Best Delivery? [General]

2010 Feb 25
I didn't see a thread already on this, sooo... I frequently find myself hungry and lazy, decide that I want to order delivery and then spend hours looking on Google for non-pizza places that will deliver, eventually become frustrated and just give up and order pizza.
What are your favourite places that deliver?

2010 Feb 25
To be honest, I'm often stuck with this myself...but I do like using to find new delivery places (granted, most of them are pizza).

2010 Feb 25
Swiss Chalet on Merivale. very fast delivery, never more than 15 minutes

Rockwells on Merivale also very good for delivery and they have a nice menu, everything from Greek to pizza.
Ask about the daily specials, comes with soup and dessert.

2010 Feb 25
Pho Van Van, Silver Spoon Thai, DOMINOS PIZZA!

2010 Feb 25
I second Silver Spoon for speed, taste, and not being pizza.

The Works does take out. Do they do delivery as well?

Ging Sing for Chinese-Canadian.

2010 Feb 25
Goodness me, you guys beat me to it:

Ging Sing (although I don't consider it Chinese-Canadian ;)
Shawarma's King
Centretown Pizza (for the donairs)

And, yes, Domino's.

2010 Feb 25
Where do you live? Pretty pointless for me to recommend a place if you are nowhere near here.

2010 Feb 26
A couple that come to mind that I haven't had in years, but have had good experiences with...if you know what to order.

Greek - Greek on Wheels
Chinese - Ho Lee Chow

2010 Feb 26
Zym, I think Cait may just be starting a thread to index our preferred delivery places, though I could be wrong.

2010 Feb 26
I live on Parkdale near the Parkway, and I am lucky enough to get St. Hubert to deliver from the Quebec side.

Also, another site to try is for delivery places. It is a work-in-progress but it helps!

2010 Feb 26
Whoa. St. Hubert's delivers from the Quebec side? Would they go as far as Island Park???? Only one way to find out!

2010 Feb 26
Aye LWB, I thought it would be ideal to have a thread people could go back to when they are stuck in the same hungry/lazy situation as me :)

Shafali delivers now, and it is pretty good. A bit on the pricey side though.

2010 Feb 26
This thread is a good idea! Posts listing whether the place is east, west or central would be handy too :)

Cait, I have currently spent 2 hours looking for a place to order from and cannot.

Ginsing could not understand my questions unfortunately, so I opted out as I was frustrated (2nd time this has happened btw), but I'm keen to try them so will try again another time LOL.

2010 Feb 28
Capilano on Iris (West) is very very good. Great quality food.

2010 Feb 28
Good website for delivery:

2010 Mar 2
I wish there was a way to add a thread as a "favourite"!

2010 Jul 19
Any new delivery options discovered. The rain tonight really makes it hard to feel motivated to cook...or step outside the house.

2010 Jul 20
I ordered from Bento Sushi (from the thingy) the other night and it was pretty good. I ordered rainbow rolls and two spicy salmon hand rolls which I have become a fan of.

It cost me $25, which I found somewhat pricey, and I believe I was supposed to get a free salad with it; but I enjoyed it.

I would prefer to pay less, but until I find something else tasty I will stick with Bento!

2010 Jul 20
Greek On Wheels is pretty good.
Good amout of food.
Reasonable price.