peek into my fridge [General]

2009 Dec 9
admiring niall's nice, clean fridge full of liquor, i am curious as to what other people's fridges look like inside. i will post a picture of my own tonight. is anyone else willing to share a look inside their own?

2009 Dec 9
Fortunately I just cleaned mine on the weekend - took me about 2.5 hours :-)

2009 Dec 9
Alas I do not have a digital camera but I do have lots of odds and ends in the fridge. A couple of pears, a mango or two, a couple of slices of bread, well you get the picture. I am finishing up everything this week which means alot of interesting lunches and dinners the next couple of days. I plan on cleaning out my own fridge this weekend and I am hoping it looks like the inside of Niall's fridge when I'm done. Then I can kick my feet up and enjoy a nice glass of wine when I'm done-;)

2009 Dec 9
I can't show my fridge ( it's too chaotic) but I found this site.

2009 Dec 9
hipfunkyfun: um, thanks :) but actually, there's not a lot more to it usually than that in mine: milk, water, margarine, butter... too often there's nothing else. I'd think in a good foodie's fridge, it'd be packed semi-chaotically with all kinds of ingredients (and leftovers). :) So now I'm really curious about Aisu Kurimu's!

Right at this moment there's also cheese (hopefully still good), jam, and on the bottom shelf, all the sakés still wistfully waiting to be tasted. (Hopefully mid-January.)

2009 Dec 9
I'll take a picture when I'm back from curling tonight! It's so pathetic.

2009 Dec 9
Niall: you will find some "science or biohazard experiments" from my fridge.

I am too scared to check the back corner of my fridge.. :(

2009 Dec 9
Momomoto, I think I am the pathetic one. :) There's, like, nothing in there... (Hmm, curling.. is that really tough on the knees? I've always been curious, and there's two clubs downtown...)

2009 Dec 9
Aisu Kurimu, I can understand that feeling. I always try to cook enough for (1, 2, etc) so that there aren't leftovers, because invariably they become near-sentient...

Mind you, right now, my friends would be amazed by how much food I currently have in there.

2009 Dec 10
Actually, I found curling to be harder on my shoulders and ankles than it was on my knees. I don't know if that's because I usually walk a lot anyway?

No matter! Annotated fridge ahoy! We had our fridge replaced recently, so between minimizing the food for that, and the wedding, and the honeymoon, it's a sad scene. We're working on optimizing grocery placement, but it's slow going.

1) Mustard with mushrooms (Domaine des Terres Rouges brand)
2) Two bottles of iced tea from Tim Horton's that we bought on the road once and have never consumed
3) Stonewall Kitchens horseradish cream (it's intense)
4) Herdez chipotle salsa
5) PC banana dulce de leche (I cannot overstate how killer good this is.)
6) Minced ginger and garlic for cooking all things Indian
7) Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce. Not used since grad school, possibly not since 2005.
8) Smucker's blackberry jam
9) Mayo, full-fat, no miracles
10) Liberté six-grain probiotic yogurt with raspberries
11) Old cheddar
12) Stonewall Kitchens onion jam
13) Brown eggs
14) Wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano given to us as part of a wedding present
15) Leftover spinach (garlic, ginger, secret spices)
16-18) Three different pounds of butter from the Maritimes: Dairytown, Scottsburn extra salty, and North Shore. I have this great scheme to eat lobster some time over Christmas and have a Butter Tasteoff. I do wish that more dairy producers here made their own butter, rather than bulk it and sell it off to like Lactancia.
19) A two-four of Labatt Blue left over from our wedding. The case was opened, but nobody had any, so it's a race against time to finish it before it goes skunky. (You know, though, I don't mind Blue that much.)
20) Soy sauce
21) Black bean sauce (similarly unused since 2005)
22) French dressing (in case I want to make Ghetto Reuben sandwiches)
23) HP sauce (in case some grilled cheese sandwiches show up)
24) Heinz ketchup
25) Single slice of Domino's Extravaganzza pizza left over from last night
26) Apples go in here

(If this isn't very clear in its present size I have it in an embiggened form here:

Not shown due to crummy camera angles:

Top shelf: Anchovies, cornichons, capers, spicy eggplant, mustard with violets, mustard with nuts, dijon mustard, grainy mustard, red Thai curry paste, plain ol' sweet green relish, cassis jam.

