Judas Feast [Cooking]

2010 Jan 26
My friend sent me an invite on facebook to a group called "Judas Priest." I was curious and checked it out. Here is what I found...

From the web: "During the day, long-time friends and roommates Shawn Jam Hill and Johnny Nash respectively work as chefs in the kitchens of two of Ottawa’s trendiest restaurants, The Manx and Milagro Grill. At night, the righteous pair rock out in their own heavy metal bands The Cloven Hoofs and The Fucking Machines.

From their apartment home, in their “bitchin’ kitchen”, the two team up to create fresh, simple and delicious food inspired by their heavy metal lifestyle. Although these guys like to save their money for band essentials like beer, girls, touring and new strings, their financials don’t keep them from collaborating on great meals for them and their friends. Come and get schooled in the gastono-metal art of cooking, courtesy of Judas Feast! Horns up!"

I am interested in seeing more of these guys and see where their recipes could take us. I think it is an interesting turn on cooking shows and it is local!

I tried to goto their official website, but it was just sending me errors - maybe it isn't ready yet.

For the facebook group: www.facebook.com

For their cooking show demo video: www.vimeo.com/8764732

Any thoughts?

2010 Jan 26
doh! Looks like I joinned the group in time for it to shutdown! Good luck with the "Negotiations"!


Hey all,

Just wanted to thank all of you who joined the group en masse within such a short period of time too. Thank you for your support and your awesome comments but, unfortunately, this group will need to shutdown at precisely 5:00 p.m. today as Judas Feast is presently in negotiations and this group posting may adversely affect the outcome of these talks.

However, I will re-post the link through my personal facebook account (but not re-send it to you all) and the video will still be posted on Vimeo at the same address for the next three weeks or so. So to family and friends who haven't seen it yet, git to it. Horns up!

Christion Schnobb

2010 Jan 26
I know - this just happened -- hopefully that means we will be seeing more of them soon.

2010 Jan 26
This concept is hilarious - Fubar for foodies!

2010 Jan 27
Sounds like fun! Can they make delicious desserts inspired by their heavy metal lifestyle??

2010 Jan 27
This looks cool. Our friends usually show early for dinner and end up watching (especially when we had the galley kitchen & bar looking into it) but I never thought to video tape ourselves cooking. Ours is more of a jazz/blues/motown kitchen but good stuff is good stuff. Loved the video! I'd like to roll up my sleeves and spend some time in the kitchen with them or just eat their food. Whatev-

Good luck guys!