Vancouver Chinese Food Best in the World???? [General]

2010 Feb 1
This newspaper says so . . . but I'm skeptical. No doubt it's good but . . .

2010 Apr 5
Well I was in NY city on the weekend and had lunch in Chinatown. $4.99 for any 5 items from a very large buffet, authenitc, and very fresh ! But someone in the tour group told me, "if you really want good Chinese food, the NY isn't the place - go to Vancouver . . ."

2010 Apr 5
HK in my opinion is the best all around, including cuisines from all different regions of China. Toronto is second imo. Vancouver and especially San Fran just don't cut it any more.

2010 Apr 6
Authentic or not, I'm all over the Golden Palace egg rolls! I'm heading to South Korea this summer and have a 2-3 hour stop in SF, so I'll have a bit of time to have at least a couple comparisons. Flying Singapore Airlines for the first time...should be a treat, from what I've read.