Middle shelf: Ramekin full of bacon fat, margarine (in case any vegans drop by)

Bottom shelf: Pickled banana peppers, sesame oil, and more crap I never use (oyster sauce, tamarind sauce, sweet chili sauce, etc.).

2009 Dec 10
The door is a bit easier to work around:

1) Sticks of salted butter
2) Evaporated milk (for tea-making)
3) Maple syrup (the medium-grade stuff)
4) Plain ol' yellow mustard
5) Brita
6) Homo milk
7) PC Lemonade (delicious)
8) Orange juice usually goes here, but we're out
9) Fish sauce
10) More of that darn beer!

2009 Dec 10
Momomoto, now that's what I call a foodie's fridge! Tons of ingredients for many things, lots of possibilities! Though I wonder if it's a big debate to keep opened teriyaki and soya sauce in the fridge... I don't, and haven't noticed any off flavours.

Some really interesting bits in there. Banana dulce de leche? And, um, HP sauce on grilled cheese???

(But really, can Blue get skanky? I thought it was from the start... :))

Ah, well, if we're going to annotate things...

Main fridge, top shelf:
- Milk bags (yes, I can use all 4l bags by myself before it goes bad - and I don't drink any coffee)
- Brita pitcher in front / ice ciders in back
- orange juice in front / junmai daiginjo saké in back

Middle shelf:
- Dempsters 100% bread (because I take so long to finish a loaf, any real and fresh loaf always gets mouldy not even at the halfway mark),
- cheeses (Rondoux and some firm cheese with a trace of blue in the middle)
- free range eggs
- Smuckers strawberry jam
- margarine (almost never used)

Bottom shelf:
- sakés and one small ice cider
- shredded parmesan (used this last weekend by someone who was staying over and made a great pasta dish for us)
- super-8 film in front / maple syrup in back (though the syrup usually is in the door; it was thre to keep the tall Signature cider bottle's neck lifted up enough to not have the cork get wet)

Fridge door, top shelf:
- relish
- dijon mustard
- apple butter (unopened yet, have had it for years)
- regular butter
- unsalted provence butter
- garlic butter

Middle shelf:
- blueberry syrup (used in my ganaches)
- apple syrup (unopened yet, have had it for years)
- spicy ice cider
- chocolate spread (unopened yet, etc)

bottom shelf:
- ketchup bottle, squeezable ketchup bottle (don't ask)
- fake syrup (I've no idea how I got that)

So yeah. Once the ciders and sakés are gone, there won't be much left...

2009 Dec 10
awesome! i will try to post my pics tonight. i was busy baking all last night and after zesting and juicing 8 lemons to put in a cake at 11pm last night, i didn't have it in me to take any pictures.

i did realize last night my fridge only seems to have condiments (lots and lots), cheese and butter. so sad come supper time.

niall, apple syrup is really good on ice cream, or even better on plain yogurt. i like a thick, tangy plain yogurt with syrup poured on top. the mix of tang and sweet is great. i get my apple syrup from hall's apples and it isn't too sweet.

2009 Dec 10
Oooh, glad you don't feel my fridge is as I do ;) I guess I should think of it as a testament to buying ingredients the day we need them. That puts a positive spin on it, rather than me just opening the fridge and sighing at the seven mustards that stare back at me.

HP sauce is a great condiment for grilled cheese instead of ketchup. (So it's on the side for dipping, rather than in the sandwich proper.) Give me that, some pickled onions, and a cold beer, and I'm a happy camper. That's the weekend lunch of my dreams.

w.r.t. the bread, have you tried|have you the room for freezing it instead of keeping it in the fridge? We pull out slices as we need them, and it lasts forever.

2009 Dec 10
Usually my sister makes fun of my fridge being empty, but for some reason it isn't right now!! The only interesting things are... Chocolate apple from Independent (off Merivale) , I think it's from the company that was on Dragon's Den... not sure, it's called "Moyers" it was 3.99. The bowl has a chicken rubbed and ready for beer can chicken contraption. The white bread we have to keep in the fridge because only one member of the family eats white, so it will go bad faster in cupboard. Clamato, which weirdly my son likes. A lot of condiments, and we use them all pretty regularly. The clam juice should be thrown out, but we used it to make the shrimp recipe on my blog it was really good, stuffed shrimp.

2009 Dec 10
Lea & Perrins Thick Worcestershire sauce is awesome - kind of like HP. I don't really like ketchup, so I opt for HP or the L&P sauce.

2009 Dec 10
Momomoto: I love your numbering system, and wish I could do that with my photos. But mostly, I love that you use evaporated milk in your tea--yum!

My fridge is chock-a-block with food, leftovers, and I might post a picture tomorrow if it's not too embarrassing.

2009 Dec 11
HipFunkyFun - Great topic, and reminds me of the one that Pam did awhile back entitled What's In Your Freezer -

Anyhow... this topic has achieved a task that I've been putting off... A full cleaning of my Fridge & Freezer (will post pics this weekend).

In the meantime a couple of thoughts on this topic...

1- Aisu Kurimu loved the link to that is a fun site. As for your own fridge, don't think it can be as chaotic as you imagine.

2- Momomoto as always loved the pics and the great inventory description. I also like your use of skitch... unfortunately don't think it would work for my fridge... just way toooo much to number.

3- LUVGoodFOOD your fridge and mine seem to have a lot in common, first they are very similar in layout (thinking we have fridges made by the same company), secondly you also seem to be a fan of condiments... my door is also jammed packed with stuff.

=== === ===

Lastly, the photo here is "the fridge of my dreams" (at least currently... until the competition comes out with something more exciting) the LG 4-Door. I just saw it this past weekend and fell immediately in love. Some of its BONUS features beyond the double-drawer freezer, is ice & water in the upper door, and 4 drawers that can be used for crispers, meats, cheeses etc. The bottom one extends right across the fridge, and above are 2 full size ones, and 1 tiny one in the middle... perfect for odd sized items (celery, green onions) or need to finds (lemons, limes). It also has a dairy keeper in the door.

The downfall though it is very wide... so won't fit where the fridge currently is... either need a kitchen remodel, or a new house. LOL

2009 Dec 11
ok, here are 3 pics. my fridge, the door and the freezer.

topshelf - headstrong pale ale and red cap beer, tabouli, lemon glaze, butter, rose water, lemon juice, milk, juice, cream, lizano sauce (kind of a mexican hp?).

next: yogurt, hummus, salad dressing, cream cheese, cat treats, hot chili sauce, jam, blueberries (plus tons of asian condiments and greaves jam).


bottom: milk, rice paper veggie rolls, yogurt, kid-cheese (marble), eggs

drawers: lemons, apples, limes, grapes, red peppers...

2009 Dec 11
ok, i have no idea how to turn a picture around?

here is the door:

condiments. lots of condiments.

mustards, hp sauce, hot sauces like you wouldn't believe, anchovy paste, butter, batteries, cough syrup, nail polish, eye mask.

the zesty italian dressing is not ours! it came from the cottage and a guest left it behind. it is open, so i have no idea what to do with it, except hide it!

2009 Dec 11
with pic...

2009 Dec 11

bread, home made cake, cookies, muffins, soup, pesto
flour, frozen veggies, butter, gin and vodka :)

2009 Dec 11
Travelicious - as Food&Think pointed out, I annotated my pictures using Skitch:

I don't use it all that often, but it is grand for taking quick screenshots and making short annotations to things.

2009 Dec 12
FRIDGE (Evening, December 10, 2009)

SHELF 1A = Perrier (unopened) – PC Grapefruit Juice (unopened) – PC Cranberry Juice – Mott’s Clamato Juice – Pineapple Juice (2 small cans) – 1% Milk – Half & Half – Vodka Twist Shots (4) – Caffine Free Pepsi (1 can) - Bottled Water (half gone)

SHELF 1B = Butterscotch Ripple – Parm Cheese (Fake) – Parm Cheese (Real) – Baking Soda Deoderizer – NN Sour Cream – Becel Margarine – Neilson FOB Yogurts (5 individuals) - Lemon (cut) - Lime (cut)

DRAWER – Peameal Bacon (unopened) – Brown Eggs – Monterey Jack Cheese (1-1/2 Packages) – 5 Yr Old Cheddar Yellow (unopened) – 5 Yr Old Cheddar White (Unopened) – Unsalted Butter (half a stick) – Brie Cheese – Smoked Oka Cheese – Processed Cheese Slices – Kielbasa Sausage - Baby Bel Cheese

SHELF 2 = Molasses – NN Apple Sauce (unopened) – Canned Peaches (unopened) – Dried Cherries – Dried Cranberries – Kraft Strawberry Jam – Shirriff Orange Marmalade – Smuckers Raspberry Jam – Pat’s Jams Mandarin Orange Marmalade - Button Mushrooms (leftovers) – Peameal Bacon (leftovers) – Mini Corns (leftovers) – PC Extra Chunky Salsa – PC Pad Thai Sauce (half gone) – Vlasic Zesty Dills – NN Sweet Mixed Pickles – PC Zesty Garlic Sliced Pickles – NN Stuffed Olives

SHELF 3 = Diet Coke – Coke – Canada Dry Gingerale – PC Organic Field Greens – Diced Onions

CRISPER 1 = Lemon - Lime – Plums (3) – Organic Celery Hearts – Red Pepper - White Mushrooms – Sweet Potato – Baking Potato – Brussels Sprouts – Zucchini

CRISPER 2 = Lemon – Limes (2) – Green Pepper – White Mushrooms – Sweet Onion

2009 Dec 12
FRIDGE DOOR (Evening, December 10, 2009)

DAIRY CASE = Salted Butter – Take-Out Packets (Sushi Soy Sauce, Dipping Sauce, Salad Dressing)

TOP SHELF = Horseradish Sauce (from a local Steak House) – Tobasco - Derlea Minced Garlic - RealLime Juice – Kikkoman Soy Sauce – Kikkoman Lite – Cross & Blackwell Mint Sauce – Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce – Kraft Salad Dressings (3 – Roasted Red Pepper, Balsamic Vinagrette – Rancher’s Choice) – Garlic Expressions – Farm Boy Italian Vinagrette

MIDDLE SHELF (Backyard Basics) = Miracle Whip – French’s Mustard – PC Plum Sauce – Heinz Ketchup – Heinz 57 – HP Sauce – Montreal Steak Rub – PC Memories of Dad’s Grill Sauce – PC Memories of Tuscany – PC Seafood Sauce – NN Relish – Just Undressing (from Just Wing’It of Merrickville)

MIDDLE SHELF (Inspiration Point) = PC Shanghai Stir Fry Oil – VH Stir Fry Teriyaki – Pro Cuisine Hot Pizza Oil – Brickstone Cranberry & Cracked Pepper Preserves – Mrs McGarrigles Creamy Champagne Mustard – Niagara Wine Jellies (2 – Chardonnay / Merlot Peppercorn) – NN Capers

BOTTOM SHELF = RealLemon Juice – Aunt Jemima Syrup – Waupoo’s Maple Syrup – Coolers (3) – Imported Beer (4) – Bottled Water (2)

=== === ===

“The Man” and I love to mix things up… so when it comes to what’s in the fridge it never looks the same two weeks in a row… different cheeses, different fruits & veggies, different juices, different pickles, different jams, different condiments. Milk, Cream, Margarine, Butter and Pop / Water are the norm… everything else is up for grabs. Our Pantry always has items “just standing by”, so for example now that the French’s Mustard is on its last legs, it will be replaced by a Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard.

2009 Dec 13
Hi everyone, my fridge is not usually so well-stocked! This is just great timing as I went grocery shopping yesterday. Here goes:

Top shelf:
almond butter, mayo, tahini, near empty miscellaneous jams, ancient ketchup and mustard somewhere in the back, HP Sauce, pesto, parmesan, ricotta, cranberry juice, plain yoghurt, tamarind paste, cheddar, mozzarella, goat's cheese, tomato paste, hummus

Middle shelf:
three candy apples from the Christmas craft sale going on at Landsdowne right now (meant as gifts but I am tempted to dive in to one of them!), Leffe brun beer (on the recommendation of our friend in B.C. who is bummed he can't get any there), smoked salmon portion from Pelican Grill, apple cider, lunch yoggies, leftover smashed pea and chorizo rotini dinner from last night, eggs, white wine and leftover cooking onions.

Bottom drawers:
napa cabbage, Lebanese cucumbers, parsley, potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper, celery, hot peppers, limes (for G-and-Ts ;), eggplants

2009 Dec 13
as an end of the yr response, thought i'd give some due to the peeps here, at least insofar as the top 2 shelves of my last-century GE bear the imprint of various OF discussions lurked or participated in:

Top shelf, left-right: sitting atop of a couple miso pastes is a sole package of natto (tnx crazy natto guy!); next, slightly behind is a jar of friend's home-made kimchi (yum!); then, to the front-right, my current pride 'n joy, another home-made concoction, a jar of vegetarian nam-prik-- sort of a Thai salsa / dipping paste (off-menu purchase by one of Pookie's fab chefs); Some liquid tamarind sauce follows (rear, obscured); then some Herdez chipolte sauce (tips fr. Chimi and others); some Ajvar (Monty's mentions); Viet garlic-hot-sauce, itself flanked (out of view) by variety of other hot-sauces / curry-pastes out of view that might garner Obi's approval; next a tub of Nutritional Yeast (HFF, Caitlin); and then a lonely, forgotten about 'til this photo arrangement and soon-to-be-composted onion.

Moving down, the middle-shelf notables: Aventinus eisboch, endorsed in a couple threads around this time last year (P-I-O? others?) -- used to enjoy the "regular" Aventinus, didn't act fast enough to try the seasonal special, here's my chance (yah!); and behind it a bottle of the Choya 23 mentioned in Niall's sake thread by Jagash / Aisu -- perhaps not quite my cup of tea, but interesting enough to drink the contents ... saving the plums (bottom of bottle) for a snowed-in day.

Lower shelves: boring and decomposing stuff, afraid to open the crisper truth to be told. In a more glorious age (Sept?), one held some of the fancy, local 'shrooms picked by the one and only Da Butcher.

Looking to the near future, contents above to be joined by purchases from the Mid-East Food Centre, esp. looking forward to the Mouhamara mentioned by Andy some time ago. And possibly a white wine or two from PEC / Niagara (tnx BDM / F&T, etc.). Side mention to Zym's influence: haven't started my own canning line, but that hasn't stopped me from encouraging more capable hands from doing so (and reaping benefits thereof). And, in the spirit of keeping up w/ the Momomotos, i guess my next fridge photo will be numerically indexed (and probably w/ a better camera).

Never thought photographing one's fridge contents could be such an interesting and revealing introspection into the influence of others.

2009 Dec 13
The most memorable fridge image I have ever seen was Jeffrey Dahmer's fridge pic from FBI. There were real "Hannibal Lecter" food inside...

I cleaned up my fridge, so I am going post my fridge pic.
I don't like my fridge, fridge and freezer are positioned side by side (vertical)
Space inside of my fridge and freezer are so narrow! Sometime I need to put cookie sheet inside the fridge to cool down certain goods, but I can't do that with this crap!!!

Top shelf (mainly for baking ingredients) : butter, jam, cream cheese, green and red cherries, orange peels,fresh yeast

Second shelf: yogurt, whipping cream, egg white, mayo, mustard, royal icing left over

Third shelf: eggs , milk, pickles, whole cabbage, left over

fourth shelf: milk, oj, tomato juice, water

First drawer: veggies
Second drawer:Age(deep fried tofu), miso paste, dried herring, pickled plum

Door: many sauce, dressing, condiments

2009 Dec 14
...yup, as I figured, with my fridge I probably shouldn't even be on this website at all. Foodie fail. :)

All those fridges with Ingredients and Condiments and Ways To Make Food Even Better... even for single people. I don't think I have a lot to learn; I think I have everything to learn.

Aisu Kurimu, I'm with you on narrow fridges. Who designed these??

Momomoto, while there's space in the freezer for bread, I rarely plan meals in advance enough to think that "I feel like sandwhiches tonight" means getting enough slices from freezer to fridge before leaving for work, because sandwhiches often mean I'm too tired to cook and too poor to order in/eat out, something never planned in advance.

This Saturday, my fridge may get even less crowded(!) as I plan to offer ice ciders in tasting during my Rock Band party, now that I have finally cleaned up my place and can have people over. (Saké tasting probably in late January to let people recover from holidays. Yes, cold saké in the thick of winter. I'm bizarre, what can I say.)

2009 Dec 14
Niall - Ah, yes. I can see how frozen bread may not be the best option. It does take an hour or so for the slices to thaw out. (So maybe if you know an hour in advance it's OK!)

2009 Dec 17
I can't post my fridge picture now - as we are leaving for the holidays and the fridge is in a clean/empty frame of mind. You'd miss seeing the indescribable ball of green goo we found (how could we have missed that green pepper for so long?) at the bottom.

Momo - with your excellent wine reviews I'm saddened to see the blue in your fridge, I guess you couldn't even give it away :)

2009 Dec 19
I learned a valuable lesson from my wedding: if people are given the choice between Blue and Heineken, they will always choose the Heineken.

Guess I know for next time?

But, as I said, Blue isn't terrible. I just wouldn't ever buy it myself when I have so many other great beers to choose from.

2009 Dec 25
Impressive fridges. Not sure if I would dare devuldge a photo...
- For a taste ... the door is jam-packed with condiments (chutneys, 5 or 6 mustards, ginger, drink mixes, my hot pepper jam, pecorino cheese, tubes of wasabi and pepperencino, 10 or 15 bottles of hot and other sauce, camera film ... ). I hope it doesn't collapse under the weight. That dear guests is only the tip of the iceburg. haha.

A few comments on posts above
- Beer, sparkling wine, etc should not be kept long-term in the fridge. They lose their sparkle, due to vibration. (Besides being a serious Foodie I am also a serious Winemaker).
- Bread degrades in the fridge. I freeze sliced bread and chip off slices as needed. Important to wrap tightly to keep air away & use within a month. I prop frozen pieces up and allow air access to both sides - it thaws pretty quickly. For me, the time investment is worth the improvement in quality.

I just joined the ottawafoodies, and am thrilled to find such a rich source of sharing! Hats off to everyone. NORSKI

2009 Dec 25
Welcome to Ottawafoodies, Norski!

I agree, I don't think I'd dare post a picture of my fridge.

First off. My roommate and I don't have a full size fridge and we are both foodies, so this causes us a little grief. I then remind myself when I was living in France, I shared a bar fridge, hotplate, microwave and tiny convection oven with 9 people for seven months.

The upside is that the kitchen itself is great.

The fridge-

Top- Brita, 1L 1% milk, 10% cream, a glass of water with Cilantro in it, sour cream, cottage cheese, feta cheese, maple syrup, 8L of homemade chicken stock.
jar of garlic, curry paste, homemade vinaigrette

Middle: cream cheese, brie, miso paste, cheddar, mozzerella, particubes, white bean spread, hummus, tzatziki,left over lasagna, butter, leaf lettuce, vache qui rit cheese, a bit of bread, jam

Bottom eggs, chicken, ribeye steak, tuna salad, more leftover lasagna, oranges, bagged spinach, full pound of butter,

Drawer- bagged salad greens, grape tomatoes, tomato, turnip, celery, green onion, cucumber, baby carrots, kiwi, lemon, limes, avocado, mushrooms

Door- asiago cheese, catalina drsg, greek drg, 1 Keith's Pale Ale, tortillas, proscuitto ham, ketchup, mustard, siracha sauce, bragg's aminos, 1/2 lime

Freezer- again kinda useless- arctic garden frozen fruit, duck breasts, chicken breast, a couple bags of shrimp, talapia, sole fillets, salmon, ground beef, ribeye steak, potato wedges, frozen peas, frozen corn and mango sorbet.

It's jammed!

2010 Feb 26
I realize this is an older post, but it's neat and I wanted to be included. :) Apologies for the shitty webcam picture...I've lost my camera charger and this is the best I can do. We recently bought a new fridge and I love it - freezer on the bottom is a truly great thing, especially for those of us with height!

We live with a tenant (albeit a relative) so some items are courtesy of her shopping trips, but most food is considered fair game. It's been a little while since my last trip to the store, and we tend to buy what we need when we need it, so supplies are a tad low.

Top Shelf: Becel margarine, pilsbury crescent rolls, balkan-style plain yogurt, deli meats (cured), spreads (red pepper, black bean, arugula and almond), hot sauce, button mushrooms, sliced pickles, cream cheese, and tomatoes

Top Drawer: 2 wheels of gouda from the in-laws' trip to Holland, some plain Kraft and Velveeta cheese slices (Kraft is for sandwiches, Velveeta is for grilled cheese ONLY), feta. We call this the "cheese drawer", for obvious reasons, and it usually contains more cheeses...parm, cheddar, chèvre, something stinky for the husband.

Second Shelf: just-made chicken stock (in the pot), beef stock (in the container), vanilla and chocolate almond milk, corn syrup, bacon, leftovers (stew and noodles), a bag of deli meat (500g of shaved ham), and some various Polish beers from my father.

Third Shelf: baby spinach, mixed greens, free range eggs, leftover rice (two types).

Left Drawer: apples, lemons, pears, plums, oranges

Right Drawer: parsnips, carrots, green onions, sweet peppers

Left Door: limes, pepper jelly, 2x Mrs. McGarrigle's mustard, marmite, horseradish, cultured unsalted butter, cherry jam, strawberry-rhubarb jam, e-zee squeeze pizza sauce, another hot sauce (green, from Mexico), grainy mustard, cheese whiz, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, pickle relish, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, ketchup, lea & perrins

Right Door: an assortment of drugs (cough syrup, doggie meds, probiotics), vanilla extract, yeast, 4 different types of salad dressing (creamy italian, buttermilk ranch, caesar, sundried tomato and bacon), frank's red hot sauce, big whack of maple syrup from the in-law grandparents who own a sugar bush in New Brunswick.

Freezer, not shown: 6 additional bricks of butter, a tonne of pink lemonade, three of Pascale's ice creams, edamame, a few frozen meals, toaster strudels (cream cheese and strawberry), a bag of green grapes, ground beef, bacon, canadian bacon, and some stuff that doesn't belong to me (i.e. chicken fingers and fries, Jamaican patties).

The basement freezer is mainly full of meat - pork & beef cuts, and a turkey.

With this display, I am broadcasting my scary love of processed cheese products. We eat a lot of sandwiches and salads, hence the collection of condiments :). Also, closer inspection would bring to light my love of President's Choice Blue Menu products (but my love for Galen Weston - the Jr. - is reserved for another time and place and more appropriate forum).

I much prefer my pantry to my fridge, but that's for another day...:)

2010 Feb 26
Whoops - I lost the picture. :)

2010 Feb 26
Alright. Clearly, my peeking into my fridge it will remind me that yes, I do need to grocery shop this weekend. perhaps tomorrow.


10% Cream (bought for brussel sprouts:

Sour Cream

Leftover lentil and sweet potatoes


Garlic Dijon Mustard
Marshmallow Fluff (for
Kikkoman Soya Sauce
Bonne Maman Jam (Rhubarb)
Marsala wine
Quick Active Yeast (NTS - make sourdough starter tonight)
Bottled hot sauce (leftover from my mum)
Green curry paste
Red curry paste

Balsamic glaze
Maple syrup
Chives (under the thyme)

More butter

There are two things of ricotta because there was a great plan for ricotta pancakes, but it never came to fruition.

Also, the small black jar there is most definitely some sort of Lush cosmetic product.

2010 Feb 26

Loaf of brown bread
Chicken, cooked
Chicken breast, raw
Spaghetti sauce
Freezer pack
oh, and a huge container of Strawberry Ice Cream from La Cigale. It was for the wedding, but we forgot to bring it out.


Two packages of blueberries (when things start to get overripe, my solution is to just chuck it in the freezer)
Ice cubes
More chicken
Three popsicles leftover from when I had strep.

2010 Mar 31
My hops freezer :-)

2011 Jul 10

2011 Jul 10
This topic is outrageous! Love it! After looking in my fridge I've realized two things; first I need a beer fridge, second I need to stop buying condiments (I'm remembering many complaints I made to my father about him coming home with multiple sauces and forgetting something for dinner. I guess we really do become our parents).

Top Shelf:
20 Molson M (I'm a student... 3 Airmiles for every 2 purchased will get me home for Christmas at least I tell myself that!), Country Cider, ReaLemon, Brita Filter, Box of Sawmill Creek, There is also a Perrier, Black Cherry Juice, a Kokanee, a hoptical illusion, a Double IPA, two cans of Fresca and club soda hiding back there also.

Cheese Drawer:
Primaddona cheese, parmigiano reggiano, chevre, cream cheese, old cheddar, unsalted butter, Gruyere Swiss, black forest ham.

Hellmans 1/2 Fat, Maille mustard (Dijon and Grainy), homemade balsamic vinaigrette, peanut butter, salsa, tahini, Miso paste(Mugi, shiro and aka), Ranch dip, bacon.

Eggs, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, wild blueberries, cubed watermelon, home-made strawberry jam, leftover pulled pork, habanero mango sauce for said pulled pork, slow baked beans, garlic dill pickles, cheese whiz(don't hate).

Left Drawer:
cilantro, green onions, carrots, celery, cucumber, beetroot

Right Drawer:
Apples, lemons, limes, radishes, broccoli, a red, yellow and green pepper.

Avocado (How did that get there?), Chipotle puree, mint, 1/2 a lime.

Wasabe Paste, Poppy seed Dressing, spicy Thai chili sauce, Mango Chipotle dressing, Asian sesame dressing, garlic chili paste, Peppadew peppers, mirin, soy, Dave's Hot habanero sauce, Italian dressing, sesame oil, plum sauce, ponzu sauce, BBQ Sauce, Colossal stuffed green olives, Roasted red peppers.

1% Milk, Garlic, Ketchup, Passata , maple syrup, yellow mustard, franks red hot, two bottles of Hidden Valley ranch.... dont ask.

Freezer (Not shown): Frozen OJ, Frozen Cranberry Juice, Chicken breasts, Cod, Ice, Gin, Peas, Corn, Silver Hill Squirrely Bread, Frozen Spagetti Sauce, left Over Lasagna, Block of Extra firm Tofu, Over Ripe Bananas (a dozen or so? Thanks for that habit to Dad!), Edamame, left over tomato paste, hemp waffles, hummus, fat free ice cream, chicken stock, Mixed berries, yogourt frozen in cubes for smoothies, Butter, more Bacon.

... that was exhausting!

2011 Jul 10
I'm not sure if I should be ashamed of this, but this is the fridge in my kitchen. I also have a large all-refrigerator and two freezers in the basement.
On the door:
the butter keeper is used mostly for chocolate and cream cheese. Right now there is coco camino, nestle and willie wonka.

1st shelf on door:
mostly mustards of different types and two kinds of tomato paste in tubes.

2nd shelf on door:
horseradish and horseradish cream sauce, hazelnut oil, avocado oil, white wine worcestershire sauce, coconut syrup,yeast, capers, green peppercorns

3rd shelf on door:
Milk, light cream, fresh herbs from the garden in herb keeper,
half a bottle of wine, hunt's ketchup, bobby flay chipotle ketchup.

4th shelf on door:
Asian ingredients - hoisin, sriracha, curry paste,sesame oil etc.

In the fridge:
top shelf - mostly jams and chutneys, most of them home made; ruby red grapefruit marmalade from Todric's, pickled champagne grapes, pickled bananas, tomato jam, red atlas apple sauce, jonagold apple sauce, mango pudding from TNT, breakstone sour cream.

next shelf:
Greek Yogurt, Feta from Organic Girl, Organic Eggs, Cabot Butter, Kate's Butter, PC butter, queso fundido, soy/orange marinade for lamb, honey lavender marinated dates from Red Apron, hard boiled eggs.

Third shelf:
Zico, organic milk, oj, unsweetened iced tea, Lamb cubes marinating for tomorrow's grilling, apple milk from TNT, hellman's mayonnaise, pickled brussels sprouts, pickled asparagus, chili sauce, peppadew peppers.

Meat/Cheese drawer:
Serrano ham, chorizo, aubrey's double smoked bacon, havarti, goat cheese, stilton, Havarti with peppadew peppers, cheddar, mozzarella, swiss.

bottom shelf:
strawberries, arugula, baby spinach, leeks, blueberries, dill, boston lettuce.

oranges, mandarins, abate pears, about 4 different kinds of apples, sunchokes, celery, carrots, golden beets.

2011 Jul 10
And here's the upstairs freezer. Just the essentials, since the bulk items are in the freezers downstairs. Right now there are about 6 kinds of ice cream including Pascale's sour cherry and rhubarb, Dark chocolate and sea salt and Stewart's coffee and white fudge. Frozen wedges of tarte au sucre, bryson farms corn, Art is in puff pastry, little cubes of frozen chopped herbs, lobster bisque, pierogies, stale hot dog buns, Edy's fruit bars, pork rilletes, two duck legs and seafood sausage from Red Apron. A few unlabelled rubbermaid containers of sauces or soups that I obviously thought were good enough to save, but now should be tossed, because I don't know what they are.

2011 Jul 11
I'd take photos but right now the contents of my fridge looks gross as there is a large clear tub with 1/2 a pigs head in a brine taking up most of a shelf. (First foray into making head cheese.) Our fridge's contents fluctuates a great deal but is generally fairly full with odds and ends and leftovers.

I may start with the door. (There is a great deal there.)

2011 Jul 11
live4food, i'd say having a pig's head pickling in the fridge is probably the exact right time to take a picture of the contents.