food on the canal, confederation park and Jacques Cartier Park [Events]

2010 Feb 10
Opening up a discussion and wondering if anyone has any reviews of the refreshments etc., at Winterlude?

2010 Feb 10
I just think about the rock-solid hold that beavertails has on the canal. Considering expanding? I could see your place working out quite well on the Canal.

2010 Feb 10
Had a marvelous espresso for 2$ on Sunday!

2010 Feb 10
You can't beat the Beavertails they are always popular!

Last year there was a "food court" of sorts set up at Confederation Park close to the canal. I recall eating the "tire à sucre" (can't remember what that is in English) because I remember eating it at the sugar bushes in Quebec so of course I had to try some-;) I also recall seeing one of the local Indian restaurants having a stall set up there (can't recall which one) in addition to a number of other local eateries. If you are looking for somewhere to eat on the Ottawa side Confederation Park seems like the place to go. I hope to make it there during my lunch break on Friday so I can post more deals at that time.

2010 Feb 10
Jagash, we have tried for the last couple of years, but I'm told there is a waiting list. Maybe next year!
"rock-solid" is an understatement...the stories I could tell. BT have a very good identity with the canal, which has been earned over the past 30-40 years.
Their main business income comes from the canal, so its got to be good.

2010 Feb 10
Pasta Lover - tire à sucre or tire d'érable or tire sur la neige are all the same thing...

Coming from the verb tirer (to pull) they translate in English to Pulled-Taffy or as we usually call this particular item in English = Maple Sugar Taffy (which as you can see is a combo of both the French terms) or Taffy on the Snow (identical to one of the French terms).

:-) Glad to help...

And WOW, I had no idea they had Taffy on the Snow at Winterlude... like yourself an ex-Montrealer, I may now have to search this out when I am enjoying Winterlude on the weekend.

LOL, don't suppose they are serving it in the "traditional" form with a side of pickles?

2010 Feb 10
Food&Think Thanks for the heads up! Even though I am an English Montrealer that has been living in Ottawa for over 20 years I still incorporate a few French words when I speak. I am occasionally greeted by a blank stare from my anglophone friends in Ottawa when I ask where the nearest dépanneur is-;)

As for the Taffy on Snow it was available during Winterlude last year and I am hoping to score some more this year. I didn't see any pickles however-;) I missed out on the festivities last weekend since I was shaking off a cold so I am fasting this week in anticipation of some great noshing at Winterlude. As I mentioned earlier in this thread the festival organizers had quite an array of food set up at Confederation Park last year so I'm hoping to benefit fully from their fares this year.

2010 Feb 10
they have maple sugar taffy at one of the huts on dow's lake by the bronson bridge. i think it is $2 a stick (did not notice any pickles!).

there is also a burger & fries hut this year. we got an order of fries (line-up for beaver tails was too long). the fries were served a'la chip truck style, but they were just regular old frozen french fries. nothing special. they were $3.

if you are desperate, and it is too cold to skate across the windy lake, there is a free giant tiger train you can take. it starts near the change huts by the pavillion and goes across the lake to the food area.

2010 Feb 10
the maple taffy are really the fillings!

2010 Feb 10
Pasta Lover - LOL, Dépanneur is one word that sticks for sure.

HipFunkyFun - Thanks for the Winterlude Tips... much appreciated.

Spud Guy - Lol, that is why you wind it around a popsicle stick / spoon, you are meant to lick it (like a lollipop), not chew it.... for it can certainly wipe out a lifetime of fillings in just one go.

2010 Feb 10
Going skating on the canal tonight... and this thread really makes me look forward to the tire d'érable! Do the food huts along the canal have indoor seating? We'll need some dinner but one of group would prefer not to eat outside. Canal Ritz does not look very promising based on the reviews on this site. Any other places close by that might be good to sit down, warm up and eat after skating? We are thinking of starting off (and returning skates) near Confederation Park. Thanks!

p.s. After having lived a few years on Montreal, I could not stop calling convenience stores "dép" as well!

2010 Feb 10
i think all the canal food huts are closed during the week, but i may be wrong. depending on which direction you skate, you will have a lot of great options. at dow's lake, you can get off the canal and walk down preston street. search on here for little italy or preston street. if you like beer, i'd suggest pub italia. the moonroom is a wine & tapas type place, there are pizza places, sushi, thai, indian...

if you are going towards the byward market, you could go to play food & wine, or many other great options. it all depends.

2010 Feb 10
I also posted in the other thread about this topic. If you're planning on eating in the Glebe (near where the Canal Ritz is located), there some great restaurants there too including the Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and the Urban Pear.

2010 Feb 11
F & T you have to chew!

Some vendors are open all season, fifth ave., bronson, NAC, some open just for Winterlude.

How about the Royal Oak
Not sure about the food, never been there, just driven by.

2010 Feb 12
spud guy I just came back from a mid day visit to Confederation Park. So far there are only four shacks set up: Hookers Beaver Tails (open today), a bbq place that sells pulled pork etc. (open today), a café that sells hot beverages (closed today), and a hot dog stand (also closed today). There seems to be a considerably smaller selection of food vendors than from what I remember of last year. I'm not sure if there will be any additional vendors this year since I haven't taken in any Winterlude festivities yet.