Char Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer - $50 @ Wal Mart [General]

2009 Dec 5
Heads up for anyone BBQ fans out there looking for a cool toy. The Big Easy is a propane-fueled fryer that's completely oil-less. It cooks using infrared heat. It's gotten good reviews in BBQ circles and won a Vesta award from Hearth & Home (the Academy Awards of BBQ equipment)

A lot of guys on the Bradley Smoker forums use this to finish off their turkeys/chickens after smoking (crisps up the skin nicely like it was fried).

Regular price is $179.99 but Wal-Mart is blowing them out @ $50/each because there's a new model coming. If you're looking for stock ask someone at the store to check item #1662928. There were a few at the Lincoln Fields location this morning.

Can't wait to get this baby fired up!

Demo on HSN: