and chili). Cover and place back into the fridge.

Prepare your gas grill (inderct heat), Kamado (with heat difuser), or pellet grill (simply placed on the grill) to 220 degrees.
Wood is a very personal choice. I enjoy subtle layers of flavour in my food and for that reason I choose to mix 80 percent apple wood with 20 percent Mesquite in chunk form soaked in a weak mixture of apple juice and water. Soak for a minimum of 4hrs.

Place porc in grill and make sure you have placed a digital thermometer into the meat as lifting the lid to the grill just makes the whole cooking process longer.

I remove the porc when it reaches 190 degrees, i then wrap in plastic wrap and place in a small cooler (to keep warm) for 40 minutes. Remove from cooler, take off the plastic wrap and pull the meat.

Applying sauce at this point in up to you and of course your choice of sauce. I make my own bourbon whiskey BBQ and mix it or simply a little on the sandwich is all it takes.

I just prepared this dish on my show "Grill This Smoke That" on Rogers TV Ch.22. It went over well with the crew!!

By the way, my injector is the one pictured above. Best unit I have ever owned. Dependable, easy to use, large load capacity and it's adjustable.
I got it at and the part # is Mega Injector - Dial-O-Matic

Grilling Gourmet

2010 Oct 13
Hey Kitchenvirtue if you want a real good pulled pork recipe you should try this one.
On our way down to Savannah we tried some pulled pork in North Carolina. This recipe comes pretty close. I have used it may times and enjoyed it. If you are into the sweet meat taste you might not like it.

2010 Oct 15
Smoked and grilled Beets ready for preserving.

2010 Oct 15
Smoked and Grilled Carrots ready for preserving.

2010 Oct 15
Smoked and Grilled Onions ready for preserving.

2010 Oct 15
Finished Beets and Carrots.

2010 Oct 15
Finished Onions.

2010 Oct 16
Oh damn, what a great idea!


2010 Oct 16
Very simple.
Start off with your veg, clean very well and place on your grill. I am using a traeger grill so it's all indirect heat for the beets and carrots. I am using a blend of 3 woods; maple, pecan and a little hickory for a blended flavour. A little charring on the veg is great for flavour and colour. Smoke roast until firm but tender then prepare your preserving liquid (I have been sworn to secrecy but can give you this.....) 1 Part sugar, 1 part water and 1 part vinnegar. You then add whatever ingredients you like to make it yours. I encourage you to use cinnammon, cloves, allspice etc....
Sterilize your jars and lids, place peeled (beets) veg inside jars, top up with boiling preserving liquid, place lid and screw cap on jar and let them be for 2 months.
Could not be easier.
Keep the Fire Hot!

2010 Oct 16
Steph - what's the consistancy of the veg after they sit?

I do this with raw peppers, carrots, etc and they're generally crispy.

2010 Oct 16
The Beets are nice and firm but I have no idea about the carrots and onions as this is the first year preparing the carros and onions this way.

2010 Nov 6
hey pulled pork alert! $.99/pound pork shoulders at Farm boy this week! Bought 6 - will smoke 2 tomorrow if all goes well. (they freeze great btw)

2010 Nov 7
Darn this always happens pork on sale. I ordered a boar roast for something different to do a pulled boar and it shoud be in Thursday. As the weather gets a little colder I know my Bradly is going to have issues getting up to temperature. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting a small amount of charcoal inside the smoker in it's own container to help it cook? Not sure if it will get enough oxygen to actually keep burning. Anyone have any feedback on this idea?

2010 Nov 7
Hey Ken V,
The Bradley operates best during the summer months and is greatly affected by ambient air temperature. I only use mine during the winter months for extreme cold smoking; chocolate, salt, sugar, herbs etc...... If you are determined to use it though, I would suggest insulating the unit with a heavy insulation blanket and no peeking!

2010 Nov 8
I did a couple of pork shoulders in mine yesterday. I did get up to temp (225) but just barely. I turned on the smoker element a couple of times to help it get there after the smoking time was up. My butts took forever to cook - I tried to do them all the way in the Bradley, but after 10 hours I relented and stuck them in the oven. It still took a couple of hours to get them from around 170 up to 190.

The pork did taste good when it was finally done. This time I went away from bbq and did a roasted poblano salsa, with roasted onions and garlic tomatoes and cilantro (the later was not roasted). I love that farm boy is carrying poblano peppers on a fairly regular basis these days.

2010 Nov 8
thanks for the heads up re: the Farm Boy sale. note they're picnic roasts - i usually don't take the internal temperature as high as i would for a butt. i like slicing picnics vs pulling/shredding.

re: the Bradley - after the smoking is finished the Bradley is essentially a 500W oven, anyways. in the wintertime i finish a lot of stuff in my household oven after smoking in the Bradley for 2-3 hours. it seems to work well. i foresee a Traeger + insulated blanket in my future, though.

Ken V - have read of people using a little pan of charcoal in the Bradley. not so much for heating, but for flavour. try it out.

2010 Nov 8
My last pork butt took forever to get up to temp. I'm going to attempt two small containers of charcoal for heat and flavour and see if it works. Temps this weekend are supposed to be above zero so it shouldn't be too bad especially with one butt.

Poblano peppers at Farm Boy cool thanks for the info Sourdough.

Grilling Gourmet last time I peeked I learned my lesson. No more peeking for this guy.

2010 Nov 13
It was 0 when I started to warm up the smoker. I decided to try out some charcoal for heat. It worked very good the smoker was up to temp in no time and I actually had to turn down the element to medium until the charcoal was out. Six lumps did the trick. The boar roast turned out great. Certainly has a different flavour than regular pork.

2010 Nov 13
Resting for 20 minutes before the pull.

2010 Nov 13
Looking forward to lunches this week. Sandwiches and maybe a small pie if I can get a good crust recipe.

2010 Dec 3
i was at a Christmas party at the Westin this week and guess what they had? a friggin PULLED PORK station!

whoever was in the kitchen did a great job. it was laced with a vinegar sauce and served on a little chip, canape style.

2010 Dec 11
Dry aged 23 days. Dry rubbed and left to sit refrigerated overnight. Hickory smoked for 3 hours in the Bradley. Wrapped in foil and finished in the oven for 3 more hours. The hard part was getting the juice out of the foil.

2010 Dec 11
This was one flavourful brisket. Three chili powders in the rub made it killer. Juicy and tender the slices just melted in my mouth.

2010 Dec 12
Looks fantastic Ken.. great work. I really need to get cooking some bbq ASAP. Too bad Christmas falls on a bad day this year or I would have done a weekend smoke!

2011 Jan 9
well, i am now officially a pellethead! i got an amazing deal on a slightly used Traeger Lil' Tex this afternoon.

can't wait to get this baby smokin...

2011 Jan 9
all cleaned up and legs re-assembled

2011 Jan 9
Very cool! Where did you buy it?

2011 Jan 9
private sale via Kijiji

saw it and snapped it up right away

2011 Jan 9
good for you monty - gonna fire it up in the winter or wait until spring?

2011 Jan 9
oh it'll be fired up later this week! going to do a test run of ribs.

2011 Jan 9
glad to see you went for the traeger and not the hot diggity dogger ;)

2011 Jan 9

i found a couple doggers but they're priced like rare antiques. still on the lookout for a cheap one haha

2011 Jan 10
Looks like you're in luck Monty, look what I've found for you:
You've got three days!

2011 Jan 10
found that one last week. the auction ended and it was re-listed. note the $36 S/H!? i've already asked and the seller will NOT budge. so i have a choice of buying that one for ~$50, or a new one for ~$70. both are a little rich for a what is essentially a glorified toaster.

keeping my eyes peeled...

2011 Jan 10
Holy crap, I did not notice the S&H - RIDICULOUS! You've been doing your research!

2011 Jan 16
inaugural cook on the Traeger. little too cold for a 10-12 hour cook so i just did up some burgers over a mix of mesquite/hickory.

2011 Jan 17
Those burgers look fantastic! How did you cook them? Recipe?

2011 Jan 17
thanks momo

they're made of freshly ground beef (medium) from Around the Block Butcher Shop. just the beef and a little salt/pepper, that's it. the burgers were cooked to an internal temperature of 150F as measured by my Thermapen.

the colour is strictly from cooking on the Traeger - because it's wood fired it gives the meat a nice smoke ring.

2011 Jan 30
chicken thighs on the Traeger

2011 Jan 30
chicken thighs on the Traeger

2011 Feb 23
Monty: Thinking of doing burgers as one of the first things on my (as of yet unpurchased) BBQ. Did you monitor the temperature on the Traeger at all? Is this a long smoke or a short grill?

2011 Feb 24
Momomoto i started them off on a smoke (< 200F) and then cranked the Traeger up all the way for a short grill. i prefer cooking burgers hot and fast - get the grill as hot as it can get, throw on burgers, and only flip once (this is crucial, IMO).

what did you decide on? gas/charcoal?

2011 Feb 25
So you don't really spend that much time in the smoke phase, then, eh? Just throw 'em on once things get to the low temp and then crank it? Makes sense, particularly since I agree that hot and fast is key to a good burger.

I'm planning on driving down to Ogdensburg next weekend and picking up a Big Steel Keg. They're going for $600 at Ace right now, so you can't beat the price. The $1300 I was quoted for a BGE was a bit rich for my blood. Though I do admit that the BGE looks nicer and has a way better name ;)

2011 Mar 5
baby backs smoked NAKED on the Traeger. absolutely no foil/Texas Crutch, no spritzing, and no sauce. just sprinkled with a little Head Country Championship Rub, that's it.

2011 Mar 6
Monty... looks great, but how did they taste.

I don't have too many opportunities to smoke and can't afford to waste one on a failed attempt, but I've always questioned the smoke-foil-bake method (although it works). All the "pros" just smoke 'em.

2011 Mar 6
they were outstanding. the fat rendered perfectly - i took them off when the internal temperature hit ~200F. pellet cookers really turn out a great tender rib!

wrt to foiling, the whole 3-2-1 and 2-2-1 process is pretty foolproof. definitely turns out a moist tender rib. if you're not going to foil, or at the very least spritz/mop the ribs, you just have to be very careful and pay a little more attention so that you don't dry them out.

i do them both ways.

2011 Mar 10
Low & slow BBQ is a southern tradition & it is the way we BBQ on our BGE. Last night I had a surreal Canadian moment. Yes, I had to clear the snow off the cover before starting & a path shoveled to it (which is usually done anytime we shovel so that it is always clear) but I never thought I would be shoveling between checking/basting!

I ended up going out much less frequently because of the snow. Yes, I knew a storm as coming but I needed to have a mess of ribs ready to take over for a parental visit. Dad's birthday and ribs are his favorite!

Gonna vac seal the five 1/2 racks for freezing and he can make his birthday present last for a while. One package of a half rack, is one meal and he has five meals worth versus using them for dinner with the group and he eats them once.

Just a heads up to the BBQers that's Ottawa's Deal of The Day is "$55 for $175 Worth of Naturally Raised Locally Grown Meats from Aubrey's Meats in Ottawa (ByWard Market) - 69% Discount"

2011 Mar 12
more babybacks

cook time was around ~4 hours on these

2011 Mar 12

2011 Mar 12
YUM! What time is supper?

2011 Mar 15
Has anybody perfected their "reverse T-rex" BBQ technique?

Don't worry, I'll explain ;)

It's used for cooking thick steaks (1.5"-2"), and I swear by the America's Test Kitchen recipe for oven/stovetop preparation.

Essentially you cook the steak in the oven at 275 until it hits an internal temperature of 95 (for rare), and then give it a quick two-minute sear on each side at screaming high temperatures to get good crust formation.

I tried it on the BBQ on the weekend, starting it in the oven (never mind why) and then giving it two minutes a side at about 650.

Crust formation wasn't that good, but I did get badass grill marks and it was a darn tasty steak.

So next time I guess I'll have to fiddle with things a bit. I'm thinking of doubling sear time, and maybe spritzing the steak very lightly with oil to increase conduction and encourage crust formation.

And if that doesn't work, I'll drop the grill down to the lower position.

Anyway, totally pleased with the results and am looking forward to more tasty, tasty mistakes.

2011 Mar 15
That technique makes total sense for such a thick steak!

For best grilling results, everyone knows that the meat should be at room temperature before starting. The reason for this is to reduce the temperature differential between the outer meat and the inner meat. By cooking your thick steak low and slow at first, you reduce this temperature differential to an absolute minimum. I will definitely try this sometime (but in my BBQ with some woodsmoke for the lowish and slowish portion).

Don't be reluctant to add oil to the outside of your steak. I'm pretty sure all restaurants do it, and it's the best way to ensure a uniform delicious crust!

2011 Mar 15
You're right on the money: by getting the interior as close to finished temperature as possible, you increase your chances of a uniformly cooked interior and a crusty exterior.

If you do it in the opposite direction (sear high temp, then finish low temp), the areas in between the crust and the middle will overcook, because they end up being so much hotter to start out with.

2011 Mar 15

I do the reverse sear (basically what you've described)... on the Keg at 275 until the internals are 5-10 degrees away, then off the grill. Open up all the vents and take it up to 700-750, which is hotter than you had it. 1x1 (flip) 1x1.

Always did it in the lower grill position (seen pictures of people cooking right on the coals, but never tried that).

As for prepping the meat... I'll try not to start a religious war, but I heavily salt the meat 15-20 min before with sea salt, then brush off, pat dry, then heavy pepper. No oil.

2011 Mar 15
The pics in here are making me drewl ... Time to call up my friend with the Bradley Smoker again.

2011 Mar 16
Thanks, Biff! I'll give that a whirl. I probably could have hit 700 on the thing if I had used more charcoal. So 2 minutes a side still gives you good crust?

I've been putting just salt on my steak for the last while, so no worries about religious warring here ;)

2011 Mar 16
I default to having a "healthy" amount of charcoal, regardless of how much/long I'm planning to cook--it makes things more consistent, since lump charcoal isn't uniform. (I just make sure at least two vent holes are free of lump to prevent choking off airflow.)

I find the Keg's really charcoal efficient and there's a lot of charcoal left over...I just top up the charcoal, if needed, the next time I cook.

On time... at that temp, any longer and I'll have too much crust ;) I also try to move the meat to a bare spot, rather than turn/flip it in place. (So, put all the steaks on one side, when turning them, place them on the other, bare, side).

re: religious wars... people can feel strongly about adding salt (and how much) before or after you cook, etc.

2011 Mar 20
"reverse T-rex" BBQ technique?

I wonder how this technique would work in the Bradly with some hickory or apple smoke? I'm looking at buying a cheaper weber charcoal grill and a custom cast grate soon. Hopefully I can try this technique out in the not so distant future depending on the delivery time of the grate. Has anybody tried ordering these grates that would have an ETA on dilivery

2011 Mar 20
It's called the "reverse T-rex" because the "T-rex" is when you sear it on the outside and then cook it low to doneness.

But I bet it would work very nicely with some smoke. Me, I plan on snagging some grape vines next time I'm in Niagara for my smoke production.

2011 Mar 22
Ken - I'm pretty sure this works with the bradley, the cowgirls country life:
blog, she does reverse sear on a smoker often enough. Always looks amazing. I haven't tried it myself.

On an unrelated note, I just got back from Florida and had the most amazing smoked ribs. On the main strip near our rental I noticed smoke - and there was a guy with a big old smoker and a truck in a church lot. 1 pound of chopped pork, and full rack of ribs + 2 sides = $32. It fed 4 adults and my little ones - plus lots of leftovers the next day. AMAZING. I haven't ever gotten even close to ribs like this on the bradley. (I'm sure it can be done - I just don't seem to have very good luck). Maybe I should add this to the food truck thread ...

2011 Mar 29
Ken V - a reverse sear works well with the Bradley. hot smoke a steak to hit it with some flavour, then throw on a roaring charcoal/gas grill to finish.

2011 Mar 29
pork tenderloin on the Traeger - marinated in some garlic/soy, smoked, and glazed with honey.

2011 Mar 29
cooked to 150F IT

2011 Mar 29
Thanks for the info monty. I just got a new charcoal BBQ last weekend a 22.5 inch webber kettle. My cast grates from Craycort came today speedy delivery only three days wait. If I can get some nice steaks gonna try this reverse sear. Just wondering when to season with salt and pepper? Just before the sear or before hitting with smoke. I'm guessing before the sear?

2011 Mar 30
My vote would be before the smoke. I base this on what we do with pork - rub first, smoke second. I know steak is different, and there is the argument about loosing all the juices if you salt before cooking ... but thats what I'd do.

How about grabbing one extra steak to try both? Let us know how it goes.

2011 Apr 3
I chickened out on the reverse sear. I have to get used to cooking with real fire. Unfortunately I do not have the hang of things yet and my first steak experience come out a tad too cooked. Two minute sear on each side then off direct heat to the cool spot for two minutes was two minutes too long. The learning curve is just starting not so much charcoal next time. The poke test lied to me. The flavor was still so much better than my propane BBQ. I understand the crust thing now. Wow! How I missed that crust. The custom grates worked pretty good.

2011 Apr 3
Two O'Brien's rib steaks from MVB. Even though they were a bit overcooked still juicy with outrageous flavor. I used a Rick Bayless ancho rub. I think I will stick to plain salt and pepper from now on with the high temperature sear.

2011 Apr 8
Smoked some St Albert's, Monterey Jack, mozzarella and light mild cheddar yesterday. Some ice cubes in the water bowl helped keep the temp down. An hour and a half of hickory and they were done. Got some apple wood chunks today debating on weather to try to roast a chicken over them this weekend.

2011 Apr 9
Tried a new chicken recipe from Mexican Ever day by Rick Bayless called whole roadside chicken. It was cooked it over apple wood which gave the chicken a very different taste than regular charcoal. Not sure if I will be cooking with wood in the future since I don't think my neighbors appreciated the amount of smoke the chimney starter gave off lighting up the wood. I marinated the chicken for a few hours before grilling.
The marinade,
1-1/2 tbl ground ancho chile powder
1 tsp dried oregano,
A big pinch of ground cloves
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon,
2 garlic cloves, crushed through a garlic press
3 tbl vinegar (apple cider)
1/4 cup orange juice.
The chicken came from MVB. Blair showed me an easy way to take the backbone out of the chicken with a knife. No need for poultry sheers with this technique.

2011 Apr 10
Ken, I swapped with another OF member here for Rick Bayless' Mexican Every Day. I really love this book, and also recommend the avocado mango salad with blue cheese and pumpkin seeds. I will try the chicken soon. Looks delicious.

2011 Apr 14
Hickory smoked coriander,paprika and coarse salt. I was not sure how the coriander would taste but it turned out really good! Stirred them a few times to get an even smoke flavor.

@ blubarry- try the Skillet fruit crisp in mexican Everyad using granny smith apples,the toasted pepitas make it really good!

2011 Apr 28
Pulled out my Chargriller horizontal Texas style smoker last weekend to season it for the upcoming bbq season. I decided I might as well throw a bird on while seasoning. After painting on a thin layer of vegetable oil I got to cooking.

Started off with lump charcoal to get a nice fire going. Once the lump had burnt down and the temp steadied I threw on a couple chunks of hickory. For the bird I used Steven Raichlen's classic Beer Can Chicken recipe. Beer of choice was Waterloo Dark. I'm still getting used to temperature control but I was able to keep it around 275 F for most of the cook (just under 2 hours).

Bird was absolutely amazing. Skin was crisp while the meat was moist and flavourful. I'm actually having the last bit of leftovers right now.

I think I'm going to do a tri-tip or a brisket next. Any tips for either of those?

EDIT: Doh, got the orientation wrong on the pic and edit post won't let you change pictures. Just pick up your monitor and rotate it 90 degrees ;)

2011 Apr 28
Brisket is one of those things that I haven't done yet on the BBQ, but it's #2 on my list of things to do when the weather gets warmer (#1 is pulled pork).

Since I haven't done brisket on the BBQ before, I headed over to the Big Steel Keg forum ( to get some ideas. Here's what I plan on doing:

- Take a whole brisket (packer), and leave all the fat on. Rub with the rub of your choice, and then let it sit in the fridge overnight to blend.

- Throw some chunks of hickory over the coals, set a diffuser over it, and cook the brisket, fat side up, at 225 for about 12 hours, or until the internal temperature hits 195. During those 12 hours, do not open the lid. Do not mop. Do not baste. Do not taunt.

- Once the 12 hours are up, you should be able to stick a fork in the brisket and turn the fork easily.

- If it passes the fork test, let it sit for half an hour, then remove the fat cap, slice across the grain, and serve. There should be a lot of drippings in your diffuser pan, and they'll make a great base for your sauce.

2011 Apr 28
MMMM I think I'll try brisket this year on the bradley. Saturday is looking like a good day for smoking - get your pork now!

2011 Apr 29
I would trim the fat and also want to double check your times cause its traditionally 2 1/2 hours for ribs, 6 for pulled, and about 8 for brisket.

2011 Apr 29
I'm gonna share with you guys alittle somthing... I went to Mexico this winter, and like every other place i've been to, I worked in a kitchen. It was a brutal service.. but the staff meal was my best meal in Mexico and all because of the Salsa. so here it is..
everything cooked on the grill
roma tomato
red onion
garlic (yes on the grill)
red pepper
sweet long pepper
The grillman put those ingrediant on the grill while he was cooking the chicken.
once they were nicely charred he put them in a mortar pestle, smashed them all together.. salt(kinda alot) and pepper at the end. it was the best condiment to everything its typically served with grilled meats .. its soo smokey and good.

2011 Apr 29
That sounds fantastic. I'll give that a try. Was the garlic cooked as a whole bulb then, kind of like how you'd roast garlic in an oven?

2011 Apr 30
Got some lean ground beef from Manotick Village Butcher today along with a tri tip roast. Brushed the patties with unsalted butter and seasoned with salt and pepper before grilling.

2011 Apr 30
Then direct grilled on medium 4 minutes a side. Then onother 10 on indirect heat to just past medium.

2011 Apr 30
Added some St Albert mozzarella put patties on some jalapeño cheddar bread from Art-Is -In Bakery with some grilled onions pickles and washed er down with a Beaus. What a heavenly Saturday supper. Now on to the chocolate walnut cookies from Art-Is-In.

2011 May 7
Kingsford Lump - $4.99 for a 10 pound bag at the Food Basics in Kanata. Canadian Tire has Lump for $6.99 for 8 pounds - Good lump/better price and I just picked up 20 bags. Not sure if they have the sales at other Food Basic. Thought I'd give all other BBQ nuts a heads up



2011 May 8
Is this any good in regular BBQs?

67% Off a $14.99 Voucher for Smokinlicious Gourmet Barbecue Wood Products from Capital Appliance & BBQ

Have eaten BBQ in the US south but hav not done any myself.. What flavours are good?

2011 May 8
Wow. You just saved me so much money: I was thinking of picking some of these up on Friday, and didn't. Thanks!

I'll gladly defer to people who have tried it (since I haven't), but I believe they should work fine in regular BBQs. Since you're aiming to have the wood smoking, but not burning, you often see people soaking wood chips in water for a while first before putting them in the BBQ, and even then you keep it away from direct heat and in one of those cheapie disposable roasting pans with holes punched in the lid.

2011 May 8
lol glad you found the deal is good. I might try a few flavours since the price is so good so low risk. I can alway toss it or give it away if I find it does not work in BBQ that well. Or use to start fireplace or give to my brother to start campfires when he go camping.

Forgot to login so did not have the referral link with the one above so use this one please.

The deal is till 11pm this sunday May 8th by the look of it.

2011 May 8
FoodTravel, thanks for the heads-up! I ran out of chips/chunks on my last cook and needed to stock up this week.

2011 May 8
good deal on the wood chips/chunks. as far as favourite woods go, i'm a big fan of hickory. it's pretty versatile.

2011 May 8
I just picked up some mesquite plus some apple wood smoking chips at the new Walmart in Kemptville - I thought the price was very reasonable at $2.97 for about a 2 lb bag (160 cubic in.) - a third the price of the Napoleon chips I last bought at a specialty store. Much as I don't like walmart and don't want to send you there, I'm passing this info on (the Kemp. store is soooo much better than the South Keys store which I've given up visiting). Bonus - no coupon needed. Other woods are available.
All I need now are a couple pork shoulder blade roasts.

2011 May 8
been doing a lot of chicken thighs lately. the Traeger is great for these - i roll smoke for 30min-1hr then crank it up to 400F+. the fat just melts out and the skin crisps up pretty nicely.

love the colour. there is no sauce on these at all, just smoke.

2011 May 9
It's worth mentioning, since I didn't know, that the SwarmJam voucher is only good on the item that's in the picture (i.e. a burlap sack full of wood chips).

Given that I was planning on buying chunks, rather than chips, I think I may be hooped. Serves me right for not reading the offer itself, eh? ;)

I thought that it would apply to everything, given the title of the offer ("Smokinlicious Gourmet Barbecue Wood Products") and the background information ("world's finest 'bark free' gourmet wood chunks, chips, blocks, logs, smokin' dust and flavor enhanced wood").

2011 May 12
Need some help from the folks out there.

My current bedtime reading is the cookbook "Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way" ( It's fantastic: I recommend anybody with a BBQ and a soul buy one.

A lot of the recipes are cooked on a flat top, so I'm looking to pick up a cast iron griddle for dedicated use on the BBQ. I mean, I've got a collection of cast iron skillets that I can use, but I think I'd rather have a dedicated piece of equipment so I don't care how sooty it gets.

Has anybody seen good prices on the Lodge Pro Logic pizza pan? I figure it's ideal for this, because it's a big cooking surface, but still leaves room for air circulation.

2011 May 14
Marinated these pork tenderloin overnight.

2011 May 14
The tenderloins turned out amazing. The crust and mesquite flavor on the charcoal grill can't be beat. It was a request from the birthday girl for the coffee crusted tenderloins and judging by the grunting going on at the table they were a hit. Here is the finished product. Only one left from the three that were cooked up.

2011 May 21
Got the idea for the stuffed burger off Diners Dives and Drive-ins. Stuffed these patties with Mozarella chopped chipotles and bacon.

2011 May 21
Formed the patties into one giant burger seared on direct heat on the grill for two minutes a side then on to indirect heat for fifteen minutes to a lovely medium. Cut in half and shared. Sorry I lied we both ate full burgers DOUGH!

2011 May 22
did 20lbs of pulled pork yesterday

slathered with cheap yellow mustard and rubbed with Bad Byron's Butt Rub

2011 May 22
into the Traeger burning hickory for 13-14 hours

this was butt #1 which hit an internal temp of 195F and finished a little earlier

2011 May 22
pulled after going into the foil-towel-cooler for 1 1/2 hours

2011 May 22
pulled pork sandwich (for the sake of authenticity it has to be on a cheap white hamburger bun or white bread!)

2011 May 22
No Monty, NO!
Not Wonderbread ... It's a wonder they call it bread.

2011 May 22
Monty - you're missing the dill chip on top and some slaw! Looks fantastic!

2011 May 22
Monty's back! With a bang!

But I gotta agree with the Captain, as much as I hate to admit to that - Wonderbread?

2011 May 22
don't question me on this one! ;)

cheap white bread has its place in the sandwich world - pulled pork, egg salad, PB&J, etc.

we don't normally eat it but my girlfriend picked up a loaf of Dempster's with a coupon or something. it's very nostalgic. i grew up in a household where white bread was never to be seen, so it was kind of a rare treat to have a PB&J on Wonderbread. can you even buy that stuff anymore? like the stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth Wonderbread? this Dempsters didn't really fit the bill.

2011 May 22
OK, as long as it was for nostalgia :-)

The important thing is that you are back

2011 May 22
i never left - though my posting has been sporadic lately and basically confined to this thread

2011 May 22

marinated in a thin teriyaki garlic sauce

2011 May 22
skewered and smoked on high heat on the Traeger

2011 May 23
Monty is correct, cheap white bread is essential for bbq. I did 2 picnics in the Bradley this weekend. Changed it up a bit, with my regular rub, injected with Chris Lilly's 6 time world championship injection (long title, simple apple juice brine). Smoked about 6 hours with hickory on the bradley, then finished for another 5 hours, until I hit 190. I think it was the best one yet.

This morning enjoying some pulled pork hash topped with running poached eggs and a salsa verdi. Yummmmm.

2011 May 23
I did up some pulled pork this weekend as well.. Should have made more! Was fantastic!

2011 May 23
Started at 9:30pm ..

2011 May 23
basted and flipped around 8:30am

2011 May 23
ready to come off around 2:30.

no more pictures.. too busy eating, sorry. :)

2011 May 26
Anyone heading down to the Gloucester fair to check out the Smoked to the Bone BBQ competition this weekend? I'm hoping to finally check it out after missing it the last two years.

If you have been before at what time would you recommend checking it out?

2011 May 27
the smokers start on friday aft/night.. turn-ins and judging starts on sat at noon or so.. awards are given out around 4pm.

2011 May 27
You’re best to show up before or after the turn-ins if you want to talk to the competitors. All of the teams will love nothing better than to talk BBQ with you but during turn-ins, most will be busy preparing their boxes.

Turn-ins start at noon on Saturday:

12:00pm – Turn-in Chicken
12:30pm – Turn-in Ribs
1:00pm – Turn-in Pork Shoulder
1:30pm – Turn-in Brisket
2:00pm – Amateur turn-in Chicken
2:30pm – Amateur turn-in Ribs

2011 May 27
OK why does this alway have to be scheduled the same weekend as the West Carleton area Camporee (scouts) and the run weekend? I hope I can make it some year, sounds like some really good bbq.

2011 May 29
Flat Iron steak cooked rare. These are great tasting and sooo tender. Thanks Blair.

2011 May 30
Sunday was for Cuban style roast pork aka `lechon asado`.

12lbs of fresh ham from Luciano`s marinated overnight in lime/orange juice, oregano and lots of garlic. Slow roasted over charcoal for 5 hours, this is at the half way point.

Charcoal roasted pork, black beans, steamed rice and hot sauce = Tracinho`s heaven.

2011 Jun 4
Costco is selling cedar grilling planks for salmon. I guess you just grill the fish on them and they give it a smoky flavor. I picked up a pack, but haven't tried them yet.

I also found liquid smoke on sale at the IGA on St. Joseph, near the car dealerships. Apparently it's better for you than real smoke, because it's smoke passed through water, with the carcinogens filtered out afterwards.

2011 Jun 4
Make sure you soak the planks for at least 15 minutes before using.

And nothing is better than real smoke. :)

2011 Jun 4
Ken V where did you get your cast iron grills for your weber? I wants to find some locally if I can...

2011 Jun 4
Stuart I got it here. They shipped in 3 days. Make sure you get the tool you lift the grates out with works really good.

2011 Jun 8
Thanks Ken, I'm going to order a set tomorrow.

For all you other BBQ nuts out there, saw a sign on the road by the Loblaws in the Centrum in Kanata advertising 2.99 a pound pork loin and back ribs...going to pick up another set to do with my new smokenator in my weber kettle on the weekend.

2011 Jun 12 to this gentle.... but Loving it!
anyway....anyone out there slow smoke a Pork Bomb (aka The Bacon Bomb) have to try it...and if you have then I would love to swap stories
..these things are great for a crowd....will send pics if I get some feedback!
I've done a couple on my homemade 45 Gallon barrel bbq/Smoker...

2011 Jun 12
Do you mean Bacon Explosion? If not, then you'll need to provide details.

2011 Jun 12
You got my curiosity peeked. Do tell. Pics would be even better.

2011 Jun 12
Just google either - looks like it is the same thing.

EDIT: not sure what kind of stories to swap about it. I had one at Big Strange Brew 3 or 4 years ago - one of the other brewers made it over the day. Was pretty good, though I was not a big fan of his particular choice of spices.

Just on Friday I was over at Russell Food Equipment and got to chatting with one of the employees. He recalled from last time I was there that I was a butcher, and started chatting me up about the big meat weekend he and his buddies do every year, and how he brought Turducken last time. I mentioned Bacon Explosion as a good choice for this year, and he'd never heard of it so I told him just to google it.

EDIT 2 : Forum - speaking of Big Brew?post_id=17894#post_17894

2011 Jun 12
Pics where are the pics!

2011 Jun 12
I don't have any from that time

2011 Jun 14
Driven by Bank Street Sausage And Deli many times finally stopped in and tried their Italian sausages. A small sign said voted Ottawas best Italian sausages. They were pretty darn good. Charcoal grilled and some hickory wood chips for extra flavor. I have found my new sausage vendor and close to boot.

2011 Jun 15
I was pleasantly surprised at the taste and quality of Farm Boy's sausages a few weeks ago.
Great on the q.

2011 Jun 22
My first Eggtempt at a 16lb shoulder. 18hrs @ 190-220. Nice!

2011 Jun 22
@ Patcat. Wow! Nice meat Two thumbs up on that one!

2011 Jun 27
Pulled pork tacos on Sunday. Went with about 7 hours of smoke on two picnics on the Bradley. Corn tortillas, home made salsa verde (a mix of poblanos, jalapeno, cubanal, roasted tomato, onion, garlic and cilantro), and a cilantro crema (sour cream, cilanto and lime). Very very good - pork was fantastic. Froze about half the pork, and will do something with the leftovers tonight - maybe pulled pork nachos, or straight up with a salad.

2011 Jul 7
Did burgers tonight, straight-up, with just salt, pepper, and a brushing of unsalted butter.

500 degrees or so on the Keg, 4 minutes a side, one flip and that's it.

I think that my burgers were too fatty for all that extra butter because, let me tell you, there was a lot of smoke and a lot of flame. I'm sure I scared our neighbours.

Still damn delicious, though. (And smoky!) Threw a big thick slice of cheddar on each patty for the last 30 seconds of the cook. Added ketchup, mustard, Farm Boy's spicy corn relish, tomato, and butterhead lettuce.

2011 Jul 13
Thought y'all might enjoy this link. Its an initiative by the SFA to document BBQ in the south. Great Stuff.

2011 Jul 25
@ Culinary Ottawa. I'm on the BBQ Trail righ now. Our first stop was Martin's BBQ. We just missed the whole hog that he does on Friday and ready Saturday. We did try the Big Momma Sampler. Nothing I have experienced before. No sickly sweet sauces here. The side ribs were just amazing so different than the norm up north. My dry rub side ribs had a texture close to ham with a darn tasty rub.I had to laugh at the menu board The Notorious Red Neck Taco with the images of Mullet Man VS The Mexican too funny.
Next will be Scott's Parker's place.

2011 Aug 13
Time for a bump. Charcoal BBQ corn. This was some sweet corn. Corn seems to take on charcoal flavor more than anything I have cooked over coals yet. Started with indirect heat until the coals burnt down a bit then direct to get a bit of charring. A Hop Hog IPA had the perfect bitterness to counteract the super sweet corn. Large corn came from Rouchon Farms bought at the Main Street Farmers Market today.

2011 Aug 20
Got Blair to cut me some inch and a quarter ribs from MVB. Cooked them rare over some Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal. Some tender steaks. That will be my iron intake for the day LOL! Put my incisors to their intended function.

2011 Aug 25
Tried a smoked meat loaf in the Bradley on Sunday. Used a mix of pork and beef. Next time I will use a smaller pan to form it so it will be thicker. This one cooked quickly only 1.5hrs. Used mesquite that only gave it a bit of smoke flavor. Put it under the broiler in the oven for 10 minutes to give it some crisp and color. Need a good sauce recipe that has some bitterness for the next one. Thinking a coffee based sauce.

2011 Aug 25
Ken V, that looks amazing.

2011 Aug 25
Ken what temp did you get the Bradley up to to cook the loaf? Did you smoke in the pan or did it hold ok outside of the pan?

2011 Aug 25
Sourdough I got the Bradly up to about 275. I stuck a piece of parchment paper down to hold the loaf on the Bradly grate and tipped the pan upside down and gave some vigorous shakes and it dropped right out still in tact. It was a non stick bread loaf pan that I used to form it. Put a temp probe in and waited till internal hit 160 then put it under the broiler 10 minutes to get outside crispy. Had a real hard time finding any ground pork at the supermarket so had to buy sausages and broke them open.

Anyone got a good meatloaf recipe thats light on sugar? Think for the next one going to modify a Rick Bayless chipotle meat ball recipe and make it into a loaf.

2011 Aug 27
The lost cut Tri Tip. BBQed over charcoal with some Jack Daniels whiskey barrel chip for smoke flavor. Cooked to 140F topped with some herbbed butter and sliced. It rested for ten minutes but it was so juicy and tender it exploded when I cut into it.

2011 Aug 28
Ken, can I ask where you got the tri-tip? All the folks on the BBQ forums down in the southwest rave about them...but I've never seen one in Ottawa. I've been doing Tri Tips from Dan O'Brien lately and love them, but I'd really like to find a Try to Try out :)

2011 Aug 28
Stuart try The Manotick Village Butcher. He gets O'Brien's beef and cuts it there. Yesterday I asked if he had any O'Brien's and was happy to cut a tri tip for me. MVB is always getting different local stuff you should check them out.

2011 Aug 28
O'Brien can also get you pretty much anything you want and you can buy it from him at the ottawa farmer's market or the one in Kanata (maybe even at bayshore on Thursdays I think)

2011 Aug 28
You can also call O'Brien's pre order and pick up at the farmers markets. I think he hangs his beef 14 days. I like it a little older. I think this tri tip was around 20 days. Sure was yummy have a small piece for lunch in a sandwich today. This was the resting period. Always better after a little nap.

2011 Aug 28
I actually see him every Saturday in Kanata, I only eat beef a few times a week at most and I only eat what I get from him. He doesn't always have all cuts at the market so it's good to know that MVB has his product in house as well. It's not really THAT far from Kanata either. Thanks for the info guys.

2011 Sep 3
Finally got the ribs down to a science (or sort of). Thanks to the forums on the bradley site I did my home work and found the magic formula. 3-1-1 or 3-2-1 (back ribs, side ribs). That is 3 hours smoke, 1 hours foil, 1 hour sauced. I did this with baby backs today using hickory and apple. It worked out very well, by far the best ribs I've done on the bradley. Very good smoke ring, juicy, pulled nicely off the bone (but not falling off). 3-1-1, 3-2-1 - remember that it is the golden rule.

Also today I tried smoked shrimp. They were peeled and deveined, 20-25 count. I dusted them in some of the rib rub and put them on with the ribs for 30 minutes (~225). They were really good, I was surprised how much smoke got into the shrimps. I would probably do them for 20 or 25 minutes or so, as they were definitely done. I tried one hot, then put the rest in the fridge and served them cold (as I still had a couple of hours before the ribs). I served the shrimp with a curry aioli.

2011 Sep 4
Had a dinner party yesterday and decided to experiment on our guests. Tried ribs two ways. Since ribs were on sale this week I bought baby backs and side ribs. Did the side ribs over char coal with hickory first marinated for two hours in apple cider vinegar and lemon juice then rubbed for two hours covered in the fridge. On to the grill for two hours smoking and an hour in foil. Turned out great. The baby backs were rubbed and coverd in the fridge overnight and smoked for an hour and a half with pecan in the Bradly and coked for another hour with no smoke. Both were very good but I favored the char coal sides. I think I will try this method with side ribs in the Bradly next. Not a fan of baby backs anymore. If only there were good side ribs readily available. The side ribs were a supermarked variety and small almost cut into spare ribs.

2011 Sep 4
Mr Ken V .. what was the amount of mix of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for how many ribs? Was the cook direct or in-direct. Man they look good. Doing 6 racks on the BGE next weekend. I do them at 200-210 for 6 hours ..rub them down with mustard (regular) and the a mess of Rudy's rub from Texas
and Rudy's BBQ sauce after the cook

Amazing stuff -cooked in-direct and have a drip pan filled with apple juice for moisture. Did them a month ago with 10 stars ratings - I will take some pics the next BBQ


2011 Sep 4
JDK I used 3 cups cider vinegar and one lemon for two racks of side ribs. I cooked on indirect medium for two hours spraying the ribs every half hour with cider vinegar. One cup of hickory chips at the start. Then replenish with 12 coals per side after the first hour with another cup of hickory chips. BBQ temp was around 325. Threw some home made BBQ sauce on at 1hour40. At 2 hours wrapped in foil for the last hour so they didn't dry out. I had a good pink smoke ring. Was my first try at char coal grilling ribs the flavor was super. Having used the Bradly for a while it was a nice change but way more work. The Bradly ribs were good also just different. My guests were undecided on which ribs they liked better. Don't forget pics for your next weekends festivities.

2011 Sep 5
Hey Ken, how did you find the bark on the outside after spritzing and foiling? I use firebricks in my kettle, or a smokenator, and usually go about 6 hours without touching them other than to rotate them at the half way mark...I don't foil because I'm afraid they will cook too far and get mushy and fall apart when I take them off. I can dial the temp on my kettle at 225 for 7 hours no problem so I'm not tied to the BBQ all day, but sometimes I think I'd like to have the option of cooking them faster.

2011 Sep 6
Stuart the bark was good spritzing kept them from drying out but did not affect the bark. The foil did the same since I had to wait for the ribs in the Bradly they seemed to take longer this time. For some reason I can't get a smoke ring on the Bradly ribs.

2011 Sep 6
You won't ever get a smoke ring from the Bradley as it's electric.

Good description swiped from a bbq forum - The term "smoke ring" is misleading, and in other circles it is often referred to as "pink ring". The ring is not cause by a chemical reaction of the smoke and meat surface, but by the chemical reaction caused by nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is a by product of burning organic fuels such as wood, charcoal, natural gas, and propane gas; but to produce this gas in sufficient quantities, the fuel must be burned at a much higher temperature then the briquettes that smolder on the hot plate. Once the nitrogen dioxide comes in contact with the meat surface it converts to nitric oxide, which reacts to the pigment in the meat to form a "pink ring" (similar to what sodium nitrite does when in comes in contact with meat). The irony of it is that you can produce a "pink ring" using a propane grill or oven or the Bradley propane smoker, but not in its other smokers. This reaction can penetrate to a depth of 8-10 mm. In addition this can only occur using the low and slow method of cooking.

2011 Sep 6
cross hatch ftw

2011 Sep 11
More tri-tip. This time is a Belted Galloway breed the healtyest breed to eat grass fed not frozen. Barely any fat worried me a bit.Cooked over charcoal with just alder salt and cracked black pepper. Had a different flavor than corn or grain fed beef. Not as tender as O'Brien's but I suspect it was because it was only hung for 12 days. The other side will be hung for days. The internal temp was 120 but it still came out medium rare after a ten minute rest. I also got a skirt that I had to freeze maybe next weeks project FAJITAS!

2011 Oct 2
Stuffed burgers made with MVB ground beef,fresh mozzarella,prosciutto topped with roasted tomatilla salsa cooked over charcoal.

2011 Oct 2
all the pics look awesome folks... keep up the gr8 work

2011 Oct 23
Such a nice afternoon yesterday had to fire up the Webber. Got some nice O' Brien's rib steaks cut for me at MVB. They were soooo tender!

2011 Oct 23
Ken V where did you get those grates for your weber? They look much more serious than the chromed version that came with my weber "Performer".

2011 Oct 23
Pretty sure I saw those at capital appliance or whatever it is called now

2011 Oct 23
Ordered online blubarry

2011 Oct 25
Lol, I wonder how many more times you're going to get asked that Ken? I actually scored a set of these grates for free when a friend was looking for a Weber kettle. Found someone selling one locally with the same grates, picked it up from him and snagged the grates, then switched them out with the stock flip ups that came with my performer and sold my buddy the one touch gold for what I paid for it!

I did have to clean and re-season them, but man...what a difference from the stock grates. I ended up ordering 2 chicken seats after and love those too!!

2011 Nov 9
I think O'Brien's rib steaks look better than the Aubrey's one here. It was $18 before the 65% coupon discount.

No fancy pancy green egg here. Just a 1987 Sears gas BBQ with a new grill (also been through 4 gas burners, 3 ceramic block grates and one gas valve). The old heavy lid holds the heat in and I usually put wood chips in tinfoil on the ceramic briquettes.

It does even get covered through the winter any more. it's parked next to the back door for that mid Feb. BBQ steak.

2012 Mar 21
i refuse to let this thread die!

2012 Mar 22
I also refuse to let this thread die since we don't have to suffer through conditions like this soo early in the season!!

2012 Mar 31
Keeping the thread alive. Half pound bacon cheddar burgers today. Ground beef from MVB with cracked black peppercorns and a pinch of alder salt grilled over Basque. Double smoked bacon from The Butchery warmed on the grill. Served on a piece of Art-Is-In jalapeño cheddar bread made into a bun with some raw onion and sliced dill pickles and a bit of mayo. Oh and a Beaus Lug Tread to wash it all down!

2012 Mar 31
That's one clean grill! And some good looking burgers.

2012 Apr 9
We tried the our new BBQ Guru on the XL BGE yesterday to roast a 12 lb leg of lamb. Results were truly stellar. Sorry, no pics - I was dazzled by the aromas coming off the grill. Next time though :-)

2012 Apr 14
Sausages from Bank Street Sausage. These are by far the best sausages in town. This guy gets the grind right fat to meat ratio and salt perfect. So glad I do not have to make my own anymore. Foreground were two Cuban habanero's wow theses were the juiciest cutting into them a hot stream jumped the plate heat buils on these the more consumed. Middle were two Italians perfect amount of fennel and heat. Top two chorizo not much heat but tasty still the same. Cooked indirect over Basque and hickory chips for about 20 minutes. Keeping the thread alive!

2012 Apr 15
Turkey pastrami in the smoker started with a turkey brest from MVB. I should have been specific because the full breast was 11lbs oops. Cut it in half and my neighbour was glad to get the other half. One honking half breast!

2012 Apr 15
Rubbed and bagged for 24hrs.
For the rub:
3 tablespoons coriander seeds
3 tablespoons cracked black peppercorns
6 cloves garlic, minced
1-1/2 teaspoons yellow mustard seeds
1/4 cup coarse salt
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup sweet paprika
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground mace (optional)

2012 Apr 15
Oh no Rideau Bakery is closed! Just won't be the same without their rye. 4hrs in the smoker at 240 with hickory and voilà. Now time to wait for it to cool a bit then slice it up.

2012 Apr 16
Finally got around to making my bacon from the pork belly I got from Krusty. It was truly spectacular. I appreciate all the tips you guys keep putting up and love seeing all of your experiments - keep it up!

With the BBQ Guru on the BGE, 3 hours (internal temperature was 152F). Didn't add any extra smoke flavour this time, just the smoke from the charcoal. Will try some fruitwood next time. Definitely worth the effort - the hardest part of the whole thing was slicing it up and not cooking it all to eat right away!

Happy BBQ season!

2012 Apr 16
My Dad wants a charcoal BBQ to replace his gas one. He wants a BGE but I figure it's a bit much for the occasional griller. Any recommendations on a BBQ that is somewhat lightweight but will allow him to grill and smoke?

2012 Apr 16
@Tree pug, there's a special going on at walmart for these metal bge style units for 299. Seems like a good match for what you're looking for.

see link below for details on it.

2012 Apr 17
Weber kettles behave like a BGE in most regards, and there is the new Napoleon brand knockoff that I think is made in Canada - and it is reasonably priced

2012 Apr 17
Oh I just followed that link to the one on sale at Wal Mart - I know a guy who just got one of those and he is producing some amazing stuff.

2012 Apr 17
Hey guys. I'm new on this post so please go easy on me. I just put 10 lbs of belly in the Bradley I don't often run out of bacon but I guess were eating it faster than I can make it. Tried a juniper black pepper rub this time on half the batch. Got the idea for the juniper from seed to sausage a shop up in sharbot lake. I have a boneless fresh local lamb leg and I was looking for some ideas to smoke it. Never tried smoked lamb before or even seen it anywhere.time to head up the road and borrow a pitcher of lager from krusty.m Cheers

2012 Apr 18
@Tree Pug dollar for dollar you can't beat a weber kettle! There are a few for sale on kijiji right now for reasonable prices. I have three of them and a smokey mountain smoker and I can afford a BGE, but I don't see myself switching anytime soon!

The webers are easy to learn on and very versatile, I can't think of anything that I wouldn't be able to cook on one.

2012 Apr 18
I have the larger but unadorned (no thermo or ash catcher) Weber kettle and I love it. I have heard the criticisms, and it certainly is much tougher to cook on than a gas grill but once you get the hang of it the results can be fantastic and the price is very reasonable (sub $200).

It isn't a smoker, but I have had good results with hot smoke techniques (i.e. keep a very low indirect fire going for several consecutive hours).

I'm a fan of dead simple, durable design and the Weber is certainly that. Now, if I only would spring for the rotisserie attachment...

2012 Apr 18
trachino...have you tried, putting a metal hotel pan full of ice with a wire rack on top, for the try and cold smoke. might work for ya if the heat is low enough

2012 Apr 19
Where do people feel is the most reliable briskets in Ottawa? I find that T&T is one of the few places that normally has stock of packer briskets at a reasonable price.

2012 Apr 20
Just found a new site . This has got to be the most mouthwatering BBQ/ smoking site I have ever seen. This woman should be writing the new BBQ bible for all us trial and error weekend warriors. All folks in touch with their carnivore side really have to check this out.

2012 Apr 20
Yeah I followed her blog for a while - it's good for a while but then she starts to recycle herself. Nice setup she has, and she really knows how to market herself. The trailer park cooking is humorous at times (gourment smoked bologna and such)

2012 Apr 20
@linton, have you tried Lavergne? I've heard from other Weber-heads in Ottawa that they have good briskets at reasonable prices...I know they have full pork butts at roughly half the price of the butchery in bells corners. I'll only make that mistake once :)

2012 Apr 20
Zym ... you were to be one of the guests on my Trailer Park Boys meets the Frugal Gourmet show, back almost 4 years ago. See:

We can still do this project and make use of your videos you did over the years. Canning, bacon making etc.

Take note, Chris Knight and all other TV producers out there.

2012 Apr 20
EDIT: Nvm... found this other thread... Forum - Charcoal Best Prices Best Brands

Good to hear that they're going to be carrying a bunch of the stuff...


Figured you folks may know... a couple of weeks ago, I saw the Costco in Kanata has Nature's Own lump charcoal for sale (think it was ~$9 for a 8kg bag)...

I tried the brand last year and was happy with it (I found it to burn a bit hotter than Royal Oak), but haven't tracked it down since...

Does anyone know if this may be a regular item that Costco will carry for the summer or if is a one-time thing (which can usually be the place)?

2012 Apr 21
@biff, they will be carrying it for the whole summer. I spoke to the head of sales and marketing at Basque's last week about some concrete I found in a bag (turns out its from one of the kilns they make the charcoal it's in) and he told me that they've already shipped Costco everything they projected they would need for the whole summer so it seems like they intend to keep it in stock. The more people buy it, the more likely they are to keep it.

For what it's worth, the $12 a bag price to the consumer is less than the regular vendors pay for it. I mentioned to one of the guys at a local BBQ store that sells it that Costco had it for $12 and he said he should start buying it there for his personal use. I have about 6 bags in my garage right now and I buy a few more every time I go. One of the members on the BBQ forum I belong to bought 49 bags last week, the price is that good!

2012 Apr 22
That's awesome news. I may pick some up today while waiting for ribs to cook. (Had to squeeze in some BBQ on the non-rainy day this weekend...)

2012 Apr 26
Anyone use veggie oil and paper towels to light their charcoal? If so, does used oil work as well?

2012 Apr 26
" ... does used oil work as well ?.

Yes... just make sure it's not 10W-30.

2012 Apr 26
Try a Chimney starter they work great.

2012 Apr 26
I use a weed burner to start my charcoal. My egg gets up to temp in no time.

2012 Apr 26
I have a chimney but I usually do this just because I'm lazy

2012 Apr 26
I have a chimney and a blow torch. I was just trying to find a use for used cooking oil.

2012 Apr 26
It would probably work well. i know that we teach Cub Scouts to rub vaseline into cotton balls and carry them in their emergency kits for starting fires. And they burn like mad!!!!! Paper towel and vegetable oil would probably behave similarly.

2012 Apr 29
Got a brine kit as a Christmas present and it was time to try it out. I jazzed it up a bit with some Jack Daniels and dried arbol peppers. Into the fridge for six hours then onto the grill.

2012 Apr 29
Some hickory chips and it should be done in another 20 minutes.

2012 May 5
I made my first batch of armadillo eggs last night and they were great! Even better was the genius of my girlfriend who removed all the jalapeño seeds using an apple corer. ( buy squat jalapeños if you go this route).

2012 May 13
Tri tip from MVB over Basque with some mesquite chips for extra flavor. Coffee crusted pork tenderloins tonight.

2012 May 19
Hanger steaks done over Basque with mesquite wood chips for smoke. Done rare just warm in the middle with a little Bolivian rose salt and cracked black pepper the flavor of this cut has to be experienced thank you MVB!

2012 May 19
My BGE thermometer reads 100F when cold. Anyone else had this problem? Can it be repaired? Do I just go to 450F for the BBQ to be actually 350F?

2012 May 19
Mine does not do that - could be time to replace it. Or does it calibrate? I have not looked at mine but often if there is a nut on the back you can calibrate it. So check it with boiling water and you might be OK. Otherwise just replace it.

2012 May 21
Found the nut. Found the wrench. Callibrated the gauge. Jerking the chicken. Thx!

2012 May 22
When cold = outside in the sun by chance?

2012 May 23
Shaded but I will double check. Good call!

2012 May 23
I know my Weber Smokey Mountain gets up to 150 or more when in the sun. I've never played with an Komodo/Egg so I'm not sure how they respond to outdoor temps and sunlight.

2012 May 30
How about we take it over here?

Forum - Gas Grills

2012 May 31
Can we talk fruit for a minute here?

I have had glorious results w pineapple, mango, peaches, nectarines, grapes, and strawberries. Aside from a pinch of cinnamon on the pineapple i don't season.

Any suggestions for other fruits or ways to throw fruit on the bbq?

2012 May 31
Pear with Brie
Haven't tried it myself, but seems like it would work well.

I'm wondering how some peaches done up on a himalayan salt block, then served with some nice vanilla ice cream, would come out....

2012 May 31
I use cotton swabs doused with vegetable oil, one does a good job for starting a low and slow fire, three or more works well for getting the charcoal fired up really quickly. Cheap, efficient, reliable.

2012 May 31
Bananas Foster on the grill is another option.

I also really enjoy grilled lemons. They look great and a nice warm, juicy squeeze of less twangy lemon juice is nice for certain dishes.

2012 May 31
OSM, I've been doing this on the bbq (and occasionally stovetop) with different fruits or combos of fruit. Of course you don't really need all the extra flavours if you're a purist - go with fruit and tortilla only.

Raspberry Chocolate Burritos

2 tbsp Butter, melted
1 tbsp packed golden brown sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla
6 Flour tortillas (8 inch /20cm)
1 cup raspberries
1 cup chocolate chips

Ice Cream

In a small bowl, combine melted butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Brush one side of each tortilla with melted butter mixture. Gently combine raspberries and chocolate chips. Spoon raspberry mixture evenly onto centres of buttered side of tortillas. Fold bottom and top edges of each tortilla 1 inch over raspberry mixture. Fold sides of tortillas to centres, overlapping edges. Grill burritos, seam side down, over medium heat on natural gas barbecue until undersides of burritos are lightly browned, about 2 minutes. Turn and grill until tops are lightly browned. Serve immediately with ice cream. Serves 6.
The recipe is from "Let the Flames Begin"

Andy’s notes: really good made with dark chocolate or chocolate chips; chocolate flavour is kinda lost when made with milk chocolate. Use very low heat and oil grill; you want the chocolate to melt and the tortilla to brown lightly. A non stick frying pan is great for doing these on the stovetop. Try strawberries, cherries, mango, banana, etc.
When in a hurry, this is quicker and still delicious: lightly butter one side large (10") or medium (8") flour tortillas, dust with a mix of cinnamon/sugar, and spoon a mix of sliced or chopped fruit in a centre strip, add some choc. chips or pieces of chocolate bar, fold and cook as above. Once cooked, they can rest a couple minutes then they can be eaten safely and scrumptiously in the hand, or serve on a plate with a scoop of ice cream.

2012 May 31
re: fruit

I love just about any fruit continuously brushed with a conconction of melted butter, brown sugar, and brandy. Pineapple is especially good this way, served with vanilla ice cream. Very fast and easy dessert that is sure to please.

2012 Jun 7
Going to try jerk turkey wings tonight. Looking for suggestions on whether to grill or go indirect.

2012 Jun 7
I'd propose a very short period over high heat for carmelization and colour, and when the wings don't stick any more on one side flip them and reduce the heat as low as possible. Turkey wings are a bit tough so they need to be cooked for a bit of time at low heat.

In fact, I'd probably get the bbq very very hot, put the wings on and immediately reduce the heat as much as possible. If it was a gas grill, turn burner under wings completely off and leave a remote burner on low. Charcoal, I'd starve the fire. Flip once after maybe 3 minutes or so.

Here is the jerk recipe I use:

2012 Jun 7
Don't forget to use wood chips.

The Roadside Rasta's jerk using allspice wood for a distinct jerk flavour.

Since I have no access to allspice wood, I use apple-wood and juniper berries. Smokey, but not too strong (like mesquite).

Wrap food chips in double foil (pierced on top). Place on lava/ceramic//briquettes an dose with water spray if it flames up.

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I and I, come take jerk, down by da river of Babby-lon, mann !!

2012 Jun 10
Whole hog questions and answers. Kicking myself for missing Big Apple Party this year will definately be going next year.

2012 Jun 11
For those interested in smoking food The National Post had a good article on the weekend--helpful for beginners. Here is the link

2012 Aug 4
Time for a bump with fresh corn over char coal.

2012 Aug 4
Hey BBQ gang - just as an FYI - if you are looking to buy Lump from Costco - the Maple wood version - I have been told by the Store Manager (A buddy I play hockey with) that this is the last batch they will get in this year. And as I have mentioned before, if you BBQ smoke in the Fall and winter - stock up at the end of August since they put the lump away for the Fall/Winter stuff. I do not want to see my fellow BBQ smokers otta lump in November ;-)

It wood be a sad 2013 with no lump


2012 Aug 4
Oh man, Ken, I just did corn over charcoal too and I'm in heaven.

Just 8 minutes or so unhusked at 500-600 degrees: enough to warm it up but not enough to char it or dry it out.

Got the corn from the stand on Terry Fox between Castlefrank and Fernbank.

2013 Mar 23
It's BBQ time again! 3/4lb medium ground burgers over lump charcoal. Seasoned with bone dust a little mustard and Worcestershire.

2013 Mar 24
To help celebrate Earth Hour, we did up some spatchcock korean grilled chicken last night. Brined the birds before marinating them. They were really good.

2013 Mar 25
Hickory smoked pork belly.
I want to make sandwiches with the left over. I think kimchi may go well with it. Anyone have a good kimchi recipe? Better question does it come pre made in jars? I looked at T&T no luck.

2013 Mar 25
Kimchi definitely available in jars. Here is a great Korean food website. Haven't tried the kimchi recipe, but looks good:

2013 Mar 25
I have found bottled kimchi at Roger's Independent on Alta Vista in the fresh pasta and sauces cooler.

2013 Mar 25
T&T had a bunch last time I was in there. Kimchi is usually in the back refrigerated section of the store.

2013 Mar 26
Looking in the correct secton would help,ooops.

2013 Mar 29
Turkey pastrami cooling to room temperature for slicing.

2013 Mar 30
Small two bone prime rib rubbed with three salts,dried rosemary,arbol chili powder. Cooked over charcoal with hickory chips for smoke. Resting at 120f.

2013 Mar 31
I made buffalo wings with chicken thighs on the Bradley. I peeled back the skin and seasoned with Team Cedar Grilling's Parrot rub and then used the skin to roll them into tubes. I then injected them with extra hot Franks and smoked them using Jim Beam Bourbon chips. I don't think I will ever have to buy undersized, overpriced wings again.

2013 Apr 1
2 bone Prime rib cooked over charcoal with Jack Daniels Oak Chips - first of two proteins for Easter dinner.

2013 Apr 1
Leg of lamb cut into 3 chunks, smoked over charcoal with JD oak chips - second of two proteins for Easter dinner. Seasoned with garlic, rosemary and SnP.